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298 Rozan Shou Ryuu Ha!

 Title Translator's Note: The ultimate skill of Saint Seiya's Dragon Siryu, it literally means the Rozan(or Ro Mountain) Rising Dragon Lord, essentially an uppercut or a kick upwards filled with the power of a dragon, giving off the 'Rising Dragon' image, as per other moves like the Shouryuuken from fighting games.

After releasing his parachute, whilst maneuvering himself mid-air, Liu Zilang surveyed the situation around him before speedily heading over to the watchtower that was next to the Military Base's boiler room.

The watchtower was in an isolated corner of the Sosnovka Military Base and its loot was usually not too bad. With so many people, it was unlikely that major battles would happen in the place. Hence, it was more suited for landing when playing Solos or Duos.

However, there was someone else with the same idea as Liu Zilang.

Once he reached low altitude, he saw another person heading over to the watchtower alongside him!

In the commentary booth, the three casters started their machinegun-like commentary as they saw this development.

\"As we can see, Vic isn't planning on going defensive this round. He chose to hotdrop at the watchtower in Sosnovka, and he seems to have some company. His current opponent is the Thai Macho Man squad MITH's IGL - the Macho Smoker Bro CigaretteS!\"

\"That's right, but CigaretteS shouldn't know that Vic is on the same watchtower as him, otherwise, he wouldn't be so calm right now. Oh! Both of them have decided to not drop at nearby buildings but directl landed on the observer's second-floor balcony.\"

\"That's a smart decision by the two, now it's down to who gets their hands on a gun first!\"

\"Oh no! Vic doesn't seem to have a weapon at his position! However, there's an AKM on CigaretteS' side, and he's charging straight for it!\"

Hearing this, both the audience and the livestream viewers could not resist the urge to shake their heads in disappointment. It was as if they had seen Liu Zilang's body turn into a crate in the game.

It was only natural, everyone had encountered such a scenario in game before.

Especially in places like the Military Base and School, those who could find a gun first were king whereas those who could not find one were powerless plebeians.

As for whether those without guns could run away, it was not just up to their own luck, it was also up to how bad their opponent's aim was.

However, a professional player would not be so bad as to let their unarmed target escape.

At that time, Liu Zilang saw his opponent running for the AKM on the floor. Naturally, he was not willing to bet on his opponent being blind enough to miss him. Hence, he did what his brain thought was logical, he started running straight toward the AKM.

CigaretteS was the first to reach the destination. He instantly crouched down and equipped the AKM into his equipment slot while he rapidly dragged all the ammo into his inventory as well.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, CigaretteS was afraid that he would get ambushed by a headshot from Liu Zilang coming up behind him. He instantly dodged to the right as he turned around and then mashed the R key to reload his weapon.

\"Tink tink!\"

'What the f*ck? Why's it empty?

'Where are my bullets?'

Looking at his empty magazine, CigaretteS was utterly dumbstruck.

He could have sworn that he had dragged the ammo into his inventory earlier...

Looking at Liu Zilang behind him, CigretteS finally realized what had happened.


'That brat stole my ammo!'

By this point, he hated the fact that he could not throw his AKM at his opponent. Otherwise, the gun would have been flying straight at Liu Zilang's face the moment he saw him.

\"Oh my God! That was too damn close! I don't know if anyone else saw it but whilst CigaretteS was bending down to grab the AKM, Vic sneakily picked up the thirty bullets on the ground at the last possible moment!\"

\"Tsk tsk, that nearly gave me a bloody heart attack. I feel like CigaretteS must've been sure that he dragged both the gun and the ammo into his inventory but the system registered him picking up the gun first, animation and all. Hence, even though he dragged the ammo into his inventory, in reality, Vic got there right before his pick-up animation ended.\"

\"That's right, he was so close to being turned into a crate. Now that the two of them no longer have a lethal weapon that can be used, what's going to happen? Oh? Vic's starting to punch the Thai Macho Smoker Bro on the chest.\"

\"CigaretteS also looks pissed!, He's stowed away his AKM and started to fistfight with Vic! Hehe, it's a match between Muay Thai and traditional Chinese Wushu!\"

Alongside the intense commentary by the casters, on the second-floor balcony of the watchtower, both Liu Zilang and CigarettteS were just punching each other over and over.

Ms-Joy was joking when she said it was a battle between Muay Thai and Traditional Chines Wushu but the two players had somehow taken off their clothes at some point. They looked like two burly macho men who were wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs.

