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301 Silencer and Uncivilized Trash!

 Title Translator's Note: The \"Silencer\" here is used as the nickname for the handgun's Suppressor, and will henceforth be used in this chapter. In Chinese, it is (Pacifier, or lit. Cry canceling tool) instead of (Suppressor, or lit. Noise canceling tool). The word here is supposed to be the onomatopoeia of crying, but it is used online as a 'fake cry' people like to use to act cute/moe.

In PUBG, the AKM was a gun that had a near-religious following. Legends say that there were only two types of people who could handle this weapon - macho men and scientists.

As for the other people who picked up this gun, they would most likely end up as \"master artists\", and abstract ones at that...

Without any scientists playing this game, only the macho men could wield the gun in the game.

However, most people's experience with this gun was randomly spraying right below their opponent's head. Within ten bullets, your crosshair would automatically lock onto their head, there was no need to aim.

However, using the AKM to take two accurate long-range shots like Liu Zilang, and getting two instant headshots...

That had completely ripped everyone's understanding of the AKM as a gun to shred.

At that time, the livestream viewers went wild after witnessing the play. They all started messaging the chatroom to share their thoughts.

\"Excuse me, but is Vic really using an AK? Are you guys sure it isn't an SKS?\"

\"Wow! A double AK headshot, what a f*cking show-off! Looks like this old man's got to start picking up the AK again.\"

\"A Master Artist returning to the scene? I pray for your future squadmates!\"

\"Young brat, stop being so rash... Look carefully and take a good look, after getting a good look, learn carefully. You're not even writing this down and you say you want to be a master?\"

\"Anyone wants to learn more about these Douyu Aimbot Implants? The eye implant will identify and lock onto heads, whilst the hand implant automatically aims! Get this value set now and get a 99% discount just for you!\"

\"My Attractive Section Chicken King Vic states, 'Just get a credit card. For the price of two airplanes, you too can become a true disciple, allowing you to enter the top-tier at any moment.'\"

In the game, after dealing with Brother Benz and Evermore, he cautiously surveyed his surroundings to make sure that there were no more traps. Then, he quickly ran over to loot his prey.

However, the moment he saw Evermore's crate, he frowned.

A single R1895 revolver.

30 untouched 7.63mm bullets.

The rest were a T-shirt, long pants, a belt, etc. Other than that, there was not a single bandage on his body!

'This motherf*cker... Why would you even try to camp in the bushes with this sort of gear? Are you f*cking brainless?'

Thinking back to the kill notification previously, Liu Zilang remembered something. It was the person he had run over with a motorcycle in the last circle in the last round.

In the end, he got knocked out of his hiding spot by a stray grenade...

'What a pitiful life!'

Liu Zilang pitied him as he shook his head, tossing the 7.62mm ammo into his bag.

As for the revolver, after hesitating for a long time, he decided to pick it up.

He did not have a choice as he only had an AKM and a shotgun on him. He was not in a position to be picky with his loot.

The other factor was that he had picked up a Handgun Suppressor earlier. He wanted to try out something new.

Out of all the handguns, the revolver had the loudest gunshots. It had a huge impactful sound. However, as for what it sounded like after equipping a silencer, Liu Zilang had never heard it before.

Liu Zilang had screwed on the silencer and started to slowly load the bullets into the revolver's chamber one-by-one. Then, he fired a single shot into the air.


The gunshot was very soft... Very soft... Very sticky...

Hearing its sound, Liu Zilang's eye twitched!

'What the flying f*ck... Where's the promised Western cowboy?

'Why the heck did this gun turn into a Crying Monster[1] when the suppressor is on?

'Is this the legendary Gap Moe[2]?'

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he tried not to think so much about such a complex and deep question.

Holstering his revolver, he started making his way over to the third C building. There was still a crate for him to loot over there.

