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287 Knife Figh

 Title Translator's Note: A common community-created way of playing Counter-Strike, where players stop using their guns and opt to fight with the knife.

At that time, the one camping inside the toilet was Thailand's Team KiZ's Maying.

\"Tap tap tap!\"

Once the jeep outside stopped, footsteps could be heard.

Maying's heart started to thump as he frantically hugged the right side of the wall right behind the door.

The reason behind this was because once his opponent opens the door, they will first see the left side of the toilet. That way, he who was hiding on the right side behind the door would have an easy time spraying his target to death!


The perfect camping strategy!

\"Hehe, Maying is such a dirty camper! Looks like it's over for Vic.\"

\"That's right, Vic probably doesn't know that there's a person inside the toilet... Oh! He just got out of the jeep and is walking toward the toilet!\"

\"This is the main disadvantage of entering the circle late. You don't have any idea where enemies could be hiding and you'll be prone to encountering campers. In such situations, you wouldn't stand a chance no matter how fast your reaction speed is.\"

Hearing the analysis by the three casters, the live audience glared at Liu Zilang as if they were watching a corpse.

After all, a player's reaction speed still depended on the situation.

If a player had enough of a distance, and if their assailant fails to kill them off in one shot, then maybe they would still have a fighting chance.

However, when facing a camper who was crouched behind a door and did not move a single inch, they would most likely empty an entire mag of bullets into the unsuspecting player's body as soon as the player enters the room.

How could anyone even react to that?

This guy... Is it finally time for him to die?

It might be a bit unfortunate, but maybe dying this way is the most appropriate for someone who dances on the border of life and death!

Rest in peace!

The next moment, Liu ZIlang who was in front of the toilet pushed open the door.

The moment he entered, he instantly checked the left side.

No one was there.

Liu Zilang breathed a sigh of relief before instantly closing the door.

Out of the blue, a flurry of gunshots suddenly rang out from behind him!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

As the gun's muzzle spat fire, the wooden door of the toilet shattered into countless wooden shads.

At such a close range, a huge clip of bullets sprayed out everywhere!

\"Clank clank clank clank!\"

A series of loud clinking and clanking sounds rang out.

Maying was then completely wide-eyed as sparked ignited on the frying pan of the person in front of him.

He instantly recovered as he quickly adjusted his aim upward whilst continuing to spray.

However, by that time, Liu Zilang had managed to react. Instantly turning around, he started his counterattack on Maying who was still crouched behind the toilet's entrance.

At that kind of range, the two seemed to be having a \"knife fight\" with their guns.

One was standing while the other was crouching.

As soon as Liu Zilang turned around, his muzzle was directly aimed at Maying's face!

\"Pew pew pew!\"


A duet of even more intense gunfire rippled through the area!

Since Liu Zilang was the second to fire and because he had initially been hit by his opponents' bullets, his health dropped rapidly.

However, as his health reached the halfway mark, although his pants were drenched with blood, his health suddenly stopped decreasing.

This was because Maying who was crouched on the ground had eaten countless bullets to his face!

\"4AM-Vic killed KiZ-Maying by headshot with M16A4!\"

Having watched the entire thing, the live audience was speechless, and the entire hall fell into silence. They all were staring blindly at Liu Zilang who managed to survive.

'That f*cker didn't die... You've gotta be kiddin' me, right?'

At that time, the observer replayed the entire engagement in slow motion on the big screen.

On the screen, Liu Zilang opened the door and turned over to his left.

Behind the wooden door on the right, through the wooden door, Maying had started spraying down rapidly. The instance the wooden door shattered, the bullets started flying straight toward Liu Zilang's butt!

With the slow-motion on the screen, the audience watching could clearly count how many sparks appeared on the frying pan!

One, two, three...

Six, seven!

With the rapid-fire rate of the AKM's full-auto firing mode, a total of seven bullets ricocheted off the frying pan.

Not a single target \"missed the bullseye\"!

If it was not for the frying pan, Liu Zilang's butt would have suffered the same fate as the dead Maying's disfigured face.

