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282 Overwatch and Patrol Part 2

 Both in and outside of the circle, there was a single person each taking cover behind boulders.


Within the blink of an eye, a silhouette peeked out from behind the boulders.

Almost simultaneously, the two managed to scope-in and fire a shot to scout out the situation before instantly hiding themselves back behind cover!

They were quick-scoping!

The next moment, blood spurted out of Shen Zeyan's body who was inside of the circle.

With a soft grunt, his health dropped by half.

Outside the circle, A+'s Level-three Helmet had completely shattered. It instantly caused his health bar to drop down to red.

Still recovering from shock, he instantly started bandaging himself before deciding to pull out a First Aid Kit to replenish his health.

Seeing this nailbiter of a duel, the live audience which had their breaths held in stared at the big screen. They could not help but let out pants of exhilaration!

In the commentary booth, the three casters speedy commentary had started.

\"As expected of the 'Helmet Shatterer'! Master Ze is getting headshots every time he snipes!\"

\"Now that Big Brother no longer has a helmet, he's probably not going to continue to participate in this sniper duel, right?\"

\"Yeah... But Azeael has finished rotating to the side. At this point, Master Ze doesn't seem to have noticed him. This is dangerous for Master Ze!\"

\"As we can see from Azeael's current position, he's camping over behind a boulder but still can't get a clear shot on Master Ze. He needs to go even further.\"

\"Wait, Master Ze has just briefly surveyed his surroundings. However, Azeael was crouch-walking through the bushes at that time! It seems like Master Ze didn't notice Azeael at all!\"

Ms Joy's worries were not unfounded.

The path that Kim Doohwan took to get over to that place was filled with thick foliage. Furthermore, he had crouch-walked all the way. If one did not intentionally try to find him, it was easy for one to not notice his existence at all.

In addition to that, when Shen Zeyan was healing up, he only surveyef his surroundings briefly with a quick sweep. His vision did not stay on the area Kim Doohwan was in for long. Hence, there was a high chance that he did not notice Kim Doohwan's existence at all.

Seeing this, Shen Zeyan's fans in the audience started worrying.

To facilitate a better viewing experience, the observer switched over from the free-view camera over to Shen Zeyan's first-person point of view.

At that time, Shen Zeyan had just finished using a First Aid Kit and consuming an Energy Drink. He was just starting to peek out once more to keep an eye on A+ who was still outside the circle.

At the same time, looking on from the side, Kim Doohwan noticed that Shen Zeyan had not realized his presence as he speedily continued to rotate forward.

Just a little bit more and he would have been able to get a clear shot!

However, Shen Zeyan aimed down the scope of his gun over toward A+'s direction. Since A+'s helmet had been shattered, there was no way he would dare peek out from behind the rock.

On the other hand, Kim Doohwan had finally gotten a clear shot from the side.

As soon as he scoped-in, Shen Zeyan's character model appeared within his sights.

Seeing that Shen Zeyan was aiming at A+, Kim Doohwan was ecstatic! He steeled himself as he steadied his aim!

From the kill notification of SexyPIG's death, he knew that this person was the one who held the same title as him - Shen Zeyan.

Truth be told, there has always been an issue with this lurking in Kim Doohwa's heart!

After all, there could only be one \"Top Sniper God\".

'What do you mean Asia's Top THREE Sniper Gods? What a joke!'

Although he was clearly trying to pull a sneak attack, the concept of 'sneak attacks' simply did not exist in the world of PUBG.

If a player gets sneaked up on by an enemy, that only means that the player's intuition and game sense was not up to par yet.

With that out of the wat, Kim Doohwan let out a sly grin. Steadying his aim, he pulled the trigger without even the slightest hint of hesitation.

However, at that exact moment, Shen Zeyan who was still aiming at A+ made a miraculous maneuver!

As the observer looked on from Shen Zeyan's first-person point of view, he suddenly flicked his aim ninety degrees to the side, instantly pulling his crosshair away!

