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283 Overwatch and Patrol Part 3

 \"IG-Wolves killed IFTY-APLUSVABLE by headshot with Kar98k!\"

\"Royad-Azeael killed IF-Wolves by headshot with Kar98k!\"

Seeing these two kill notifications, the live audience was stunned before they slowly realized what had just happened...

In the midst of the battle, Shen Zeyan had also managed to fire a shot. He successfully managed to get a headshot on his target.

However, even without the casters' explanations, most of the audience could see that Shen Zeyan's second shot after he reloaded the bullet was obviously one step slower than his opponent.

Hence, since he died first, the damage and hitreg for his bullet were nullified.

In the eyes of the three casters, it was such an unfortunate circumstance for him. Even if there was no doubt that Kim Doohwan was taking advantage of him being preoccupied with another player, and that was just how the mechanics of the game worked in a Solo match. Naturally, they had nothing much to comment on in this regard.

\"Sigh! This is a bit unfortunate for Master Ze. Facing opponents of Big Brother and Azeael's level. In all honesty, it's amazing that he made it this far. I thought that he'd manage to survive through all odds but...\"

\"Yep, this has also brought up concern about the game. PUBG is a game that's like no other traditional FPS. Not only do you need to have good aim but you also need to have some degree of tactical prowess. I feel that if Shen Zeyan retreated backward appropriately and wasn't so fixated on camping the circle, his fate might've been better.\"

\"I agree with Boss Su's. Although all of these sound like retrospective observations, we must also note that the three players outside the circle were not moving as a team. As soon as they entered the circle, they would no doubt start fighting one another. By then, Shen Zeyan could easily go on a killing spree. In that situation, I'd say with ninety percent certainty that the penultimate survivor out of all of them would be Master Ze!\"

Just as they finished analyzing the engagement that had gone down, Liu Zilang who was driving a jeep and patrolling the border of the second safe zone with an AWM on his back unintentionally noticed the kill notifications over on the bottom-left corner of his screen.

As he connected the dots, he quickly came to the conclusion that Shen Zeyan was ambushed right after successfully killing another player.

Otherwise, a double kill notification would not appear on his screen.

'Azeael, huh?

'That Korean Sniper God that GodV and the others were talking about earlier?'

Liu Zilang looked at the AWM in his hands as he let out a cheeky grin.

When he reached the northern bridge of Georgopol port, he stopped the jeep in the middle of the main road and instantly switched over to the passenger seat.

A brief moment later, the engine of the car was killed.

At that time, the observer had cut back over from the South. This caused both the livestream viewers and audience to be slightly confused.

\"What's going on? Is he trying to bait?\"

\"Err... This is the big boss that flew his car onto the airdrop just now, right?\"

\"That's him alright! However, this bait is a little too fake, am I right! When the hell did cars ever spawn in the middle of the main road?\"

\"Hehe, looks like the pro players' baiting skills just aren't as good as us experienced campers! If he had just parked the car right at the grassy field at the side, it would've been a perfect bait.\"

\"Haha, the worst part of all this is that this dude's sitting on the front passenger seat! If any f*cker doesn't notice him, they can stop being a pro player and go get their eyes checked!\"

At that time, from the observer's camera, a player from the Japanese team was silently observing the situation from a cluster of buildings that was westward of the bridge. He was looking through from the second-floor window of a building that had a garage.

Seeing the motionless Liu Zilang in the front passenger seat, suspicion rose in his heart.

'What the hell's going on here?


'Is he playing with his phone in the car?'

Seeing that the target wasn't moving, after a long while, his urge to take action finally overwhelmed him.

Sneakily peeking out of the window, that player pulled up a Kar98k in his hands.

Scope-in and aim!



Just as the crisp gunshot rang out, it was almost instantly overshadowed by a loud gunshot akin to a loud thunderclap!

To the amazement of the live audience and livestream viewers, Liu Zilang, who was in the front passenger seat peeked out of the vehicle's window at an insanely fast speed.

Without being able to make out whether he had scoped-in or aimed, his muzzle flashed, signifying that he had pulled the trigger!

Instantly, two sniper bullets whizzed past each other as they pierced through the air!

Liu Zilang who had peeked out from the car window seemed to have avoided the headshot. Taking the bullet in the arm, his health dropped down by quite a bit.

However, a splash of blood spurted out of the head of the player who was on the second floor of the building. The impact caused his body to fly backward into the room, much to his confusion.



In the commentary booth, even the three casters were stunned.

The play was no longer something that could be explained by just reaction speed alone. There was no conceivable way a person was able to identify where an enemy was just from sound alone within such a short period of time.

Even if they did locate their target, they would still have to instantly scope-in and aim for their target's head... It was too illogical.

\"Hmmm... If my guess is correct, Vic knew that there was a person over in the building over there, right?\"

\"Let's see a replay of that... Huh? That's not right! The Japanese player in the building had been camping inside the second-floor of the building. He was nowhere near the window, and there's no way Vic could've saw him!\"

\"Wait a minute! This... Right! It's this! I get it now, the Japanese player gave himself away by parking his motorcycle right behind that particular building! Vic must've seen the motorcycle and pinpointed the location of that player.\"

\"The moral of the story is to be careful where you park, even if it's in a game! Otherwise, you risk being ambushed or even baited out.\"

\"However, to think Vic has the guts to use himself as bait... Tsk tsk... This situation is such a rarity in a professional game.\"

Hearing the casters' commentary, the livestream viewers and the live audience once again had a \"whole new\" understanding of Liu Zilang as a player.

'This person is batsh*t insane!'

At the same time, Misaka Mikoto was camping in the middle factory in Georgopol as she waited for the next circle to appear. Hearing gunshots from the Northern side of the river, she connected it to the kill notifications on the bottom-left corner of her screen...


With that in mind, her eyes flashed as she revealed a joyous expression on her face!

The next moment, Misaka Mikoto raised the M16 in her hands with a serious look on her face as she repeated the mantra \"three long two short; nine shallow one deep\"[1] in her head. She aimed her gun and started firing shots one after the other.





Hearing such irregular yet rhythmically clear gunshots, Liu Zilang who was originally planning on looting the box of the player he just killed was instantly stopped in his tracks. He reacted to it.

He sighed as he stopped his car and shot a few gunshots in the air from the other side of the river in the same rhythm as the gunshots he heard before.

Seeing this weird scene, both the livestream viewers and the live audience were utterly wide-eyed.

'What the hell?'

However, in the midst of this \"harmonious duet\", another series of gunshots started ringing out from lower Georgopol.

\"Pew pew pew-\"

A flurry of gunshots had been shot!

The jeep that Liu Zilang had parked near the riverside started clinking and clanking out loud as sparks started to fly from the other side of the car.

Seeing this, his eyes started to twitch.

'Who the f*ck is this random *ss party-pooper?'


[1] \"Three long two short\" is originally a metaphor for saying that someone is in near death or in trouble, it's based on the fact that a casket is made of four long pieces and two short pieces of wood. Hence, before the casket is closed, it only has three long pieces and two short pieces of wood, hence implying that a person is near death. However, when taken literally, alongside \"nine shallow one deep\", it most commonly refers to the technique of varying the thrusts during sexual intercourse.