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289 My Shifu Is The Greatest… Part 2

 'My shifu is the greatest hero. Perhaps he will come and save me with his rainbow cloud.

'I may have predicted the beginning but I definitely did not expect this ending...'


Misaka Mikoto behind the ridge stopped firing as she was being oppressed by Aluka. She lowered her head as she gulped down an energy drink and bit her lips. She was prepared to charge to her death one last time before the blue circle caught up to her!

\"Vroom vroom vroom!\"

She heard a three-wheeled motorcycle revving from the wheat field that was just behind her!

She turned to the back to see a three-wheeled motorcycle coming from the north as it left a trail of dust behind!

The audiences' jaws dropped the moment they saw this.

'Has this guy... gone insane?'

All of them had heard the gunshots and they knew that it was obviously a hidden signal between Misaka Mikoto and Liu Zilang...

Judging from the circumstances where he came right after the moment she fired her shots, it was obviously an SOS signal!

Quite a number of female audience members watching were so touched that they had to cover their faces as they wiped off their tears. They then turned around and kept punching their boyfriends sitting beside them.

'Look at him. Look at you!'

'You ditch me whenever we're in trouble. Chicken dinner, chicken dinner. All you can think of is that chicken dinner!'

'Which one's more important? The chicken dinner or me?'

In that instant, rage could be seen in those boyfriends that were beaten up as they stared at Liu Zilang in the three-wheeled motorcycle through the caster's perspective!

'Report him!'

'I want to report him!'

'I can let him off the hook if he wants to pair up in a solo match.'

'What makes it unacceptable is that he wants to f*cking act cool about it!'

'I can't stand this!'


Inside the game, Misaka Mikoto turned around and opened her scope. She was shocked to see the three-wheeled motorcycle with a trail of dust behind it.

Her eyes widened out of the blue!

In Misaka Mikoto's perspective, she could clearly see that the guy riding the three-wheeled motorcycle had a huge black-green sniper rifle on the right side of his shoulder! It was an AWM!

Based on the Kill Notifications that appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen, there was only one person who possessed an AWM so far.

That man was no other than Liu Zilang!

Misaka Mikoto was extremely excited as she realized who he was!

'It's shifu!'

She looked at the three-wheeled motorcycle heading toward her as her heart kept thumping excitedly...

Then, she died.

From the huge screen, Misaka Mikoto could be seen lying prone in the ridge within the bushes and weeds.

As Liu Zilang was rushing to her aid with his three-wheeled motorcycle, he had sent Misaka Mikoto who was laying prone within a bush into the sky!

A Kill Notification immediately appeared at the bottom left corner of his screen.

\"4AM-Vic ran over SST-Menhera with vehicle!\"

As Liu Zilang was driving the three-wheeled motorcycle, he was happy when he had unknowingly killed someone along the way.

However, he was flabbergasted when he saw the name on the screen.

Misaka Mikoto who was lying prone in the ridge had her vision clouded as she fell to the ground.

She was confused as she laid still and almost cried out loud when she realized what had just happened!

Those women who were crying with their faces covered were shocked as well. On the other hand, their raging boyfriends widened their eyes as they saw everything.

'What a f*cking b*stard!'

'How cruel!'

Then, the audience looked extremely happy all of a sudden!

Through the big screen, after Liu Zilang had run over Misaka Mikoto with his three-wheeled motorcycle, the vehicle started tilting forward as Liu Zilang went up to the ridge.

He lost his balance and the vehicle toppled over!

The audience was stunned as they started gulping as if they were chugging a huge bottle of water during the hot season!

There was only one word that could describe their feelings at that exact moment.


If two words were required, it would be extremely happy!

'Since you dare run over our beloved Menhara-chan, who would blame karma for being a b*tch?'

Everyone including the casters on the commentary platform believed that Liu Zilang was about to die.

According to everybody's personal experience, there was a fifty percent chance that he would die on the spot when the three-wheeled motorcycle tilted over at the ridge.

Even if he did survive through it, one must not forget that Aluka and the other two were waiting to attack by the wheat field.

The world would have no laws if he did not die in that situation!

Just as everyone was thinking of that, what happened next shocked everyone.

Through the big screen, everybody saw the three-wheeled motorcycle continue to slide forward due to inertia even though it had toppled over.

Instead of sliding together with the three-wheeled motorcycle as he should have, Liu Zilang appeared at the back of the three-wheeled motorcycle. He was standing straight and firm as he slid together along with the motorcycle.

He looked like... he was driving forward alone in the wheat field!

The audience and the livestream viewers had their jaws wide open!

'Did that just f*cking happen?'

\"Holysh*t! Is this the rumored vehicle-player transmutation?\"

\"What the f*ck... I'm done! He and I are playing totally different games!\"

\"Sorry for disturbing! I've uninstalled the game and I think it's time to discover who I really am.\"

\"Is this what Tencent's best physics engine can do? Can you please explain which part of this is realistic at all?\"

\"I don't believe it! Why can't Vic just die already! Does the heavenly principles even exist?\"

\"Buckle up King Ka, XiaoJue! Kill that b*stard!\"

Inside the game, Aluka and the remaining two inside the wheat field were so shocked that they had forgotten to pull their triggers!

However, they regained their composure after some time and immediately fired at Liu Zilang!

Liu Zilang looked extremely calm on the surface as he surfed the motorcycle but he was extremely anxious on the inside.

This was something he was experiencing for the very first time as well...

Liu Zilang immediately raised his M16 up when he heard the gunshots and fired at the closest player to him, Aluka.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

Bullets spewed out from the muzzle of his gun as he drew a line of death along the wheat field.

The casters changed the observer camera's perspective to Liu Zilang's first-person perspective. The audience stared as Liu Zilang surfed along with the vehicle as his M16's Red Dot Sight kept jittering all over the place!

Liu Zilang would make adjustment toward his aim whenever his line of sight jittered so that the red dot would lock tightly on Aluka's body.

On the other hand, Aluka did not have the time to switch his scope as the distance between them decreased. Since he had no choice but to go all out with his SCAR-L that was equipped with a 4x Scope, his precision was nowhere near as good as Liu Zilang's.

Inside an FPS game, the difference of a millimeter would affect the outcome of the match.

In the blink of an eye, the victor was declared!

\"4AM-Vic killed 4AM-Aluka with M16A4!\"

4AM's lineup in the solo match was wiped out once again...

Liu Zilang's health was in the red by the time he took care of one of his enemies. He immediately jumped down from the vehicle and used the toppled three-wheeled motorcycle as cover as he laid prone on the ground.

He then turned around and looked at Misaka Mikoto that had been run over behind him.

The bush was extremely dense and it was three feet tall...

Liu Zilang sighed uncontrollably.

'Idiot disciple!'

'As your shifu... I've let you down!'