\"MVP - Frying Pan!\"

\"Holy f*ck... That's one amazing Frying Pan! As expected of the legendary anal chastity belt!\"

\"Vic: My life has been blessed by the great Frying Pan!\"

\"Feeeck youuuuu! Where's the promised 'Justice'?\"

\"I feel like Maying is gonna be shook. Leaving the camping aside, why the hell did you have to crouch?\"

\"I feel like there's some merit to Maying's performance this battle. At the start, all of his bullets hit the frying pan perfectly. I doubt there's anyone who can spray control the AK to this degree of precision!\"

\"Dude above, stop trolling! Spray control my *ss, what control do you need at that kind of distance? You should praise the super magnetism that comes built-in with the frying pan, sucking all those bullets up.\"

\"Sigh, how the f*ck is this Vic still alive? Does this game give hidden buffs to people trying to die?\"

\"TIL! No wonder I always lose, it must be because I'm not suicidal enough.\"


In the game, Liu Zilang did not know that the audience and livestream viewer's seemed to have 'gotten some new knowledge' from his near-death experience.

After using a first aid kit inside the toilet, he quickly looked through the deceased's crate.

\"Level-one armor, a Level-one backpack, bandages, an AKM...

That was it.

Liu Zilang suddenly felt a sense of sympathy for this person.

At first glance, it was clear that this was a player who built his inventory in the rural areas. Unfortunately for him, this time, the rural areas did not have much loot for him so he was forced to become the \"Toilet Ranger\" out of desperation. Sadly, his last hopes were mercilessly shattered by Liu Zilang.

Looking at the countdown timer for the next circle, there was still around half a minute left till the circle started moving again.

Liu Zilang, who had just gone through a near-death experience had stopped running wild. He sat silently in the toilet awaiting the next safe zone to be revealed.

\"As we saw earlier, in this safe zone between Zharki and Bunker, there were countless small-scale encounters and battles that happened all over the place. We are now down to 48 players left alive on the map.\"

\"Yeah, based on the numbers that the observers are giving us, the current kill leader is Vic with 16 frags under his belt, whilst the Pig Emperor Evermore from KD's squad is in second place. He's gotten a total of 8 frags this round, and this is quite a rare achievement, especially coming from him.\"

\"Evermore has gotten eight kills this round? Is someone playing for him? Is this really the guy who follows the philosophy of 'Not entering the circle unless it's the final circle, only fighting for the final circle when entering the circle'? Looks like this tournament must've changed his own playstyle.\"

Then, the observer cut over to Evermore who was near the seashore of Sharki.

On the screen, he had just gotten onto a boat and was speeding toward the sea.

Where is he going?

Seeing this, the audience and casters all had a stunned look on their faces.

Was this player actually trying to navigate the boat over to the safe zone and just stay there in the middle of the sea?

The answer was about to be revealed.

Evermore steered his boat along the shore, ultimately stopping at the \"tiny island\" that was barely a distance away from the north of the seashore.

Although it was called a \"tiny island\", in reality, it was nothing more than a rock that was sticking out of the sea.

However, Evermore did not hesitate as he jumped off the boat. After briefly swimming for a bit, he then climbed onto the rock and silently crouched down. He looked as if he was the \"guardian of the sea\".

Seeing this sight, the audience's eyes could not help but twitch.


The Pig Emperor was still that same Pig Emperor!

There was no one else who would think of that kind of spot...

As the fourth circle reached the safe zone, the next safe zone was revealed.

To everyone's surprise, the \"tiny island\" that Evermore was on was coincidentally within the safe zone.

On the other hand, for Liu Zilang who was camping in the toilet at the South side of the last safe zone, the new circle was without a doubt a \"Hellish Circle\" for him.

What left him angrier was that when he finally came out of the toilet, his jeep's tires had been popped by some random passers-by!

'Do those motherf*cker's have no class?'


[1] Written in Chinese with the words being a transliteration of the English word \"nice\".