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297 The First Combat Form!

 The return of a legend.

Just the sound of it would get the hearts of most people pumping.

However, reality was not scripted. Not every legend's return would be a bed of roses, in fact, it was more likely that they would be crowded out by new emerging talents.

Liu Zilang pulled all sorts of stunts in the last round, especially the last \"quadruple nade massacre formation\" and the follow-up into his \"slough off the cicada's golden shell\"[1]. It gave off a strangely refreshing feeling for the viewers, at the same time causing the players affected to be so pissed that they nearly vomited blood.

From his aerial airdrop rush all the way to his recovery after having flipped his vehicle and to the final hurrah charging straight into the last circle... Liu ZIlang gave off the impression that he was constantly running wild on the edge of death.

However, maybe because he was just lucky, he still managed to survive in the end.

Yet, there was a total of three solo matches this man had to face, would he continue to have that kind of luck throughout the following two games?

That was something no one could guarantee.

At that point, as his true identity had been exposed, Liu Zilang's Douyu livestream exploded in popularity. He reached follower counts of 1,500,000, and his bullet screen began moving like crazy!

\"Oh, my good lord! This bastard Vic is that Black Masked Captain?\"

\"Breaking news! The legendary Unparalleled Wargod returns as the Attractive Section Chicken King!\"

\"Breaking my *ss! I've always told you f*ckers that this guy is trolling on a whole new level. He definitely ain't some random pubstomper but none of you f*cktards would believe me!\"

\"Good luck Vic! No matter if you're the Black Masked Captain Victor, the Attractive Section Chicken King Vic or even if you're gay, we'll forever support you.\"

\"The guy above, stop it! Sob sob sob! You're making me sweat from my eyes.\"

\"Oh right, do y'all think that Vic can get the Chicken Dinner this round? Now that this guy is in everyone's crosshairs, if he still tries to run wild like the last round, I don't think that's probable.\"

\"Although they say luck shows the potential of the players in this game. To be frank, Vic's luck last round simply defied common sense. Not only did he survive after all his death-defying antics. However, if you didn't notice, people like Master Ze and Guru Qiu also died in the first two circles whilst GodV got killed by his own brothers. I feel like Vic really didn't encounter any OP players last round.\"

\"If you put it that way... Sigh, let's hope that Master Ze and the gang can show some mercy to their old teammate for old time's sake and lend Vic a hand. Otherwise, being stomped to the ground in his first returning match would be utterly humiliating.\"

\"GG, you seem to be implying that Master Ze and Guru Qiu need to help him. Our Vic is as hard as nails, he says, 'I'll use my own skills to get the chicken dinner, where's the fun in getting a meal cooked and prepared nicely for me?'\"


It must be said that birds of a feather flock together. Certain types of streamers will attract certain types of viewers.

Unlike the huge reaction in the live stadium, after recovering from the brief shock, Liu Zilang's livestream regulars did not really change that much.

That was because they were all attracted by that same cheeky unorthodox troll that Liu Zilang was. They were still there watching and supporting him because of who he was.

As for whether the old Vic wore a black mask, white hood, or even a lace bra... [2]

Sorry, they really could not care less.

This was also what Liu Zilang, who wanted to start over from scratch, wanted to see. In his eyes, the past should stay the past, and the present should stay the present. There was no point in being fixated over the honor and glory he had abandoned. He should focus on finding himself again.

At that time, looking at the Erangel map on his screen, Liu Zilang grinned slightly.

Everything starts from here.


In the commentary booth, the casters started to analyze the drop zones.

\"Alright, the second match of this tournament is live. Let's take a look at our current flight path for this round.\"

\"Oh! The flight path for this round goes from the bottom to the top of the map, splitting it in two straight down the middle. With a flight path like this, most of the usual strategic locations can be utilized. This gives the players a huge selection of drop zones to choose from.\"

\"That's right, but the regions all the way on the sides of the map, like the hot zones such as Primorsk, Lipovka, and lower Georgopol, might not be so easily reached. Players might barely make it if they try to glide over, though they have a better chance by getting a vehicle and driving over. Thus, I feel like the vehicle spawns near the middle would most likely be the first scene for a firefight.\"

\"In the last round, Victor... Screw it, we should just call him Vic. In the last round, Vic's 26 frag chicken dinner must've attracted everyone's attention. So, if the other players still want to fight for first place in the three solo matches today, they need to eliminate Vic from this competition as soon as possible.\"

\"Yeah. In this round, Vic really needs to be a lot more careful. Although PUBG is the first ever competitive anonymous multiplayer battle royale in the FPS genre, professional players can still easily make out the identity of a player based on nearby gunshots and kill notifications.\"

\"Let me explain, us average players can usually only hear gunshots and at most, the direction they come from. Heck, we might not be able to make it out if the gunshot is too far away. However, to a professional player's ears, with a single shot, they could instantly recognize what gun it came from, be it an AKM, SCAR-L, or anything else... Hence, it's even easier to identify a player based on gunshots and kill notifications.\"

\"That's right, so as soon as Vic reveals his location, there might be people starting to look for parties to take down this \"raid boss\". By that time, facing so many professional players, it would make his life a lot more difficult.\"

\"Yeah, that's why I would personally recommend Vic to play more defensively this round. After all, with the points from the first round, if he manages to last long enough in the following two rounds and get a decent ranking, then I feel like he'll have a big chance at taking first place.\"

Just as MsJoy finished speaking, the airplane reached the airspace right above the Sosonovka Military Base.

'Let's make some noise!'

Maybe they were triggered by something. However, all of a sudden, nearly fifteen or sixteen people hot-dropped down towards the Sosnovka Military Base. Looking at the sky, it was filled with tiny black dots.

In comparison, the last round also had the same exact flight path but there were not even ten players who hotdropped at the Miltary Base.

Did they get triggered by some sort of mysterious higher power?

At that time, Sy suddenly yelled out in shock, \"Wait a moment! Vic! Vic chose to drop at the Sosnovka Military Base this round!\"

Hearing those words, the observer cut over to the cameramen and gave Liu Zilang a close-up on stage.

On the big screen, the audience members could only see Liu Zilang in full focus staring straight at his screen. That serious and tense expression of his completely different from his usual cheeky demeanor.

\"Whew! Is Vic going into his First Combat Form?\"

\"The First Combat Form? Why does it sound like he's going through some sort of anime or mech transformation?\"

\"Are there any veteran Vic fans who watched him in the past that can explain this? This is totally f*cking different from the Vic I know!\"

\"This b*stard Vic is really too stubborn, all he has to do is play a bit more defensively, but nooo, he had to hotdrop Sosnovka. Looks like this will be a hard fight for him.\"

In the midst of the heated discussions, Liu Zilang nosedived straight down at maximum speed.


The parachute on his back rapidly opened up as his body started to wobble down toward the ground.

At the same time, more than a dozen more parachutes opened up in the airspace above the Sosnovka Military Base!

Instantly, in the second round of the Solo tournament, a grand-scale Sosnovka Military Base turf war was about to unfold,


[1] One of Sun Tzu's Thirty-Six Strategems. It means to either leave one's distinctive traits behind, thus becoming inconspicuous, or masquerade as something or someone else. This strategy is mainly used to escape from an enemy of superior strength.

[2] Author used the pun \"\" which can literally mean \"black mask, white mask, lace mask\", but \"\" stands for \"something that covers\", and can also mean other things like \"\" which means bra. In the case of \"\", it's more commonly referring to lace bras.