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293 Slicing Maelstrom!

 The situation became more and more exciting as movement was seen everywhere around the reef island.

\"They're swimming over! They're swimming over! The remaining five players are approaching the reef island from all directions.\"

\"Vic's in a pinch. Although he has the advantage of taking the first fire on the reef island, he will be able to kill two players at most before the remaining three give him a lethal blow!\"

\"That's right. Vic's sure to be the first person to be targetted by everyone for being in the worst location the moment they come up to the island.\"

\"Why do you think so? Oh! Vic's still attempting to throw a grenade but isn't it too late for that?\"


The frag grenade clicked when the pin was pulled!

\"Click click click!\"

Everyone was shocked as they heard a chain of clicks.

Everyone stared at Liu Zilang confusingly as he threw all four of his grenades on the reef the moment he pulled the pin.

The lot in the water thought Liu Zilang had started throwing grenades into the water the moment they heard the clanking sounds.

Hence, they immediately swam toward the reef island even though they were hesitant about being the first one to step on land!

The five of them paddled with all their might toward the reef island from all directions.

'I'm going for it and leaving everything to fate!'

The moment they got up to land, all of them were shocked as countless bullets they had anticipated to be greeted with did not come.

Instead, they were greeted with Liu Zilang standing at the peak of the reef island crouching down as he tilted his head left and right. He spammed the buttons Q and E.

It looked like he was waving at them but he also seemed to be exercising...

In his enemies' eyes, it looked like he was insulting them!

'What the f*ck... I'll f*cking kill you!'

The lot immediately grabbed their weapons from their backs angrily.

Then, Liu ZIlang who was crouching at the top seemed to have finished warming up his body.

He stood up immediately and then jumped into the water.

His jump was impactful and his posture in the air was elegant.


'Hmm... he managed to keep the splashing to the minimum.'

'What the h*ll is he doing?'

The lot who had pulled out their weapons was extremely confused.

However, they immediately shifted their target when they realized that they were not the only ones who had arrived on the island.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

Their weapons started rattling intensely as Liu Zilang turned around and looked at the flashes from under the water.

The edge of his lips curled up as he spoke softly, 'Slicing Maelstrom!'

The audience and viewers from the live stream widened their eyes. There was a big explosion on the reef island and smoke engulfed the entire island!

The frag grenades Liu Zilang threw earlier exploded one after another as shockwaves spread out like a tsunami. Rocks, dirt, and bodies that had been blasted away... started falling down from the sky.

A chain of Kill Notifications appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Vic killed MiTH-Tanx with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed TD-Rorichan with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM killed Anarchy-Esth3r with Frag Grenade!\"


\"26 Kills!\"

\"Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!\"

'Holysh*t... that is some black magic strategy!'

As everyone saw his incredibly intelligent-consuming stunt, the audience went silent for a moment before they started cheering and clapping with extreme excitement.

It was unbelievable that he had won the tournament's chicken dinner with twenty-six kills in a solo match!

Liu Zilang's performance in the solo match had given everyone new insight about the game.

The last stunt where he killed four players with five Frag Grenades had everyone impressed with his ingenious strategy.


Once the game ended, Liu Zilang stretched his body comfortably in his seat and took off his headphones.

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching as he accidentally looked to the front.

He saw half of Misaka Mikoto's face above her monitor. She was staring at him disappointingly through her bangs.

'Idiot disciple... Shifu was driving too fast and couldn't stop in time.'

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough as he tried to put on an apologetic look on his face. He mouthed out the word 'Sorry.'

Her teary eyes lighted up and became motivated in the blink of an eye.


'I knew it... you didn't do it on purpose!'

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he saw Misaka Mikoto's motivated expression.

'This idiotic disciple is overreacting...'

Then, GodV and the other two beside him took off their headphones as well.

\"26 Kills! Way to go brother!\"

GodV smiled as he patted Liu Zilang's shoulder. \"Your final stunt was incredibly irritating. I'm sure those players that had been bombed by you are definitely agitated by it hahaha.\"

\"Hehe, it's all thanks to luck.\" Liu Zilang humbled as he laughed and asked, \"Oh right, how did you die?\"

The cheery atmosphere cracked upon hearing his words.

\"About that... I need to go to the toilet.\" Cpt spoke out of the blue.

\"Hehe, can it be that GodV killed you?\" Liu ZIlang teased him as he laughed. \"Oh right Cpt, what's your ranking from the previous match? I don't recall seeing you at the end of the game.\"

Aluka's face turned pale. \"I... need to go to the toilet too.\"


Liu Zilang was confused. He let out a dry laugh as he recalled something. \"Let's... go together.\"

This made the three of them speechless as the atmosphere became incredibly awkward.

Then, a youngster wearing a pair of black spectacles with square frames in a Korean jersey hastened his steps nearby.

He looked around the contestants' area and asked a staff who was passing by a few questions.

The staff then pointed in Liu Zilang's direction.

That man's expression changed as he paced toward them.

Liu Zilang and the other two were confused as they welcomed him awkwardly.

Realizing the situation, Aluka questioned, \"Eh? Isn't that Kim Doohwan?

\"It's him.\" GodV nodded as he was curious. \"He seems to be walking toward us. Does anyone of you know him?\"

\"I've met him once when I was still playing OW and he had just switched from CSGO then.\" Aluka shook his head. \"We've never spoken before.\"

\"Don't look at me. I don't know him.\" Cpt shook his head.

The three of them set their eyes onto Liu Zilang.

Frankly speaking, when Liu Zilang had been recruited as a new member of 4AM out of the blue, he had only revealed that he was just an FPS player in the past. He did not mention which team he was on and what game he had played. He looked like a typical player from an unknown team and it was common to meet players like him in the fast-paced eSports industry.

As time passed, GodV and the rest did not pursue further even though they felt that there was more than meets the eyes when Liu Zilang kept pulling off incredible stunts in front of them.

Their hunch was right!

They were all stunned when Kim Doohwan, who was walking hastily toward them opened his mouth.