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288 My Shifu is the Best… Part 1

 Looking at the jeep outside the toilet and its popped tires, Liu Zilang was utterly enraged.

'Fight me 1v1 if you have the balls!

'What kind of man attacks another guy's ride!'

He pulled out the AWM from his back as he turned around, surveying the area.

That motherf*cker just did a speedy hit and run, he did not even give Liu Zilang a chance to counterattack.

Pressing the M key to look at the map, he had no other choice but to chug down some drinks and start running madly toward the North.

The observer moved the camera into the air, giving the viewers a bird's eye view of the match. With that, the casters also started to analyze the situation on the field.

\"Hmmm, this circle is quite interesting. There's still quite a bit of time till the next wave of the circle closes in but the players toward the South need to make use of this time to get into the next circle,\"

\"That's right. In this situation, the players with and without vehicles are in completely different situations. For the players without vehicles, I feel like they'd be better off trying to get a headstart getting into the circle.\"

\"Hehe, I feel like the first few safe zones in this match were quite unfriendly to a lot of our players. It started out with a top-right to bottom-left flight path after all. However, every circle ended up over on the top-left side of the map. It was definitely bad for some of the players.\"

\"There's one exception to this - the Pig Emperor Evermore from Korea's KD squad. Maybe a lot of people didn't notice but this player Evermore drove straight to Zharki as soon as he found a car after his drop. Up till now, he has always been in the safe zone. He's even had the luxury of taking a boat out to sea. I guess we all can't not be impressed by this player's luck with the safe zone.\"

\"Mmhmm, if the next few circles keep on updating over at the small rock the Pig Emperor is at, then maybe he's the destined winner for this match today.\"

\"Let's put that aside for now and take a look at the players currently running toward the next circle. At this point, most of the players are making their way into the circle. In a solo match, this is the time when most battles and engagements break out.\"

\"That's correct. That's why there are also a lot of players who want to avoid that, delaying their plans of entering the circle. They want to avoid this chaotic time.\"

\"Oh! We can now see that SST's Menhara-chan is being blockaded by people ahead of her. She's now stuck in the wheatfield over at upper Georgopol.\"

\"Mr. Observer, can you please give us a focus on that. Hmm, There are a total of three players blocking Menhara's way - 4AM's Aluka, Tyloo's Dearunner, and IG's XiaoJue.\"

\"Hehe, why are those three burly men confining the poor little lady in the middle of a wheat field. This seems a little unfair, doesn't it? Too bad there's no all voice in this tournament... If this was a public match, in this situation, as long as the chick yells out in voice, the three assailants might soften up their hearts and let her off.\"

\"Cough cough... Sy, I think that's just you. I've never discriminated against anyone in my games.\"

\"Really? Hmm, I'll just pretend to take your word for it then.\"

In the game, Liu Zilang did not know that his stupid disciple was trembling whilst being camped at in a wheat field.

After he ran along the mountain oath briefly, he came across a three-wheeler that was parked a short distance away from him.

This place was out all the way in the wilderness without a single building in sight. Seeing a random three-wheeler out in the open out of nowhere. It was almost like the stories in classical literature where a scholar meets beautiful women in the middle of the night whilst they were busy studying for their exams - there must be some greater force at play for something so out of the ordinary to happen!

Liu Zilang instantly became cautious. He silently turned around and surveyed his surroundings, slowly observing the area around the three-wheeler.

Coincidentally, the observer had cut over to Liu Zilang who was acting strangely.

However, on the audience's screen, there was not a single soul around Liu Zilang.

They had originally thought that Liu Zilang would just jump onto the car with a happy-go-lucky attitude but never would they have expected that he would slowly move around the three-wheeler carefully, stopping to go prone motionlessly at times...

? ? ?

What the hell is this?

At that time, everyone watching was utterly confused.

A moment later, someone finally broke the silence.

\"I know! Vic must think that the three-wheeler is a bait. He thinks that someone is around the area trying to ambush him!\"

\"LMAO! Holy sh*t! He's even prone-jumping! F*cking show-off! I rate this duel with air a 10/10!\"

\"Ainz-sama says thank you, 'I'm not alone!'\"[1]

\"Please get into the f*cking vehicle and leave already. I feel so awkward for you that I almost got cancer.\"

In the game, after Liu Zilang spent hours running around the three-wheeler in the ravine, he finally realized something.

The vehicle was probably left behind by someone who was afraid that the vehicle would make too much noise when entering the circle. They probably just abandoned it...

After realizing that, Liu Zilang could not help but blush in embarrassment as he let out a huge sigh of relief.

Luckily, only his own livestream viewers saw this and those cheeky buggers surely would not understand his intentions.

With that in mind, Liu Zilang was finally at ease. He ran over carefreely to the three-wheeler and hopped on.

Of course, if he knew that the observer's vision was on him the entire time, with three different channels live streaming him and countless viewers following his entire journey to the three-wheeler... Liu Zilang probably would not feel so at ease.

In the commentary booth, the three casters were utterly dumbstruck by the scene.

\"Cough cough... Looks like the player Vic isn't always suicidal. He still knows how to act cautiously when caution is needed.\"

\"Hehe, but I personally would not recommend driving a three-wheeler in this situation. Neither does it have the defensive capabilities of a jeep nor does it have the mobility and the maneuverability of a motorcycle. Driving it into the safe zone would be like painting a huge target on your back. That's most likely the reason the other guy abandoned this vehicle in the first place.\"

\"Boss Su is right. Though Vic's serious duel with the air might've taken up precious time for him to get into the circle, at this point, if he doesn't take the three-wheeler, there's no way he can get into the circle in time.\"

\"Good point. Now that the damage from the circle is a lot higher, if he forces himself to walk barefoot outside the circle, he might still have a chance if he does not get discovered. However, if anyone discovers him, he'd be as good as dead.\"

\"Mmhmm, oh right, I'm not sure if our audience members remember this. However, back in the Douyu PUBG Golden Legends competition match not long ago, didn't 4AM get a reverse chicken dinner because Vic tried to pull a hearse drift on a three-wheeler? Hehe... In this kind of situation, Er... Looks like we can only wish him the best of luck.\"

Hearing MsJoy's words, the audience members who had watched that match instantly started to reminisce the scene where the 4AM players dropped dead into crates.

At that point, they once again looked over at Liu Zilang and their glances were filled to the brim with immense \"care\" and \"expectation\"...

In the game, Liu Zilang was riding the three-wheeler as he zoomed straight past the road north of upper Georgopol.

He initially planned to go around the wheat field and enter the circle from another angle.

However, at that time, a series of gunshots fired in a familiar rhythm rang out.





Hearing this series of gunshots, Liu Zilang's eyes started to twitch.

At the same time, Misaka Mikoto was trembling as she was being pinned down behind one of the ridges in the wheat field.

Seeing bullets whiz past her and hit the ground and then looking back to see the circle rapidly approaching, her big teary eyes were filled with despair.

She knew...

This tiny ridge in the middle of the wheat field would very likely become her grave in that match.

Hence, before she died, she used her own gunshots to type out her own \"will\".


'Where arr yoo?'


[1] Reference to the anime.light novel Overlord's Ainz Ooal Gown who's quite famous for being overly cautious.