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292 The Fallen Angel!

 'Since you've asked with your utmost sincerity!'

'I guess I'll show mercy and tell you everything...'

'I don't get the situation either!'

Liu Zilang rolled together with the motorcycle in the sky. He stared at the horizon which connected the sea and sky as if he had been alienated by the world and had arrived in heaven.

'Who am I?'

'Where's my origin?'

'Where am I going?'

Among the three philosophical questions, Liu Zilang was concerned with the last one the most.

However, he soon started falling down from the sky. He stared at the reef island in the middle of the sea that grew bigger and bigger over time.

Liu Zilang had the answer deep in his heart then.

However, why was someone camping there?


On the reef island, Evermore was picking off players with his suppressed M16.

He felt like he was above all of those players massacring each other on the shore. He believed he was a superior being overlooking all of them.

Evermore started curling up the edge of his lips as he pondered.

'What a bunch of idiots who only know how to fire their weapons!'

'All of you will be as outstanding as me when you know the importance of choosing your location.

Meanwhile, what Evermore did not realize was that while he was on the island enjoying the scenery, a person who was supposed to enjoy the scenery was staring at him from above.

The audience watched with their jaws dropped as Liu Zilang's motorcycle fell from the sky.

However, when it was about to crash onto the island, Liu Zilang who was packed with a soldier's general knowledge knew that he was in grave danger!

He immediately pressed F and jumped out of the motorcycle before diving into the water.


Evermore turned around confusingly the moment he heard the splash when he was firing at the players with his suppressed M16 that was equipped with a 4x Scope.

The surface of the sea was very calm and this was all possible due to Liu Zilang's amazing rip entry technique.

Evermore frowned and was baffled when he turned around.


'Something's wrong!'

He swiftly turned around once more and slightly raised his field of vision.

Evermore opened his mouth as he looked at the smoking motorcycle that was piercing through the vast sky, falling directly above him!


The motorcycle crashed onto the reef beside him.

A bright light flashed as a deadly superheated shockwave was emitted from the vehicle!

On the reef island, Evermore was beyond astonished as he was instantly killed by the engulfing fire. He had been cremated on the spot...

A piece of unfortunate news promptly appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen!

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Evermore with vehicle explosion!\"

The viewers from the live stream and the audience were completely astonished...'What the h*ll is that?'

\"Holysh*t! I don't think I understand what's going on with this game anymore! Is this The Powerpuff Girls?\"

\"I'm done! Vic has managed to use the three-wheeled motorcycle and motorcycle to their full potential.\"

\"Are you questioning the ultimate racer Vic? Those who were flaming Vic's driving technique earlier in the game, I dare you to come out!\"

\"I'm floored! I'm good but Vic is in a realm of his own!\"

\"Here we have Tencent saying that they have the best physics engine... Pfft! It's a metaphysical engine!\"

\"First Azeael and now the Pig Emperor. These famous Korean players are unfortunate as to have encountered Vic in this match. None of them were able to enjoy their final moments at all.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang who had fallen into the sea from the sky listened to the explosion from underneath the water.

It was a close call.

If he were one second late, there might have been two crates on the reef island.

He paddled in the sea as he swiftly made his way to land.

On the reef island, He looked at the crate beside the burning motorcycle. Liu ZIlang prayed for him for a second before he crouched down and cleared his corpse.

On the commentary platform.

The three casters were shocked at the ever-changing, fast-paced situation.

\"Uhm... It looks like the chosen one in this match is someone else. Boss Su overhyped him earlier just now.\"

\"Hehe. Logically speaking, the Pig Emperor did perfectly in terms of pinpointing the most strategic location but no one would imagine Vic to fall down from the sky. This is rather...\"

\"That's right. The motorcycle is perhaps the most metaphysical object of all time in PUBG. Tencent must have known of this issue from the very beginning but they don't seem to be doing anything about it. Perhaps it's there for players to discover such amusing incidents. Who would've expected Liu Zilang to exploit this in the tournament and escape from death's grasp.\"

\"Now that Vic has taken over reef island, according to the spawning algorithm of the Safe Zone, it will definitely move toward him. At this stage of the game, I'm sure Vic is staring at the chicken that's being cooked inside the wok.\"

\"Yes, but I think that he's still quite a far away from that plate of chicken. There are currently nine players alive and Vic's the only one not in the water. Vic may have a hard time dealing with so many players at once by the time they force themselves up on the island.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang was not very concerned. He raised his black-green AWM and aimed at the enemies that were swimming toward him as he played a game of whack-a-mole with them.

He would fire at anyone who dared come up to the surface of the sea.


\"4AM-Vic killed 5Peaks-AidreN by headshot with AWM!\"

Then came another loud bang!

\"4AM-Vic killed BDG-Takomayo by headshot with AWM!\"

The audience was shocked by the two headshots that landed!

The players in the sea had realized the strength of the sniper who was on the reef island and decided to stay underwater, not risking the chance of revealing themselves.

Liu Zilang waited for a while on the reef island. When he noticed that no one was coming out of the water, he put away his AWM that had six bullets left.

He pressed tab and stared at the stuff inside his backpack. He noticed that he only had six frag grenades after looting Evermore's crate.

Liu Zilang sighed as he had no choice but to be conservative with them and could no longer blast those fishes without concern.


Soon, the countdown ended.

The blue circle started shrinking and the players in the water immediately swam toward the reef island.

Liu Zilang who was on the reef island took this golden opportunity and transformed into a shot put elite.


A grenade entered the water and a loud boom was soon heard, followed by water splashing out of the surface!

A crate was then seen floating in the sea.

\"Wow! That's first blood. I'm quite lucky!\"

Liu Zilang was pleased as he pulled the pin and threw another grenade toward the sea after locating his next target.

\"Huh? Why's no one going up to land just as we expected?\"

\"Hmm... Perhaps it's safer under water. Perhaps they were traumatized by it and was waiting for someone to make the first move.\"

\"They can't be in the water forever. Vic has quite a number of frag grenades left. If he were to keep bombing them and their numbers reduce, they'll be killed by Liu Zilang before they have the chance to get ashore.\"

After two deaths and three grenades, the remaining players underwater had realized their situation.

They gritted their teeth as they swam toward the reef island where Liu Zilang resided from all directions.

Liu Zilang was shocked when he saw movement from all directions!

'Are they doing a boss raid?'

'Report! I'll report you all for teaming up!'

He scoffed.

Then, his eyes shone brightly as if he had thought of something interesting...