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284 Spring Cleaning!

 After being randomly sprayed down by the player, Liu Zilang grabbed the AWM on his back.

Scoping-in and glancing at the city, he quickly identified the location of the muzzle flare.


At that time, a bloody mist spurted out of Liu Zilang's body as his health reduced slightly.

His eyes began twitching uncontrollably.

'Motherf*cker, why are you shooting? Do you even know the secret code?'

Liu Zilang quickly gauged the distance before slowly elevating the angle of his AWP.


A deep gunshot blared out and a sniper bullet shot out of the barrel of the AWM with a blaze of fire!

The AWM's bullet trajectory was extremely straight. As the bullet pierced through the sky, it drew out an almost perfectly straight line. However, with such distance, some degree of bullet drop was inevitable.

With that being said, Liu Zilang had elevated his aim beforehand, taking into account this minuscule bullet drop perfectly.

The moment Liu Zilang's gunshot was heard, the observer switched over to focus on the player in the city.

What the audience and live stream viewers saw was that player's head exploding into a ball of blood as he face-planted himself lifelessly in the ground.

'At that distance...

'That's too precise!'

\"4AM-Vic killed SST-Wesker by headshot with AWM!\"

\"7 Kills!\"

After Liu Zilang fired his AWM, without even looking at the end result, he kept his sniper rifle and pulled out his M16. He then started shooting at the sky once more.

On the other side of the river, inside one of the Georgopol port factories, Misaka Mikoto was thrown off by the sudden shift in rhythm. She was a bit wary of her surroundings.

However, seeing that Liu Zilang had silenced his opponent with a single shot, her eyes started glimmering with admiration. She could not help but exclaim, \"Sugoi[1]! Shifu!\"

Being fully overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting Liu Zilang, Misaka Mikoto had not noticed that the player Liu Zilang had killed had the exact same clan tag in front of their ID as her...

Seems like it was her teammate...

Misaka Mikoto reloaded the magazine of her M16 and then continued to spray at the sky.

Seeing this, both the livestream viewers and the audience were utterly dumbfounded.

'What the hell is going on between these two?'

\"These gunshots... Why do they sound more and more like morse code to me?\"

\"Emmmm... You've been watching too many spy movies, what morse code.\"

\"Everything is possible, speaking of which, can anyone decrypt what Vic and our Menhera-chan are talking about?\"

\"I am a professional spy who has worked in espionage for several years. Hailing from America, a single unmarried male... Cough cough... I'll skip the introductions for now. Based on my analysis, Vic's earlier shots decrypted from morse code means 'In front of big brother's door there's a twisting river'[2].\"

\"On the opposite... Little sister is singing a song no sweeter?\"[3]

\"Ehh? Why would there be a guy who knows morse code watching this stream?\"

\"Don't you dare run off you sonnuvab*tch! I curse that yo mamma will get charged a higher price for groceries tonight![4]\"

\"2333, but seriously though, what the hell is Vic and Menhera-chan doing? Do these two have some deep dark secret...\"

\"Dat... Doesn't anyone feel like this is a little familiar? Back in the old days, there was also another person in the FPS pro scene who liked to do things like this...\"

\"The person the dude in front is referring to... Could it be... Dat Man[5]?\"

\"Dat Man? Oh, sweet baby Jesus... It can't be?\"

Suddenly, the livestream chat started scrolling faster as everyone started spouting nonsense about the whole situation.

Although Dat Man had never revealed his real identity before, the authoritative, unparalleled playstyle that left his opponents gritting their teeth in rage, it was extremely similar to the playstyle of Dat Man in the past...

At that time, in real life, the three casters in the commentary booth were a bit dumbstruck when they heard the gunshots.

Even though a blind person would be able to realize what the two were doing, the two were just shooting at the sky from opposing sides of the river. Neither showed any bad intentions. Naturally, as analysts, they could not simply assume the thought process of the participants.

\"Cough cough...\" Msjoy coughed wryly before trying to make up some nonsense, \"Hmm... I feel like Menhera and Vic may be firing off warning shots, unofficially drawing out their territory.\"

\"Yeah, good point!\" Su Changming hurriedly agreed.

Sy could not help but cringe at those words.

'How the f*ck did y'all come to that conclusion?

'Their gunshots are at the level of a \"passionate love duet\", what do you mean warning shots...'

