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300 Dueling is an Artform!

 'Not entering the circle unless it's the final circle, only fighting for the final circle when entering the circle.'

This was the motto that Evermore had always followed throughout the competition.

However, in the current round, the reason why Evermore did not continue to follow his motto was obviously the cause of some form of external influence.

That external influence was none other than Liu Zilang.

He was at the top of the world as soon as he debuted, and once he was there, he stayed at the top for two to three years.

Using his skills, he single-handedly changed the entire FPS scene, creating a new generation of legendary FPS players.

When a player like that and Evermore appeared in the same game, if he managed to ambush his target even once in front of the audience of tens and thousands of people, then as the Ultimate Camper, Evermore would feel like his life would be a lot more complete.

Hence, in this round, he had chosen to drop in Sosnovka Military Base, whereby the chances of that happening was higher. Then, based on his own strategic thinking, after he got himself a single R1895 revolver, he instantly went over to the bush outside of the police station and started to camp.

He patiently waited for the people inside to finish fighting. On the outside, he did not wish to fight or steal, he was neither sad nor happy.

'No matter if you come over or not, I'll be waiting here.

'God never disappoints a willing heart.'

A brief moment after Evermore had started camping in the bush, he started to hear gunshots coming from the boiler room and saw the succeeding kill notifications.

The first one was SexyPig's S686 double kill.

Then, it was Liu Zilang's Crossbow headshot kill!

Watching the development, Evermore who was still camping in the bushes was ecstatic!

'It's here!

'That man is nearby!

'Then based on his path, his next destination...'

Evermore's prediction was correct. After coming out of the boiler room, Liu Zilang did not head anywhere else. Instead, he ran straight to the police station.

Seeing Liu Zilang's silhouette appear outside the boiler room, a wise aura started glimmering from Evermore's eyes.

Everything was going as planned!

...until gunshots rang out from the third C building...


It was an M4's gunshots. It was very quick! Very sudden!

A full-auto spray of bullets rained down from afar. Two spurts of blood burst out of Liu Zilang's body as he had made his way to the wire fence between the boiler room and the police station!

Sensing danger, he instantly went prone behind the small rocks at the bottom of the wire fence.

\"Tank tank tank tank-\"

The bullets continued raining down but a large majority of them hit the rocks at the bottom of the wire fence.

There was also a small number of shots which ricocheted off of the wire fence itself, causing sparks to fly all over the place. The remaining bullets that managed to get through the wire fence barely whizzed past Liu Zilang's head.

A brief moment later, the gunshots stopped!

The player at the third C building had to reload.

Liu Zilang who was down to half health could finally breathe a sigh of relief as he used a first aid kit to replenish his health fully. Then, he took out some painkillers and sloppily shoved them into his mouth.

\"As expected from Brother Benz, that 4x M4 spray control was marvelous. If it wasn't for the wire fencing blocking a few shots, I feel like Vic wouldn't have survived this one.\"

\"That's right, Brother Benz individual skill level is extremely high with people hailing him as one of 'Asia's Top Five Pro Players'. This player's accuracy and spray control from mid-to-long range is simply outstanding.\"

\"Hehe, Brother Benz's claim to fame was his 100-meter SCAR-L full-auto spray down. With this kind of distance, spraying a 4x M4 should be a piece of cake for him.\"

\"Now that Vic is pinned behind the wire fence, it seems like he's in a bit of a pickle. If I remember correctly, Vic's AKM is only equipped with a 2x scope, right?\"

\"That definitely seems to be the case, but there's still one more problem! Did you guys notice Evermore who picked up an R1895 as soon as he dropped and started camping in a bush outside the police station? He's now sandwiched in between the two!\"

In the game, Evermore who had become one with the bushes was a little shocked. Back when Brother Benz was killing people at the third C building, Evermore had known where his opponent was.

However, never would he have expected the same opponent to come and cause trouble, ruining his carefully crafted scheme!

Evermore was so angry that he started to grit his teeth. However, being sandwiched between the two players, he did not dare move a single inch.

If he was discovered, a pincer attack from the two would instantly turn him into fertilizer for the bushes. Then, he would truly become one with the bushes.

This was not the ending that Evermore had foreseen in his head.

\"Oh! Brother Benz is trying to toss a grenade! But at that distance?!\"

\"The distance is a little too far! However, Brother Benz has the height advantage of being on the roof of the third C building. If he tosses the grenade at that height, there's still a chance that it might reach his target.\"

With the observer's free-view camera, Brother Benz, with a frag grenade cocked back in his hands, leaped up and tossed the frag grenade with all his might into the air!

However, at that moment, Liu Zilang who was prone behind the wire fence raised the 2x AK in his hands. The moment he scoped-in, he fired a bullet over toward the roof of the third C building.


This shot of his was extremely quick!

Before the audience members and viewers could see him scope-in, he had fired a single AKM round. It had the same effect as a quick-scope!

The next moment, blood splattered out of Brother Benz's head, piercing through his Level-two helmet as he stood on top of the third C building.

However, Brother Benz did not blindly retreat after the attack. He instantly swapped out to his M4 and started a second round of full-auto spraying!

Unfortunately for him, as soon as Liu Zilang fired his shot, he had gone back into his prone state.

The spray ended up like the last as most of Brother Benz's shots hit the wire fence. However, at that point, the sandwiched Evermore had other things to worry about.

Camping in the bush, he stared helplessly as the frag grenade was lobbed down from the roof.

At that point, he was smack dab in the middle of the two's line-of-sight. No matter how big Evermore's guts were, he would never dare dream of jumping out of the bush.

Not only was that an insult to his own IQ but it was also an insult to his opponents' eyesight!

Gauging the distance between him and the Frag Grenade, Evermore started doing some simple arithmetics in his head.

'This nade... shouldn't kill, right?'


An explosion happened right in front of the police station entrance, causing the area to be shrouded with smoke!

This proved that Evermore's mathematic skills were not half bad.

Evermore was at the very edge of the frag grenade's impact radius, the damaging power was thus limited by the damage falloff. It was not enough to kill him.

However, it was enough to cause him to be \"plasmolyzed\" out of the bush he had become one with.

Hence, in the middle of Liu Zilang and Brother Benz's epic staredown, a person was suddenly pushed in between them.

The two were shell shocked!

? ? ?

'Is this guy... here to mediate?'

At that point, Evermore who had been knocked out of his cover was completely shaken up. He really wanted to say, 'You two big guys continue on with what you're doing, I'm only passing by, can you just let me go back to where I came from?'

However, Lu Zilang seemed to be the first to object to this.

He grasped the opportunity while Brother Benz, who had been spraying down at him with suppressing fire, was still recovering from the shock. He stood up behind the wire fence!

Scoping-in, he flicked his 2x crosshair!

A single shot fired straight toward the rood of the C building!

The next instance, without any hesitation, Liu Zilang made a huge flick, aiming his crosshair straight at Evermore who had just emerged out of the bush and pulled the trigger once more!



After the two shots, two fresh kill notifications appeared on the big screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed Royad-Benz by headshot with AKM!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Evermore with AKM!\"

In the encounter, Brother Benz had nearly used up two whole magazines of ammo whereas Liu Zilang had used a grand total of three bullets!

With an AKM in his hands, he seemed to be able to play with it as if it was a top-tier sniper rifle.

Only one word could be said to describe his play - \"Superb\"!

Seeing this sight, both the viewers and audience members were taken completely by surprise!