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295 It’s Time To Face The Legend Of The Past!


'That can't be!'

Kim Doohwan who had lowered his head clenched his fist. He then looked up and stared at Liu Zilang.

The crowd was shocked as they watched Kim Doohwan move suddenly at the contestants' seats!

\"GG! Are they really going to fight one another!\"

\"Sorry for disturbing, but is Azeael's nickname the Grim Reaper or Declared to be Dead?\"

However, what the crowd worried the most or anticipated the most did not happen.

Kim Doohwan kept staring at Liu Zilang who was at 4AM's seats as he spoke in broken Chinese, \"You... Do you remember me?\"

\"Sorry... you are?\"

Liu Zilang shook his head.

He could not recall when he came in contact with Kim Doohwan. He would not have taken note of such a person if it was not GodV who mentioned him at the beginning of the game.

It was expected. After all, Liu Zilang had just started and he knew close to nothing about the industry back then.

In the past, it was all about being merciless and wild.

He probably had forgotten about bullying a team in a tournament after dinner.

It was simply too difficult for him to remember someone like Kim Doohwan after three years...

Kim Doohwan was devastated when he heard Liu Zilang's response.

He took a deep breath, looked at Liu Zilang and then said slowly, \"This time! I'll make you remember.\"

He glanced at the remaining members of 4AM before turning around and leving.

GodV, Aluka, and Cpt kept looking at Liu Zilang and Kim Doohwan alternatively when the latter turned around. They had pondering expressions on their faces.

Liu Zilang felt extremely helpless.

'Why does it feel like I'm the heartbreaker here...'

He might have admitted that he was one ignorantly if Misaka Mikoto was the one who had approached him...

The problem was that he was a guy...

Liu Zilang pondered on as his expression turned stiff.

This was because he realized that someone was hugging his arm as he could feel something warm and soft...

Liu Zilang turned around to see Misaka Mikoto staring at him with her big pair of eyes as she spoke excitedly, \"Shifu! Konnichiwa!\"

She had caused more uproar than Kim Doohwan could ever do. It was as if someone had dropped a nuke on the stage!

The atmosphere instantly froze as everyone stared at them in disbelief!

Li Muqiu who had been laying on the chair and smiling with his head tilted to one side was so shocked that he had fallen off the chair!

He immediately supported himself up with the table as he got up and stared at Liu Zilang with his jaw dropped.

'Shi... Shifu?'

'What the f*ck... That b*stard... What's going on?'

There was quite some reaction from the audience as well since Misaka Mikoto had quite a number of fans!

Although the previous match had signs that there was something fishy going on between Misaka Mikoto and Liu Zilang, the audience lost it when Misaka Mikoto hugged Liu Zilang like a koala bear!

\"Are you serious? Menhara and Vic are... I must have seen wrongly!\"

\"What the h*ll is going on? Tsk tsk tsk... I'm not buying any of this!\"

\"Stop it brother! My Sharkler (TN: A character from B-Robo Kabutack) will definitely decapitate Vic's head!\"

\"I have a knife in my hand! Move! Move!\"


At the center of the stage, Liu Zilang could feel the fiery stares from all directions as he immediately pulled his arm away.

He let out a dry cough as he stuttered, \"Uhm... Konnichiwa, shifu needs to discuss strategy with friends. Get back to your seat and stop wandering around.\"

Since the two of them had been talking to each other online for a long time, it was a given that they could understand each other's languages to a certain extent.

Misaka Mikoto nodded seriously as she listened to Liu Zilang. She then walked toward GodV, Aluka, and Cpt and greeted them with a bow.

GodV and the other two mimicked Liu Zilang as they said Konnichiwa to her as well.

Once they had greeted each other, Misaka Mikoto gave Liu Zilang an energetic smile as she clenched her fist. \"Shifu, Ganbatte!\" She then ran back to her seat afterward.

Liu Zilang almost fainted!

'Why's this idiotic disciple of mine so ignorant of her surroundings. It would be so much better if she were to do it privately...'

However, he acted cool and indifferent. He ignored the crowd's stares as he waved his hands.

Li Muqiu then started approaching them from team Se7en's seats.

After greeting the trio, he walked toward Liu Zilang and looked at him skeptically. \"Shifu?\"

Liu Zilang replied rudely, \"Who's your shifu? Go back now, we still have a match later.\"

\"You b*stard. You're hiding a lot of stuff. It's been a long time right?\" Li Muqiu rubbed his chin as he recalled.

His eyes turned bright all of a sudden. \"Ah I remember now. There was a phase back then where you would voice chat with someone discreetly in the middle of the night. Boss Su had asked me if you were cyber-dating somebody. So that's her huh.\"

\"What do you mean cyber-dating. Quit your bullsh*t.\" Liu Zilang looked full of despise. \"I'm not you, you were always fond of loli accents...\"

\"Yes, and you love disciple accents.\" Li Muqiu then mimicked Misaka Mikoto's accent as he said to Liu Zilang flirtatiously, \"Mas~ter~\"


Liu Zilang sat down on the chair and replied harshly, \"Get lost if you've nothing else to do!\"

\"Of course I came here with a purpose!\" Li Muqiu laughed. \"Boss Su gave me a call earlier and asked if you mind that he introduces you to the public in the next match.\"

\"Doesn't everyone know of it thanks to that kid's fuss?\" Liu Zilang questioned back.

Li Muqiu shrugged helplessly. \"The audience doesn't know of you. Sy is still pestering Boss Su and Ms-Joy.\"

\"It's their choice then. I'm not hiding it or anything to begin with.\" Liu Zilang acted carefreely.

Li Muqiu pondered for a moment before speaking up again as he saw Liu Zilang's expression, \"All of us are responsible for our failure back then. It's Yunyang and my fault for pushing the blame onto you after that match. Yunyang is a stubborn man, but he's the one who wanted to apologize to you through my words after you quit.\"

Li Muqiu looked at Liu Zilang and said with his utmost sincerity, \"Don't worry. We'll face this together no matter how the world views that match.\"

A warm sensation started to fill up Liu Zilang's heart as he listened to Li Muqiu.

However, he responded back differently, \"I don't care how they view it. I'm not the person I used to be, but I want to tell the world that... I'm still the f*cking boss.\"

\"D*ck you, boss.\" Li Muqiu mocked before turning around to leave.


There was a total of three matches in Asia's Qualifier's solo match. After a short break, the second match was about to begin and the contestants were getting ready for it.

However, the majority of players seemed extremely excited.

The news spread from one to ten and from ten to a hundred between the contestants. Everyone knew that the man who had almost reached the pinnacle of the world of FPS was competing in the tournament!

It was time for them to challenge the legend from the past!

After all, who would not want to challenge him?

Before the match began, Boss Su smiled and spoke to the audience in the stadium as he sat on the commentary platform, \"All right ladies and gentleman, welcome back.

\"Before we begin our second match, we've received confirmation from the staffs and we've got important news to announce to everyone.\"