\"There's nothing much I can say about Vic in the previous encounter. Did Brother Benz and the Pig Emperor drop dead at the same exact time?\"

\"Yep, as expected of the legendary prodigy. His maneuvering and aiming speed is incredibly fast!\"

\"Speaking of which, the Korean players are unlucky this round. The two famous Pig Emperors and Brother Benz were eliminated minutes right after the round started. Tsk tsk... Looks like Korea's only hope at getting a chicken dinner lies in Azeael's hands.\"

\"That's right, Azeael was cautious enough not to have hotdropped at the Sosnovke's Military Base in this round. As we've seen, within just a few encounters, there are only eight people left in the Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"That seems to be the case. However, the safe zones in these two rounds are really interesting, The last round, it was all the way on the top-left corner of the map. This time, it was at the top-right. Will we see some symmetry similar to the last round in the upcoming circles?\"

\"Hehe, this is definitely not the good news the players over at the Military Base were hoping to hear. We can see a few players desperately trying to find a car to make a run for it. Oh! It's Se7en's Guru Qiu.\"

In this round, Li Muqiu had dropped at the first C building. When he landed, there was no one who competed with him for loot. As soon as he finished looting, he saw that the circle was all the way up North. Looking at the kill feed, he could see Liu Zilang getting high on bloodlust as his former teammate was on a rampage.

He was not one who would go bother Liu Zilang. He took a Buggy and started silently patrolling the perimeter of the Military Base.

That's right!

What he was doing could be simplified into two words - 'popping tires'!

Under the watch of the observer's free-view camera, every time Li Muqiu got off his car, he used his fist and punched the tires of other cars. He was literally \"slashing tires with his hands\"!

Throughout his entire trip, almost every single one of the vehicles' tires around the Military Base had been popped by him, it was an amazing result!

The players within the Military Base had long heard the sounds of a buggy zooming around nearby but no one heard any gunshots. They were all thinking that it was some moron who had hotdropped to the Military Base only to take a vehicle out to scavenge for resources.

However, what they never could have imagined was that this player was doing hard labor as he used his fists to punch all the tires he could see in the Military Base...

It was too f*cking uncivilized!

In the game, Liu Zilang did not spare any effort to pay attention to that. As he made his way up the side stairway in the third C building, before he managed to get to his loot, he saw that there was another person on the second building right next to him.

That guy seemed to be glaring at a certain window over at the first building, completely unbeknownst of Liu Zilang's presence.

Hence, Liu Zilang took a tactical dive down and hid behind cover on the third building's rooftop. He slowly observed the situation.

From the Observer's free-view camera, the three casters started to explain the situation over at the C buildings.

\"We can see that the one on the second building's rooftop is Singapore squad 5Peaks' sniper Hero. The one over in the window of the first building is the Japanese team BDG's sniper Kendesu. These two players both got a Kar98k as soon as they dropped, and they're now having a one-on-one sniper duel!\"

\"Oh! Both sides are making their move! The first shot... Goes to Hero from the second building, hitting Kendesu right in the head!\"

\"That's right, but unfortunately for him, Kendesu was wearing a Level-three helmet. Now that Kendesu has been hit, he has crouched down to heal himself.\"

\"Yep, looks like Hero isn't planning on charging in using this chance. He's cautiously surveying his surroundings on the second building's rooftop.\"

\"However, it seems like he hasn't noticed Vic who's over on the third building as of yet. It seems like Vic will have a chance to go for an easy ambush right here.\"

\"He can ambush them right now. However, if he acts now, he'll no doubt be noticed by the other player. If that happens, the two parties would fall into a stalemate once more.\"

\"Unfortunately for Vic, he swapped out his Crossbow for a shotgun just now. Otherwise, he could probably take out one of them first without notifying the other...\"

Just as the casters were lamenting over the wasted opportunity, in the game, Liu Zilang silently unholstered the weapon hanging from his waist. He pulled out his suppressed revolver.

At that point, the observer coincidentally cut over to Liu Zilang's side,

Seeing this scene, both the viewers and audience members suddenly had an uneasy feeling arise in their guts...


[1] As per the Translator Note for the title, the \"Crying Monster\" here is used to describe a person online intentionally trying too hard to act cute/moe.

[2] A Japanese phrase used to describe a character being cute because they are doing something completely contradictory to their established character.