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296 My Honor Left a Long Time Ago!

 Title Translator's Note: The League of Legends Champion Yasuo's voice line.

Hearing Su Changming's announcement, the audience members were surprised.

In the commentary booth, Su Changming continued on with a smile, \"Hehe, I believe that a lot of audience members should remember the nickname 'Black Masked Captain' from the past. That's right, I'm talking about the mysterious Victor from our team back in the day.\"

He was a bit moved as he spoke, \"To tell the truth, back then, the reason team Se7en was able to dominate in local tournaments, slowly progress to Asia, and eventually the Global stage... Though it was arguably based on our team's combined efforts, it was still largely thanks to that bastard who never revealed his face that we were able to get that far.\"

MsJoy continued, \"Boss Su's right, back when I was still casting for StarsWar, I already knew about the mysterious Black Masked Captain. Although it wasn't this game, it was still an eSports tournament. That player had so many achievements parked under his belt that it would leave anyone in awe. He's also the only FPS player in our country that was able to enter the World eSports Hall of Fame.\"

Sy nodded. \"Err... After hearing you two talk about him so much, what comes next must have something to do with this mysterious Victor, right?\"

Su Changming answered, \"That's right. Because of this person... He's sitting on one of the player seats in today's competition!\"

Hearing this, the live audience started to \"buzz\" around debating about it.

\"Holy sh*t! Victor is here today?\"

\"Maybe it's one of the players playing for Se7en? I don't think so.\"

\"Wait a minute! Did you guys really forget about Dat Man in the last round?\"

\"Oh! You mean... DAT MAN?\"

\"That's right! Dat Man!\"

\"Fricking hell! Which man are you guys talking about?\"


As the audience members continued to debate, the cameraman panned through the players on stage one-by-one on the big screen.

When it came to Huaxia teams' turns, the Huaxia team members were all a bit shy. The biggest reaction they gave to the camera was only a brief smile.

When it panned over to the players on the foreigner teams, the players were a lot more active, especially the Thai Macho Man from MITH. He had stood up and blown kisses over to the camera.

However, the next moment, the cameraman suddenly stopped at a certain player and no longer continued to move.

Slowly, thinking back to the casters' words, the live audience members seemed to have realized something.

'It can't be?

'Is it really him?

'Wait, Vic... Victor...'

Then, they thought back to his insane twenty-six frag chicken dinner filled with insane maneuvers. With that scene fresh in their heads, it seemed like it could be him!

At that time, Liu Zilang slowly let out a cheeky grin.

He suddenly raised his thumb and pointed out his index and middle finger to form a hand gun, before pointing it straight at his temple, letting out a \"Biu[1]\" sound to the camera!

Seeing the familiar action, although a huge number of audience members had called it, they still could not help but be stunned by this development.

The next moment, the crowd went nuts!

'It's him!

\"It's this man!'

It was the signature greeting that Se7en had come to be known for. Just a short while ago, in the Chinese University Esports League hosted by University Jianghai, Su Changming used that exact same pose to greet Gao Yunyang.

'So this guy is Victor!

'So the real identity of this Black Masked Captain was a childish immature First-year University Freshman!'

At that time, the casters started to speak once more.

\"As everyone can see, 4AM's new sniper Vic is our Black Masked Captain Victor from the past.\"

Su Changming chuckled as he continued, \"I heard that he's a streamer on Douyu now so maybe some of you audience members or viewers might know about him. However, I'm willing to bet that none of you even thought of the possibility that Vic is Victor, right?\"

Sy's jaw dropped. He shook his head and said, \"Tsk tsk... If it wasn't for Boss Su's confirmation, I never would've imagined that the legendary Black Masked Captain was so young, much less...\"

\"So much of a troll...\" MsJoy laughed as she added, \"At the start of the round, other than his...'encounter' with Nighthawk... Overall, he looked like an average player. However, when the game started, he really let himself go wild.\"

Hearing the casters' words, the audience members started to think back to all the stunts that Liu Zilang pulled in the last match that had caused their eyes to twitch uncontrollably.