However, at that time, the observer suddenly cut over to the Hospital near lower Georgopol.

As soon as the screen switched over, a person was killed by a headshot.

'4AM-Cpt killed 4AM-GodV by headshot with Kar98k!\"

It was truly a surreal sight to behold. Both the viewers of the livestream and the audience in the arena were completely stunned!


Before they realized what was going on, a flurry of rapid gunshots was heard!

The next moment, Cpt who had just finished of GodV was suddenly shrouded in a mist of blood. He hastily rushed behind cover to avoid the bullets flying toward him.

However, right at the last moment, his health bar was chipped off by a few more bullets. He fell lifelessly to the ground, turning into a box.

\"4AM-Aluka killed 4AM-Cpt with M164A!\"

'Is this... Spring cleaning?'

Witnessing the scene, everyone completely lost it.

At that time, they thought back to the gunfire from the two sides of the river in Georgopol port. Everyone came to a conclusion in unison...'It's very important to master a secret code!'


\"Tat tat!\"

After Liu Zilang shot a \"bye bye\" into the air, he got into his Jeep and stepped on the gas toward the edge of the circle.

A real man lives on the battlefield, he could not afford to continue fooling around with the silly disciple of his.

At that point in time, there was only half a minute left till the second circle started closing in. If there were people outside the first circle, it was the perfect opportunity for some easy cleaning.

In a Solo tournament where it was all 1v1s, as long as the AWM-wielding Liu Zilang did not go overboard with his death-defying stunts, he could quite literally do as he pleased.

Liu Zilang's hypothesis soon proved to be true.

As he got on top of the hill near Georgopol Hills, he saw a jeep that was driving out of the first circle.

Or to put it more accurately, the two parties had noticed each other at the same time.


As rubber tires screeched because of friction against the ground, the two jeeps stopped at the same time!

\"Hmm?! Vic has encountered Azeael who has just entered the circle!\"

\"Hehe, it seems like Azeael has bad luck this round. Both times he tried to enter the circle but he was blocked by other players.\"

\"How's this gonna turn out? Though Azeael is Asia's Top Sniper God, Vic has an AWM. Furthermore, he's no mere foe, feels like it's the end-of-the-line for Azeael.\"

\"Oh! Wait! We can see that there's another guy over on top of Georgopol Hills. It's the Korean Team ROYAD's Brother Benz! It seems like he's aiming for Vic!\"

\"Vic doesn't seem to have noticed. He's in a precarious spot right now!\"


Before the caster's voice trailed off, the gunshot of a silenced M24 rang out!

The stapler [6]has come online!

On top of Georgopol Hills, Brother Benz was ADS-ing on his pitch black rifle as he shot directly at Liu Zilang from a distance!


Blood spurted out of Liu Zilang's Level-three helmet as his health dropped down exponentially!

On top of Georgopol Hill, as soon as Benz saw that he had landed his shot, he instantly switched his M24 with the SCAR-L he had on his back. He wanted to take a few potshots to finish off his prey. This was quite a common method for most people.

Land the sniper shot and then spray down the target.

However, what Brother Benz never expected was that despite being under the pressure of getting hit for 99 HP by a single M24 headshot, Liu Zilang who barely had a slither of health left did not decide to take cover nor heal.

Contrary to that, he had readied the AWM in his hands. He then pinpointed the location of his assailant which was on the mountain at extreme speed.

With a huge flick of his wrist, without fine-tuning his aim, he pulled the trigger!

It was a perfect flick!

Instantly, a sniper bullet zoomed toward the hill almost like a flash of lightning!


[1] Amazing in Japanese.

[2] It's the lyrics of the Chinese song \"Crossing a River\"() performed by Pan Changjiang and Liu Chunmei in a Chinese New Year show.

[3] Continuation of the song.

[4] A running joke in the Chinese community. Since the phrase \"I curse that yo mamma will go to hell tonight!\" was a bit too harsh, the Chinese net community uses this line to 'soften the insult' for people who only offended them slightly.

[5] In Chinese esports culture, \"Dat Man\" or is used to refer to players that are so skillful that others jokingly do not dare to utter his name, albeit inspired from Voldemort. It was originally coined by Xiao Xiao to refer to the player Gogoing.

[6] Chinese nickname for M24, since the sound of its gunshots sound like a stapler.