The two continued to exchange blows as they panted after each hit.

The whole atmosphere became weirdly solemn...

As the live audience watched on wide-eyed, they thought, 'Is this the first performance marking the return of Dat Man?

'As expected, it has a different feel to it!'

As the two exchanged blows, Liu Zilang crouched, narrowly avoiding CigaretteS' haymaker to the face. The next instance, leaping as he stood back up, he unleashed a Rozan Shou Ryuu Ha straight into CigaretteS' head!


Before CigaretteS could dodge, he was hit by Liu Zilang's sudden headshot!

With one more blow, he would be dead!

At that point, CigaretteS was panicking. With his health critically low, he did not dare bet on the possibility of him getting out unscathed if he tried to get another \"headshot\" and \"combo\" in to counterattack.

Hence, he turned around and leaped off the balcony.

Liu Zilang, as the winner, naturally followed his prey in pursuit.

Just as CigaretteS landed after jumping down from the second-floor balcony, before he managed to push himself up, Liu Zilang descended from the sky right behind him, landing straight on his back!

'Stop right there, criminal scum!

'Can you imagine the image of burly men in only their underwear trying to form a human pyramid?

'That image... it's too much!'

Seeing that, the majority of the live audience could not help but wince at the image on the screen.

The next moment, CigaretteS who had the scare of his life started to run off as the two's player models separated from each other.

However, the instance Liu Zilang hit the ground after being pushed off of CigaretteS back, he unleashed the \"Black Tiger's Heart Strike\"[1] at his prey!


CigaretteS ate a fist right to his back. He spat out blood and tumbled a few steps forward before dropping to the ground face first.

The next moment, a kill notification appeared on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed MiTH-CigaretteS with punch!\"

Seeing the kill notification, a lot of the players in-game were shell-shocked. Some even had to take a deep breath to recompose themselves!


Immediately after he had dropped, he had taken out one of the Thailand Macho Man from the land of Muay Thai!

Was this what made him a legend?

As for CigaretteS who had been turned into a crate by Liu Zilang, he initially felt like it was unfair.

However, as he looked over at the ID of the player who had killed him, he felt a huge relief on his heart. It was as if he died without any regrets.

Dying under that man's fists, somehow, he felt like it was something he could accept...


After looting the AKM from CigaretteS' crate, Liu Zilang loaded the thirty bullets in his inventory into the gun as he rotated back to the watchtower with his newly acquired weapon. He then began to scour for loot.

After looting the entire place, Liu Zilang's had a Crossbow, a Level-two Helmet, Level-one Armor, a Level-three Backpack, 60 AKM bullets, some bandages, and some painkillers added into his arsenal.

He remembered that he had seen a few people drop near the boiler room earlier. Without any hesitation, Liu Zilang swiftly moved over to the boiler room.

As he arrived at the door, he heard a couple of gunshots coming from inside!

Instantly, two kill notifications appeared at the bottom-left corner of the screen!

At the same time, a cheer was heard from the commentary booth!

\"Oh my God! As expected from Asia's Top Shotgun user! SexyPig's shotty flick was superb! I feel like the only person who could match that performance in this country would be the entry-fragger Sloth from the past.\"

\"That's right! Speaking of which, SexyPig is very clear about his own strengths - wielding his trusty double barrel shotty in close combat battles. Thus, he'd almost definitely drop at the Military Base if the flight path allows him to. That way, he could instantly get a couple of frags for extra points as soon as he lands.\"

\"What a marvelous performance! In that last engagement, he almost instantly killed off two players, hailing from both Japan and Korea! What's more, his health bar is still full!\"

\"That's right! This is the specialty of shotguns! Up close, it has the same lethality as an AWM, being able to one-shot most people! A one-shot is still a one-shot, no matter how you put it.\"

\"Wait a minute! On Vic's side... He has just dealt with the Thai Macho Man who had jumped off the watchtower. Now, it seems like he wants to invade the boiler room!\"

\"Vic must've heard the gunshots and realized who was inside, right? Is he really gonna charge straight in under these circumstances?\"

With the neverending commentary by the casters, the observer switched over to another angle.

On the screen, Liu Zilang was wielding the AKM in his hands. He did not hesitate before lunging in and entering the unchartered boiler room. He walked as if there was a frenzied beast awaiting inside...


[1] It's a move used by the Black Tiger family from the cartoon \"The Story of Hongmao and Lantu\", or . The user jabs the target at the chest with a fist, as if clutching the target's heart.