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286 Roach Killer!

 In between the tree and the jeep, Kim Doohwan's health depleted!

The next moment, a crate appeared right below his corpse...

\"Royad-Azeael was run over by vehicle!\"

Here lies one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods.


Seeing this sight, the livestream viewers were all briefly stunned before they started to laugh their hearts out!

\"GG man! Dying on the spot, is this the ultimate fate of a Top Sniper God?\"

\"A jeep turned hearse. This hearse drifting[1] is a bit too literal!\"

\"Pfttttahahaha, I'm laughing my *ss off, you've also been run over by a car! Master Ma must be shedding tears of joy right now, he's finally found one of his own!\"

\"Tencent: We have the best physics engine!\"

\"Speaking of which, Vic's last two shots must've been intentional, right? Just looking at this 'killing an enemy with his own car' play makes my head hurt!\"

\"This Vic is really a troll. Speaking of which, is he streaming on Douyu now? It looks like I need to migrate over there.\"

\"Do you have a moment to learn about our Douyu's Attractive Section Chicken King? We have a sexy mod over there who's online and sharing resources. We accept all homeless box spirits and parachute spirits[2]!\"


Amidst the cheery and happy atmosphere, the most tragic person was naturally Kim Doohwan. He sat motionlessly in front of his PC with his head faced down.

He had been continuously thinking cautiously throughout the last encounter, carefully scheming out his moves the entire time. The achievement \"all according to plan\" was right in front of his eyes...

At the end, who would have expected him to die to a sudden car accident?

'I have traversed hills and seas,

'Have met people both mountains high and oceans deep.

'I have possessed everything,

'Yet all things vanished within the blink of a peep...'

A Ssiba!

Thinking back to the two tires that Liu Zilang had shot with his AWM, Kim Doohwan raised his head.


'It wasn't a car accident!

'It was intentional murder!



Kim Doohwan's eyes were red as he repeated this name over and over again.


All of a sudden, his facial expression turned from rage to shock!

It seemed like he had realized some miraculous revelation.

He immediately wrapped his arms around his body, as a chilling sensation sent shockwaves down his body.

'That man...

'Is it him?'


In the game, Liu Zilang did not expect to become the center of attention in the first PUBG World Offline Solo Match.

Of course, even if he knew of it, he would most likely pull out his \"Firefly in the Dark Night\" theory casually.

'The fault is not on you.

'Neither is it on this world.

'Sorry, I'm just too outstanding.'

At that point in time, after he had looted Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz's crates, he drove his jeep and re-entered the safe zone.

Passing by Georgopol port, he honked his horn a couple of times but there was no response.

Looks like his foolish disciple had left.

With that in mind, Liu Zilang let out a long breath of relief.

It was a solo match after all, and with the rules of the tournament in place, even GodV and Cpt had no choice but to raise their weapons against each other...

If Liu Zilang were to see Misaka Mikoto without anything between them at this point, could he really not attack her?

After pondering for a second, he decided that it was all up to how stacked his stupid disciple was...


Looking at the new safe zone, it was in the area between Zharki and the Shooting Range. It also included part of the sea that was northward from the island.

At that time, there were 65 players left in the game.

After Liu Zilang crossed the bridge, he stopped his car and used a first aid kit to get back to full health.

This was just in case there were any sudden encounters later when he entered the circle.

In a professional match, there would usually be fewer encounters in the first two circles.

However, from the third circle onward, as the circle becomes smaller and smaller, the chances of encountering someone would increase throughout the map.

After all, the safe zone was only so big, and it only had a limited amount of space for players.

As it would be seen, Liu Zilang's guess was correct.

As soon as his jeep entered the circle, shots started ringing out from all sides. The frequency of the gunshots increased with time.

At first, everyone was engrossed in their respective fights, and no one paid any attention to him.

However, as Liu Zilang continued on his carefree joyride, eventually, everyone did not have a choice but to pay more attention to him.

