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290 Triathlon

 \"Pew pew pew!\"

He was bombarded with bullets from two different directions within the Safe Zone as they ricocheted chaotically off the toppled three-wheeled motorcycle.

Liu Zilang crawled slightly to the back as he reloaded his M16 and fired at the three-wheeled motorcycle in front of him.


A bright light flashed as the three-wheeled motorcycle released a powerful heat shockwave!

What followed next was a stream of thick black smoke, announcing the complete destruction of the three-wheeled motorcycle to everyone.

The three casters on the commentary platform were dazed for quite a while as they watched the series of action-packed incidents.

\"Ahem... We can see that XiaoJue and DeadRunner intended to destroy the three-wheeled motorcycle but Vic has taken the initiative to destroy it himself.\"

\"Right. That way, the motorcycle has become cover for Vic who's at the edge of the Safe Zone.\"

\"Speaking of which, it looks like Vic is one tough cockroach. I was caught off guard when he lived through despite the motorcycle having toppled over. Who would've thought that he could stand on top of it? I've crashed many cars for many years and I don't understand what happened.\"

\"Hmmm... Can I know what kind of car you crashed? What was the car plate's number?\"

\"The three-wheeled motorcycle. It doesn't have a car plate number... Cough cough. We're casting a tournament, focus you r*scal!\"

\"I'm just joking. However, Vic did show us an incident that would never happen to us.\"

\"Especially when Menhera was alive. I was honestly thinking if I should turn a blind eye away from that incident. When Vic rushed toward Menhera right after she sent out a signal, it reeked of foul play as Liu Zilang and Menhera seemed to be working together in a solo match. \"

\"Hehe, and you didn't expect Vic to just run over and kill Menhera. What's done is done.\"

\"Yes. It really was out of my expectations. I'd suggest Vic put on a mask during the tournament's intermittent period. From my observations, the audience members today are more or less fans of Menhera. He might not return to his place if he were to leave for a toilet break without one later...\"

As the casters teased him on the commentary platform, Liu Zilang used a first aid kit to restore his health.

The gunshots had stopped reverberating around the area.

He laid prone on the ground as he looked around cautiously. He looked through the three-wheeled motorcycle to observe the situation opposite him but he did not spot anyone at all.

As he did not have much time earlier, he had put all of his attention on Aluka that was closest to him.

Liu Zilang's health was extremely critical when he jumped down from the vehicle after taking care of Aluka. He could not peek his head out and could only estimate the direction of his enemies via their gunshots.

He did not know where the remaining two were and had no idea if they had left as well.

'Why don't I test it out?'

Liu Zilang had an idea as he pondered.

Through the caster's perspective, one could see him standing up with an AWM ins his hand as he openly walked toward the Safe Zone.

Although the audience could see Liu Zilang heading toward the Safe Zone, the latter was staring cautiously on the left where the earlier gunshots had come from.

He took a step, a second step, a third step...

Then, gunshots started rattling once more!

Liu Zilang immediately squinted as he looked at the muzzle flashes coming from a bush on his left and immediately raised his AWM.

He opened his scope, aimed and then flicked his weapon as he pulled the trigger!


The sound of the suppressed AWM soared as the magnum bullet whizzed through the wheat field!

XiaoJue did not have time to react before his head was blasted away by Liu Zilang's attack.

17 Kills!

The live audience was shocked by Liu Zilang's unbelievable stunt.

'That's right!'

'A man can do whatever he wants when he has an AWM!'

Meanwhile, Hou Dongfang from Tyloo was utterly shocked.

He was very tempted to make a move earlier but since he knew that there were other people around, he decided to wait it out and let the other player pave the road for him before he took action.

What Hou Dongfang did not expect was that not only did the other player take a hit or two in his stead but he had given away his life as well...

Hou Doufang was very excited to challenge this legend when he found out his real identity through Bai Shaobin. However, he quickly dismissed that idea the moment he saw what he could do with an AWM.

He apologized to XiaoJue for sacrificing his life for him before he turned to the east and left the area...

In the open field at the edge of the Safe Zone,

Liu Zilang ran back behind the three-wheeled motorcycle and laid prone on the ground as soon as he killed XiaoJue.


As he reloaded his AWM, he let out a sigh of relief and stood back up once more.

Liu Zilang then repeated what he did earlier but no matter how he walked, there was no response from the opposite end.

He revolved twice and had pressed \"QEQE\" to tilt his head continuously. There was not a single response from the enemy at all.

\"Looks like he's fled the area. How boring.\"

Liu Zilang was disappointed.

He pondered for a while before running into the blue circle. He went to Misaka Mikoto's crate and started looting it.

Meanwhile, he thought to himself, 'Idiot disciple. I'll eat your portion of the chicken dinner as well.'


The blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone by the time he had finished looting everything in the crate.

The next Safe Zone had spawned.

\"Oh? It looks like the Safe Zone has shifted to the northeast of Zharki which includes the ocean as well. It seems that it could be a battle between land and sea at the end of the game.\"

\"That's right. Contestant Evermore the Pig Emperor who's camping on the rock in the sea is still within the Safe Zone. Why... do I have a bad feeling about this?\"

\"Hmmm... Although the probability is very low, the Safe Zone can theoretically spawn on that small island. We might be able to determine it as soon as the next Safe Zone appears.\"

\"If the next Safe Zone heads straight toward the ocean, then it's certain that Evermore is camping in the safest place within the vicinity as it would be the only land available in the Safe Zone.\"

\"Correct. As you can see, Evermore is crouching on top of the rock and it seems like he's betting on it as well.\"

\"I think it's worth the gamble! If the final Safe Zone were to spawn on that tiny island and since there are no boats at all, the others would have no choice but to swim in the ocean. This means that Evermore will be the only player on land. Perhaps we should call him a fisherman as he can decide freely if he wants to bomb or shoot his fishes.\"

As the casters analyzed the situation in the game through the god perspective, Liu Zilang who had just finished looting the crate was sprinting up north as he headed straight into the Safe Zone.

Fortunately, there were fewer players around the area and Liu Zilang entered the Safe Zone undetected. He immediately laid prone on the ground the moment he entered it.

There were 24 players alive and they were most likely spread out across the Safe Zone since it was a solo match.

Hence, Liu Zilang took extreme caution around his surroundings as he could be ambushed if he was not careful.

He ran all the way into the Safe Zone and the blue circle started shrinking again before he could assess his surroundings and catch a breath.

A new Safe Zone spawned the moment the blue circle merged with the Safe Zone.

Liu Zilang was quite frustrated as the edge of his eyes twitched softly.

'We're going at the pace of a f*cking triathlon!'