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291 Team Rocket From Pokemon!

 A triathlon could be separated into three segments. They were cycling, running and swimming.

Liu Zilang had experienced the first two segments in this match and had yet to experience the last one, swimming.

Perhaps the system had noticed the circumstance and decided to shift the Safe Zone to the big ocean, leaving the small island as the only thing that could be considered as land in it.

'How am I suppose to play like this?'

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he recalled his promise toward his idiotic disciple.

He told himself that he must not be shaken.

The problem he had to face was not how to swim but how to get into the ocean.

There were around twenty players still in the field and most of them could never have guessed that the next Safe Zone would spawn in the ocean.

However, those people that were still on land would have no choice but to enter the ocean by the time the blue circle approached them.

It was not a public bathhouse.

After all, no one in their right mind would bring a f*cking weapon to a bathhouse.

Another thing worth noting was that there was no cover by the shore and it would be extremely chaotic when everyone gathered.

'I must not panic!'

'I cannot panic!'

It would not be safe for him to jump into the sea late but he would definitely become a live target if he were to head into the sea early.

This problem could be solved as long as he had a car to rush over there.

'That's right... a car!'

An idea popped into Liu Zilang's head as he searched around for a vehicle.

As the saying goes - when there is a will, there is a way!

Liu Zilang found a motorcycle on a slope by the shore.

However, he was flabbergasted when he approached it.

Black smoke was oozing out from this fallen motorcycle by the slope. Obviously, it had been abandoned by someone else... How could he ride it?

Then, Liu Zilang who was feeling happy and sad at the same time was thrown into a dilemma...

'To ride or, not to ride?'

'That's the question.'

As Liu Zilang pondered about on the philosophical question, the blue circle had unknowingly started counting down.

A player threw a smoke grenade as he forcefully attempted to jump into the ocean. However, in a solo match, a smoke grenade would obviously not be able to cover a wide area.

That player took two hits as he was running into the smokescreen. By the time he entered the smokescreen, bullets rained down on him before he had the chance to heal himself as everyone on the shore had fired at him in unison.

Blood could be seen erupting from his body inside the smoke screen and that player was instantly killed by bullets that came from all directions.

Liu Zilang's eye started twitching as he witnessed such an overwhelming scene.

Although he too had fired once or twice at the smokescreen, he could not help but scold at those cunning players camping by the shore!

Before that player rushed into the sea, Liu Zilang wondered if he could risk his life and escape from such an ambush with the motorcycle...

However, judging from the intensity of the firepower, the already-smoking motorcycle would definitely explode and Liu Zilang would die before he was halfway through.

'This is troublesome!'

Liu Zilang looked around his surroundings frustratingly.

However, he felt that he still had to wait it out despite the fact that the blue circle would reach him in twenty seconds.

He had a vehicle with him. He could not panic.


Time passed as the clock continued ticking.

As the blue circle shrank and there were fifteen seconds left, the battlefield was in complete silence. The only faint sound one could hear was the waves crashing into the shore.

'Are you joking!'

'Is everyone that patient?'

Liu Zilang was astonished.

However, someone could not hold it in any longer when the countdown reached thirteen seconds.

Liu Zilang who was by the slope could clearly see a player rushing out from a tree as the latter started throwing smoke grenades while running toward the shore.

The smoke grenades he threw were like a signal to everyone else.

In an instant, Liu Zilang was stunned as he watched everyone within the vicinity take off together as they headed toward the sea.

What shocked him most was that there was a person getting up not far away from him.

Liu Zilang was so shocked that he pulled his right hand the instant he saw him and resisted the urge to fire at him!

He did not want to ruin the big picture!

'I've got to resist it!'

The three casters on the commentary platform started increasing the pace of their commentaries.

\"We can see that there are ten seconds left before the blue circle starts shrinking. It's the final hour.\"

\"That's right. Everyone is now running by the shore and everything depends on their judgment. Will they decide to live through this together or fight each other to death.\"

\"Oh! Someone's opened fire. The contestant from Singapore had laid prone on the ground and since he didn't know who was the one that fired him, he has decided to fire at the first person he saw.\"

\"It's over! Everything's being thrown into chaos as everyone's firing at one another. I knew from the very beginning that they wouldn't be able to get into the ocean peacefully.\"

\"I saw it! The person who started firing was the Pig Emperor! He was focus firing with his suppressed M16 and he's the only one who has the advantage at the moment!\"

\"Exactly. The Pig Emperor is just being himself again. Evermore is basically attacking safely from a distance and his chances of getting the chicken dinner are extremely high! He's definitely impressed us with his ultra instincts when it comes to picking his location!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang had picked up the motorcycle that was giving out black smoke.

He placed one of his legs down on the ground as he was prepared to depart at any moment.

Although the blue circle would start shrinking in five seconds, Liu Zilang had yet to make his move!

Five, four, three, two, one!

The countdown had ended!

The blue circle that everyone feared and was surrounding the vicinity started moving inwards. It was slowly eroding away the very last land within the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang remained still as he kept looking at the blue circle that was approaching him.

He squinted as if he was an unconcerned passer-by on the beach and a tsunami was approaching him.

Soon, the blue circle came in contact with the backseat of the motorcycle and only then did Liu Zilang rev it up as much as he could!

The casters immediately shifted their focus onto him as the daredevil rushed into the Safe Zone with a vehicle that was in critical condition.

Through the big screen, the crowd stared at Liu Zilang and his motorcycle that was leaving a trail of black viscous smoke behind.

The motorcycle only needed a short distance to accelerate it to its highest speed!

The crowd could not hold in their shock as they saw what happened next!

Through the caster's perspective, they could clearly see a jeep moving at full speed on the other side of the slope.

The player driving the jeep was F1nkY7, a Korean player from Squad KiZ. He seemed to have the same idea as Liu Zilang but no one had expected their ideas to be identical.

It was so identical that their actions were literally splitting images of one another!

Through the caster's perspective, Liu Zilang's motorcycle and F1nkY7's jeep were heading toward the shore from both ends of the slope. However, they ultimately intercepted and crashed into each other!

As the crowd and the viewers from the live stream watched anxiously, Liu Zilang's motorcycle did not explode on the spot. Instead, it went up to the top of the jeep and went up into the sky like an arrow as it carried black viscous smoke along!

When it happened, everyone had their eyes widened as fear was written all over their faces.

'Oh my god!'

'This motorcycle... does it belong to Team Rocket from Pokemon?'