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281 Overwatch And Patrol Part 1

 Between the mountains south of Georgopol and the Ruins.

As soon as Shen Zeyan entered the circle, he laid prone at the border of the first safe zone to heal himself.

In that solo match, Shen Zeyan had decided to land in Pochinki. Although he was not the only one who left Pochinki, he was the last.

This was because after he looted a sniper gun from the city, he immediately laid prone on top of the church situated on Pochinki's west hill.

In the end, he scored a total of 5 kills before he left Pochinki with his sniper rifle.

Nonetheless, due to the fact that he left late, the tires of the vehicle available in Pochinki's garage had been punctured and the only spawned car on the road had been taken.

Due to this, Shen Zeyan was late to enter the first safe zone even though he started off at Pochinki, a city located at the center of the mainland.

\"We can see that Master Ze is done healing himself after he laid prone when he entered the circle. Right now, there are roughly four players southward from him who are still outrunning the blue circle.\"

\"Mmm. Although Master Ze has occupied an advantageous geographical location, if he were to fire shots now, should he end up in a deadlock with his opponent, I'm afraid that he'll be attacked by other players in the blue circle.\"

\"That's right! With that being said, it seems like Master Ze has noticed a player outside the circle, it's Merald from Korea's KD Squad!\"

\"He's scoped in and aimed at him! Is he going to shoot? Is he really going to start a fight?\"

Accompanied by the commentator's extensive intonations, the clear sound of a 98K gunshot broke the silence in the game!

Earlier, Merald had driven all the way from Primorsk which was positioned at the bottom left corner of the map. Halfway through, his car exploded as a result of a fight with another player, thus he could only finish the rest of his journey by foot. At that moment, he was unaware that somebody was in front of him. Hence, he was running with all his might after he had consumed an energy drink. As he ran, his black helmet was extremely eye-striking.

For a sniper like Shen Zeyan, Merald who was running only had a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet with him, such that the rest of his body was non-existent.


The instant the gunshot was heard, blood splattered out of Merald's head!

To begin with, he was not at full health in the blue circle. Thus, when he took the hit, his body fell forward due to inertia and he quickly turned into a crate.

A headshot on a moving target!

Upon seeing this, the spectators were quite astounded, and they cheered for him.

As compared to Liu Zilang who was known as the \"Chicken King from the Attractive Section\", Shen Zeyan gained quite a significant amount of cheers. Many of his fangirls were so excited about the shot that they could not keep their legs closed!

\"Nice one!\"

On the commentator platform, Ms-Joy could not help but comment, \"Af first, I thought that everyone was outrunning the circle cautiously, and Master Ze would be in danger if he were to miss his shot. I can't believe that he actually managed to kill a moving target with a headshot. Hehe, looks like the skills of a sniper god is indeed beyond my imagination.\"

Sy nodded in agreement, and he chuckled, \"Mmm. I play the sniper role as well. Speaking honestly, for a player who plays this position, whether it's a fixed target or a moving target, there'll only be two outcomes.

\"Either you miss your target, or you hit your target with a headshot. Personally, I think that if a sniper actually hits his opponent's body, it's a larger mistake than missing the target.\"

When Su Changming heard Sy's remark, he commented as well, \"Zeyan's talent as a sniper is one of the most outstanding ones I've seen. Sadly, he lost the competition half a year ago. If not for that, he'd probably be the finest sniper in the world's FPS scene and not Asia's Top Sniper God...\"

\"Mmm, I agree with you on this,\" Ms-Joy responded.

He then turned to look at the screen and furrowed his brows. \"For all that, though Master Ze showed no mercy to his opponent, he exposed his position at the border of the circle. We can see that Azeael, SexyPIG, and A+ who are in the blue circle have stopped.\"

Through the caster's God perspective, the instant the gunshots were heard, Azeael and the others who were scattered in the blue circle immediately searched for cover.

The situation on the battleground turned subtle in an instant. This was because without knowing each other's background, the three players in the blue circle were unable to form an \"alliance\" to enter the circle.

They dared not let each other watch their sides, let alone their backs.

For all they knew, they could be betrayed.

Nobody could be sure about it.

Therefore, it was not a \"3v1\" situation in the blue circle and each of them was being very defensive.

Just like that, time began ticking away.

The first circle did not cause too much damage and they easily regained their health by using bandages.

None of them took the lead to make a move as the three of them were waiting for the right time.

Soon enough, seeing as there was less than one minute left on the timer before the second blue circle shrank, the atmosphere became tense.

Finally, SexyPIG could not wait any longer.

While he laid prone on the ground, he threw a smoke grenade each toward his 9 o'clock direction, 12 o'clock direction, and 3 o'clock direction. He then quickly ran toward the smoke.

A \"bam\" was heard as a wave of bullets attacked him!

It was just as expected.

Once SexyPIG stood up, the first player who struck at him was not Shen Zeyan who was camping at the border. Instead, it was Azeael who was on the \"same line of battle\" with him.

Fortunately, he was well-prepared for such a thing to happen. In that crucial moment, his swift movement allowed him to escape the 98K's bullet that was shot from the side. He then quickly disappeared into the smoke.

Owing to the fact that SexyPIG had drawn attention, Azeael and A+ who were behind him continued outrunning the blue circle.

The next second, gunshots were heard coming from the direction in front of them.

Not long after SexyPIG had ran away, he encountered Shen Zeyan who was quietly laying in ambush by the circle's border.


Without warning, a gunshot pierced the air, whereby just as SexyPIG ran out of the smoke, blood could be seen coming out from his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

Luckily, before he began to outrun the blue circle, he consumed a medkit. Hence, his health bar was still quite full and the 98K headshot did not take him out. Nevertheless, his health declined all the way to the red section!

'A ssibba!'

SexyPIG who suffered the sneak attack cursed to himself and then immediately ran back into the smoke.

However, the next instant, Shen Zeyan pulled the trigger of his 98K again.

Subsequently, without even scoping in, he blasted another shot at the smoke!



In a trice, hints of blood appeared in the smoke, followed by a kill notification that popped out on the bottom left corner of his screen.

With that, SexyPIG who was known as \"Asia's Number One Shotgun\" met his end in the smoke without having the chance to get close to his opponent...

Upon seeing this, all the spectators exclaimed!

\"Wah! Master Ze is too unsparing with his shots! He killed the pig emperor who was hiding in smoke!\"

\"Master Ze is too amazingly handsome with his manually operated bolt action sniper rifle! Coach, I'd like to learn how to snipe!\"

\"Coach. Nonsense! I f*cking want to learn too!\"

\"Mmm, but Big Brother and Azeael who were behind have crept closer to him! Big Brother who's behind a rock is now exchanging fire with Master Ze!\"

\"Missed! Wah! Both of them have incredible reaction speeds! Neither of them hit their target.\"

\"Wait a second! Azeael... he's planning to sneak an attack by making his way to the side!\"

It was worth noting that Kim Doohwan was also one of the \"Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods\". If he were to work together with A+ who had similar sniper skills with him in their country and was at that moment on the frontline, their double-team tactic would very well place Shen Zeyang in a relatively dangerous situation.\"

All of a sudden, the spectators were in suspense.