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299 Nothing is Impossible!

 After getting a double kill with his S686 double-barrelled shotgun, SexyPig had a huge adrenaline rush.

At that time, he suddenly felt like his vision and hearing had a new sense of clarity he had never experienced before.

In other words, SexyPig was in the zone.

In all honesty, esports players relied heavily on the \"feel\", especially for FPS games like PUBG whereby every second could be their last.

Two players of the same skill level would be able to utilize their full potential in different situations, sometimes in two polar opposite situations.

At that time, SexyPig could clearly hear footsteps coming from the main entrance of the boiler room.

'Another one trying to feed me?'

He started to smile coldly.

In an indoor battle of such kind, with an S686 in his hands and an S1897 on his back, SexyPig was completely in his element. He could not imagine a scenario that ended with him dying!


'Tell me, how can I die?'

Without even trying to mask the sound, he openly reloaded two 12 Gauge shotgun shells into the barrel!


\"Tink tink!\"

Amidst the eerie silence of the boiler room, the sound effects of SexyPig's reloading and the empty shotgun shells dropping to the ground were heard as clear as day.

Liu ZIlang who was coming in from the main entrance heard those sounds. Originally planning on just barging in, he slowed down and started to shift-walk.

A tense atmosphere formed in the boiler room.

At the same time, over at the third C building in the Military Base, Brother Benz, who had been one-shotted by Liu Zilang's AWM in the last round was aiming down the sights of his 4x M4. Looking over at the five factory buildings, he dashingly sprayed down at his target while perfectly controlling the recoil of his 4x full-auto gun. In the blink of an eye, he finished off his prey who had run out of the buildings.

Then, he jumped off from the building, avoiding potshots coming from high ground.

After catching the kill, the observer briefly left his camera at that angle before cutting back to the action in the boiler room.

\"I feel like Vic might be overstepping his boundaries this round. He knows clearly that his enemy has a shotgun. However, he still decides to venture onwards. That just seems plain irrational to me.\"

\"True, although the AKM is one of the top rifles available in the game, it's still no match for a shotgun in a situation like this.\"

\"Mm... We can see that both parties know of each others' existence. Then, in this kind of close-quarter situation, it's all up to their footstep recognition abilities and positioning.\"

\"Oh! The two of them are getting closer and closer! What's going to happen? Will the Pig Emperor SexyPig get his third kill or will Vic sacrifice a pig head to the Gods to celebrate his return?\"

With the intense imagery conjured up by the casters, the live audience members were all on the edge of their seats.

Everyone held in their breath while staring straight at the big screen.

At that time, under the observer's free-view camera, Liu ZIlang and SexyPig both stopped their footsteps at the same time. Both of them were separated by a single wall!

Obviously, both of them had been shift-walking. However, in such an eerily silent place, as soon as they had gotten close to each other, they instantly caught on to each other's footsteps.

Out of the blue, Liu Zilang ADS'd on his AK and started shooting randomly at the steel doorframe of the boiler room!

\"Clink clink clank clank clink clink!\"

As bullets ricocheted off the doorframe, sparks started to fly all over the place!

On the other side of the wall, SexyPig thought that the opponent was about to charge over. He instantly tensed up as he gripped tightly onto the S686 in his hands.

However, the next moment, he could only hear the sound of gunshots. He could not see his target. SexyPig then suddenly realized.

'A feint!

'Hehe, so you're using an AKM?'

At that time, the sound of a rifle reloading could be heard loudly!

On the other side of the wall, SexyPig managed to hear that sound. In an act of quick wits, he rushed over with the shotgun in his hands.

'Reloading at this time...

'Are you trying to die?'

The next moment, the two instantly encountered each other at the doorway.

The instance he charged over, the image of Liu Zilang in a panic that SexyPig imagined did not appear.

In SexyPig's vision, a plain-looking Crossbow was held up parallel to the position of his head, silently targeting its mark!

'A Ssi!'

SexyPig had his soul scared out of him!

The next instance, SexyPig, who was famous for his inhuman reaction speeds in close combat, tried to crouch down. At the same time, he aimed his S686 upwards without even looking at his target!

