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285 The Man Who Sees Through It All!

 On the big screen, the observer had shown Brother Benz's first-person perspective.

As soon as he hit a headshot with his M24, he switched over to his 4x SCAR-L.

The instance the muzzle flash from his gun barrel was seen, the audience and livestream viewers' hearts stopped as they looked over at Liu Zilang who was at 1HP. He was in the jeep at the bottom of the hill.


'GG-good riddance!

'Such a f*cker who tempts death should've died long ago!'

However, a loud gunshot, akin to that of a thunder's boom, suddenly rang out from below the hill!

With everyone's eyes on him, a gory red splatter of blood spewed out from Brother Benz's head!

He lifelessly let go of the grip on his gun as his body slowly fell back. His entire corpse started rag-dolling down the hill...

Evidently, Liu Zilang's AWM bullet, though fired later, killed his enemy first.

In that life-or-death situation, it managed to bust Brother Benz's head wide open!

On the other hand, Brother Benz who was killed by a single headshot was even more stunned as he looked at the black-and-white game-over screen on his PC.

He could not comprehend how an average human being could have such reaction speed. Such speed was considered rare even for his team's very own Kim Doohwan.


'This person... Who the hell is he?'

At the same time, all three casters in the commentary booth cheered over the magnificent feat.

\"Oh my God! Vic's reaction speed is terrifying! That counterattack got me completely impressed!\"

\"I was wrong! I was really wrong! When the game started, I said that this newbie Sniper of 4AM is quite decent but his attitude was slightly problematic. However, with that shot, I finally realize how naive I was. To be frank, if it were me who was the one who got ambushed to 1 HP, my first reaction would've been to get behind cover. Never would I have expected Vic to counterattack in that scenario!\"

\"That's right. In reality, why are most of us players so afraid of campers anyway? It's because after being ambushed from an unknown location, most of us would be in a panic. This is how FPS games work, if you panic for even a moment you'll be a goner.\"

\"Yeah, I agree with that point a lot. However, in the eyes of the top tier players, campers are no longer scary to them. This is because these players have millisecond-levels of inhuman reaction speeds to deal with such incidents.\"

\"However, no matter how you put it, it is a shocking feat Vic was able to clutch a counterattack despite having only a single drop of HP left. This player's heart must be gigantic!\"

\"Ehh? This reminds me of an old saying by Master Ze in the past. 'Every sniper only has 1 HP, as long as we're alive, we still have the ability to get one-hit kills!'\"

\"Hehe, this seems simple on paper but it's actually extremely difficult to pull off. However, Vic seems to have given us a perfect demonstration of what's called a '1HP Clutch'!\"

\"That's the case, but I'd still recommend average players to get behind cover as soon as possible when you're faced with similar situations. Firstly, in these sorts of situations, the margin for error is extremely low. Secondly, in this game, not everyone has the luxury of finding an AWM. If you're wielding a Kar98k when you face the enemy, and if the enemy has a Level-three Helmet, it'll still be GG for you...\"

Hearing the casters' words, the audience seated all around the stadium started glancing over to that person seated on a certain desk on the stage. Their eyes were filled to the brim with suspicion and curiosity...

'Could he really be Dat Man?'

In the game, Liu Zilang crouched behind the Jeep as he used a first aid kit before topping himself up with some painkillers and a red bull to fill up his energy bar.

At that point in time, the second circle had started to shrink. Both Liu Zilang and Kim Doohwan were nowhere near the next circle. He had prepared himself for a long battle.

However, Liu Zilang was closer to the next safe zone than Kim Doohwan so he was not in a panic at all.

At that time, he occasionally peeked out from the side of the jeep or through the jeep's window to sneak glances at Kim Doohwan's position.

A short distance away, Kim Doohwan was grinding his teeth in rage as he saw what was happening!


'You think you're so amazing just cause you have that AWM?

'You think you can do whatever you want just because you have that AWM?'

Finally, the blue radiation enveloped the two one after the other.

Kim Doohwan suddenly grinned happily, a plan seemed to have hatched in his head...

In essence, other than the minor recoil and bullet trajectory differences of the Kar98k and AWM, the key difference between the two was that the AWM could one-shot a person at full health even through a Level-three Helmet!

However, since they were outside the second circle, even if they had spammed all their healing items, their HP would still continuously decrease.

Hence, under the pretense that neither of them was at full health, as long as one side could land a headshot, it would be a one-hit kill for them!

This was equivalent to putting them back on an equal playing field.

When that time comes, his opportunity will arise.

With that in mind, it must be said that even under a disadvantageous situation, Kim Doohwan's game sense showed through clearly.

At that point in time, he was no longer hiding behind the vehicle on the slope. He had hidden behind a tree not far away from his vehicle.

Seeing his health slowly decrease, he took note of Liu Zilang's health based on the rate his own health was dropping at. As time passed, his smile grew wider and wider.


'Just you wait.

'Just a bit more, and I'll send you to your maker!'

However, Liu Zilang seemingly did not hear Kim Doohwan's thoughts.


A heavy gunshot rang out loud!

It was his AWM!

The instant the gunshot rang out, Kim Doohwan tensed up behind the tree before relaxing his muscles once more.

Looking around, his eyes started to twitch!

This was because the target of Liu Zilang's shot was not him but rather the tires of the Jeep right next to him.

'That b*tch is popping my tires!'

Seeing that both of them were quite a distance away from the safe zone, if their tires were popped under such circumstances, they could only rely on their own two feet to get back into the circle.

If they ran out of meds at any point, it would be GG for them outside of the circle.


Another shot!

It was just bullying at that point!

Kim Doohwan took a deep breath, the cold grin showing at the corners of his lips gave off the feeling of a man who \"saw through it all\"!


'Too naive!

'You want to provoke me into returning the favor and popping your tires and then using the opportunity when I peek to kill me off with your AWM?


'That's the oldest trick in the book!

'Only a dumb*ss would fall for that!'

Kim Doohwan steeled his resolve once again as he replenished his energy bar and estimated Liu Zilang's health based off of his own health.

He raised his brows as he shook his head.

'I can't move, I need to wait a little longer!'

If he were to lose at something he was so confident at, all his achievements throughout the match would be ruined with a single blemish.

However, what Kim Doohwan did not know was that the livestream viewers and the audience were wide-eyed as they stared at the big screen. Their jaws dropped so much that one could stuff an egg inside their mouths!

After a while, Kim Doohwan smelled something fishy going on!

Still crouching behind the tree, he instinctively looked behind him.

The moment he turned around, the cold grin on Kim Doohwan's froze!

In his vision, the jeep that he had parked slightly up the hill seemed to have somehow slid down.

The moment he turned around, the vehicle was right in his face!

The next moment, before Kim Doohwan could stand up, he was completely squished flat in between the jeep and the tree...