'That f*cker let himself go a bit too wild!'

At the same time, in a certain apartment complex over in Jianghai, Zhang Xiaotong and Jiang Yumeng were making their way back home after their school had ended.

\"Xiaotong, why are you in such a rush today?\" Jiang Yumeng curiously asked as she looked at Zhang Xiaotong who had run over to her computer and excitedly turned it on.

\"Because...\" Zhang Xiaotong instantly replied but managed to stop mid-sentence and correct herself. \"Because there's a competition today.\"

Jiang Yumeng rolled her eyes before chuckling out loud. \"Hehe... I know, I know. It's because your older brother is participating in a tournament today, right?\"

\"It's not because of him!\" Zhang Xiaotong blushed and pouted as she said, \"I... I'm a fan of Guru Qiu, so I'm watching to support Guru Qiu.\"

\"Hehe, I support Master Ze! Master Ze is soooo hot!\" Jiang Yumeng looked like she had stars in her eyes. Then, she smiled brightly as she said, \"Oh right, Xiaotong, I heard that there are a bunch of pros playing in this afternoon's Solo match. Although I don't think your older brother is a bad person, in this kind of competition, I think a participation medal is good enough...\"


Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

She wanted to say that he was also a pro, but she could not be honest with herself.

After booting up her computer, Zhang Xiaotong quickly opened up the official livestream for Douyu's PUBG Asia Qualifiers.

Coincidentally, at that time, the two suddenly heard Su Changming's line, \"Vic is our Black Masked Captain Victor from the past.\"

This line struck the two like lightning, constantly echoing in the two's heads. The two little brats stared idly at the livestream screen, they were completely wide-eyed.

After a moment, Jiang Yumeng asked dubiously, \"Xiaotong, your brother is the Black Masked Captain Victor?\"

\"I... I don't know.\" Zhang Xiaotong bit her lips as she answered in a panicked manner.

At that moment, she seemed to suddenly remember a certain dawn three years ago. During that time, she had woke up from her slumber and made her way over to the washroom.

As she walked past the dark unlit living room, she saw a figure about to leave the house with a bag on his back.

At that time, her young mind felt a bad premonition as she ran behind and asked, \"Brother, where are you going?\"

However, the only answer she had gotten back then was the loud slam of the door closing.

Then, three years passed without her seeing him.

Looking at that figure on the computer screen Zhang Xiaotong suddenly started to sniffle unconsciously. She turned around and jumped onto her bed, covering her entire body under her blanket.

In front of the screen, there was only a surprised Jiang Yumeng left. She was glaring at the livestream with her eyes opened wide.


In Stadium Jianghai, the sound of a plane taking off was heard!

The second Solo match had begun!

At that point in time, since Liu Zilang's actual identity had been revealed, the audience and the viewers were all hyped to see what was going to happen.

Although the casters had done a magnificent job flaunting his past accolades and achievements, they seemed to have intentionally skipped over on some stuff.

However, in reality, a lot of the people who followed the scene would know about Se7en and, in turn, the Huaxia FPS Esports clubs'\"Battle of Waterloo\" from a little over half a year ago...

In that Clash of the Titans hosted in Denmark, that gathered all the top-tier prodigies and pros of the FPS world.

Now that half a year had passed, and the Black Masked Captain that had disappeared had once again returned to the scene. The solo match would be his debut match since his return to the scene.

Putting his cheeky troll-like tactics aside, how much of his actual potential did he retain?

In the completely new FPS genre that PUBG had pioneered, in three matches that gathered the top-tier players from all over Asia, could he really tap back into that old Solo King Victor in him...

That was what a large majority of the audience and viewers really wanted to find out.


[1] Chinese SFX for a gun firing or shooting a gun.