\"Bam bam!\"


The instance the muzzle flash appeared from SexyPig's shotgun, a single Crossbow bolt was also fired, it flew straight at him!

The next moment, SexyPig, who was wearing a Level-three Helmet, had a Crossbow bolt piercing through his head. Dropping to the ground, he had an astonished look on his face,

'WUT? What the hell is going on?

'I definitely... I definitely did crouch down?

'How is this possible?'

In reality, it was not just SexyPig. The livestream viewers and audience members were utterly wide-eyed.

In a battle between the Crossbow and the holy grail of close combat - the S686 - at such a distance, the Crossbow somehow came out victorious...

'Is this a f*cking joke?'

In the commentary booth, Ms-Joy said with a shocked look, \"Unbelievable! Seriously unbelievable! I'm not sure if anyone else noticed it but that was a perfect psychological read!\"

Su Changming instinctively readjusted his nonexistent glasses as he nodded and analyzed, \"That's right, in that engagement Vic started off by using his AKM to show his enemy his weakness. He was telegraphing what weapon he had. That way, the Pig Emperor who held a shotgun would first lower his guard. Then, he used the reload sound as the foundation for the perfect bait.\"

\"Hehe, in actuality, halfway through his reload, Vic had switched out to his Crossbow. Seeing that gave me the shock of my life.\"

Sy could not help but laugh as he shook his head. \"However, I never would've expected him to show off that much in the encounter. If it was anyone else, I would put it down as dog sh*t luck for SexyPig but since it's Vic, I don't dare think that.\"

At that moment, Ms-Joy said with a serious face, \"You can't say that it's dog sh*t luck no matter who it was!\"

Thinking back to the scene just now, he could not help but frown as he asked, \"If I saw it correctly, Vic's Crossbow was perfectly lined up for Pig Emperor's head just now. However, the Pig Emperor definitely managed to crouch down. Why did the arrow still hit?\"

Hearing Ms-Joy's words, the livestream viewers and audience members were all stunned!

'That's right!


At that point, after the observer showed the kills over at the K buildings, they played a replay of what had happened back in the boiler room.

On the big screen, Liu Zilang's aim crosshair at the start was definitely aimed straight at SexyPig's head whereas SexyPig, at the brink of life and death, had definitely made an effective crouch to dodge!

However, the next moment, a jaw-dropping scene was shown!

The moment Liu Zilang fired the Crossbow, his crosshair suddenly flicked downwards!

'What the f*ck... is this maneuver?'

'I've heard of flick snipes, flick shotgun shots... But what in the world is a flick Crossbow shot?

'And this trick was pulled out when being up against an S686-wielding SexyPig. It would've been instant death if it was even a moment slower!'

However, Liu Zilang managed to successfully flick his Crossbow and kill SexyPig, surviving as if he had been resurrected from the dead!

'That f*cker was really...'

'F*ck me... You can do that with a Crossbow?\"

\"Write it down! Write it down! I've never hit my Crossbow shots. Turns out, it was because I had never tried to flick my shots!\"

\"Write it down my f*ckin' ass! You think you can flick? This isn't something a f*cking human should be able to pull off, okay?\"

At that point, after watching the replay, Ms-Joy said in bittersweet fashion, \"Although you can clearly see what happened... You know how to do it... But you can never manage to pull it off! This is the real gap between us average players and these top-tier pros.\"


In the game, after Liu Zilang had finished off SexyPig in the boiler room, he did not stop in his tracks as he continued over to the police station up ahead.

'If you hotdrop in Sosnovka Military Base and not go on a killing spree, then what's the point in dropping here in the first place!'

At that point in time, the police station was completely silent, without a soul in sight,

However, in a bush right outside of the police station, there was a single person crouched there. He did not make a single move, and it almost looked like he had become one with the bush itself.

He was the God-tier Passive player amongst the ranks of professional players, the Ultimate Camper, the other Pig Emperor from Korea, Evermore.

Mmhmm... At the same time, he was the one chosen by the Heavenly Circle last round. He only ended up getting run over by Liu Zilang's motorcycle.