At the same time he pulled the trigger, he managed to start his crouching animation.

Flick, quick-scope, and crouch!

These three movements flowed smoothly as if it was all a single motion!



The next moment, a sniper bullet whizzed right past the top of Shen Zeyan's head!

On the other side, Kim Doohwan, who had tirelessly rotated all the way over, barely had a slither of health left as blood spurted out of his head. Shocked by the sudden attack, he retreated down the slope and lied prone on the ground!

At the same time, the observer switched over to give a special close-up of a certain contestant's face.

On the big screen, the corners of Shen Zeyan's mouth slightly arched up. However, he did not utter a single word...

Seeing this sight, everyone watching live or through the stream went nuts!

\"66666... Master Ze is so bloody hot!\"

\"Holy sh*t! This motherf*cker Master Ze must've noticed Azeael since the very beginning!\"

\"You think that I don't see you lurking over there? I saw you since the very beginning, I just didn't want to tell you!\"

\"Hahaha! I'm laughing so hard that I sounds like a pig squealing. Never knew that Master Ze had such a cheeky side!\"

\"After this engagement, I wonder if the size of Azeael's PTSD will increase to the size of a 3LDK?\"


In the game, Kim Doohwan who was prone behind the slope gritted his teeth hard!

Without a doubt, in such a match under the scrutiny of countless viewers, he had been completely outclassed by Shen Zeyan in the last engagement.

However, at the end of the day, Kim Doohwan was still a top-tier professional player. His retreat showed his tremendous reaction speed.

If it was anyone else who whiffed their shot, if they spaced out the slightest bit, they would have turned into a box as soon as Shen Zeyan managed to pull out his M4 and fire...

By that point, after replenishing his health with a first aid kit, Kim Doohwan steeled his resolve as he once again pulled out his Kar98k.

At the same time, A+ who was outside the circle grasped the opportunity to hastily rotate over to the other side.

However, he was not holding a sniper unlike last time but instead his trusty AK. As he was running, he kept his crosshair pointed at the rock that Shen Zeyan was using as cover.

Seeing this scene, the casters' expressions changed.

\"Big Brother took the opening just in time. Now that Azeael has gotten into position on the side, he's decided to start his breach into the circle!\"

\"That's right! Furthermore, Big Brother isn't just randomly rotating over to the side. Instead of running straight for the circle, he's taking a long way around toward the slope. Once he has enough of an elevated angle, the rock will no longer be able to provide cover for Master Ze. That way, he can pressure his opponent a little bit more.\"

\"As we can see, Master Ze is in quite the precarious situation right now. He needs to deal with at least one of the threats first.\"

\"Oh! Master Ze seems to have selected his prey - Big Brother over on the right without a helmet! However, Big Brother's reaction speed is nothing to scoff at! He's starting to take pot shots with his AK!\"

\"This is bad! Master Ze just got hit by three body shots, and his Level-three Armor is gone!\"

\"While he's spraying down Master Ze, Big Brother seems to be AD-crouch-spamming! Master Ze can't get a good shot!\"

Just as the casters finished speaking, a single gunshot rang out in the arena!


Instantly, Shen Zeyan flicked his crosshair as a single shot fired toward A+'s head!

Almost as if it was a scripted moment, A+ who was crouched at that moment suddenly stood up. A huge spurt of blood came out from his head as his entire body fell to the ground.

Nearly at the same time, Kim Doohwan on the other side started to ADS.

Before Shen Zeyan had the time to reposition himself, he instantly dropped down to the ground into a prone position. He barely managed to avoid the bullet that whizzed past over his head.

The instance the next bullet was loaded into the chamber, without even standing up, he flicked his aim and pulled the trigger!

His muzzle flashed from a distance as a sniper bullet shot out of his gun's barrel!

The next moment, blood spurted out from both Shen Zeyan and Kim Doohwan's head.