'Boy, you have successfully attracted my attention!'



A sea of bullets started to rain down from above!

All of the players within the small safe zone turned around and pointed their guns toward Liu Zilang in unison!

Seeing this sight, the viewers' eyes started twitching unconsciously.

They could not fathom why this person was not even trying to get to cover after entering the circle.

Contrary to their expectations, he was constantly scouting around the border of death...

'This f*cker is literally toying with death!'

At that time, there were quite a few people who were begging for someone to finish off the suicidal maniac called Liu Zilang.

However, what happened next left both the livestream viewers and the live audience on the edge of their seats!

From the observer's free-view camera, the jeep Liu Zilang was driving started to slow down.

Then, as he suddenly jumped out of the car, he pulled up his AWM and started aiming at a certain point where a muzzle flash could be seen before firing a single shot.

The shot was quick!

It was so quick that no one saw him aim the shot. It was just an instant scope-in and scope-out.

The shot was rushed!

It was so rushed that by the time the shot had landed, he had turned around and caught up to his jeep which he then jumped back into it.

The next moment, Liu Zilang who was in the driver's seat stepped on the gas before switching over to the front passenger seat. He then pulled out his AWM once more and reloaded the gun.

\"Clink clink clank clank!\"

At that point, someone who was aiming at this jeep with a long range scope started taking potshots at the front passenger seat.

However, the instant Liu Zilang's reload animation ended, he leaped out of the vehicle.

Turning around fully, the whole scene felt like déjà vu!


Before the person who was scoped-in and shooting potshots at Liu Zilang from a distance away could even react, he dropped to the ground with a stunned expression on his face.

On the other hand, Liu ZIlang had run back to his jeep and once again jumped back into the driver's seat.

\"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!\"

A few more bullets that were aimed at him whizzed past the jeep.

What happened next was like a complete and utter nightmare for everyone in the safe zone!

This guy was driving a jeep whilst holding his AWM.

When someone tried to shoot him, they would barely land a few shots on him, much less kill him.

On the other side of the spectrum, if he so wished, he could effortlessly one-shot his enemy with a single counterattack!

Who would not be pissed from that?

\"Cough cough... Today I learned, that in the hands of a worthy player, the AWM can allow the player to do whatever they want!\"

\"Is this moving artillery also part of Vic's bag of tricks? I don't think anyone else can drive a jeep and have such a frightening effect.\"

\"But seriously though, this actually looks OP as f*ck! It's literally one shot one kill!\"

As the commentary booth showered him with praise, the number of gunshots slowly started to decrease.

One factor was that Liu ZIlang had taken quite a few lives; the other factor was that, after seeing Luu Zilang's terrifying performance with the AWM, no one with a sane mind dared continue to poke the bear.

In a solo PUBG match, concentrated fire on a target was quite common, take Liu Zilang's joyride as an example.

However, banding up together in a suicide pact was not something that would happen.

No one was stupid as to attack when other players were not attacking.

Who the heck would not stop attacking in such a situation?

A short while later, the safe zone fell into complete silence.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang, whose AWM bullets had taken away multiple lives, had a frightening kill count of fifteen frags!

At that time, a lot of players in the nearby residential areas hid in the various buildings as they peeped through the window looking at this \"Roach Killer\" patrol around the area a few times. All of a sudden, the jeep arrived at the entrance of a toilet on an open plain.

Seeing this, the surrounding players had a sudden surge of joy in their hearts!

This was because they knew very clearly that there was a chronic constipation patient who had been squatting in that specific toilet for ages...

It was the so-called \"Toilet Ranger\".

Intsantly, these players started to get excited.


Justice will finally get served!


[1] Hearse drifting is netslang for a person not having a peaceful death, so much so that the hearse driving the coffin is drifting on it's own. However, it is used literally in this context.

[2] Chinese way to refer to newbies in PUBG who die immediately after they drop.