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280 How Can We Brag About This?

 As everyone anticipated, the airdrop crate slowly descended with Liu Zilang on top of it, causing everyone to be more distressed than ever!

This was because once the airdrop crate came closer to the ground, Liu Zilang would end up in the firing net of death formed by the three players on his right.

Of course, Liu Zilang was very well aware of this.

At that crucial moment, he quickly devised a plan.

He reached inside his backpack and retrieved a smoke grenade!


Liu Zilang pressed his R key and pulled the pin of the smoke grenade.

Nonetheless, he did not throw it. Instead, he just held it in his hand.

A brief moment later, when the airdrop was less than a floor's height away from the ground, a \"tss\" sound was heard!

Thick smoke accompanied the airdrop crate as it slowly descended from the sky...

Liu Zilang who was on the airdrop crate appeared as if he was mounted on a cloud. White smoke enveloped him, making him look like he was about to drift away anytime.

'How the h*ck is he making these special effects?'

Upon seeing this, the spectators twitched their eyes. They felt uneasy.

\"66666! F*ck! That's a f*cking nimbus cloud, right?\"

\"I give it to him, I give it to him! This is the first time I'm seeing someone snatch airdrop loot like this!\"

\"Motherf*cker! The game costs 98 dollars for everyone, why does it feel like we've been playing a different game?\"

\"I can't take this anymore, Vic's showing off so much that I'm turning bald. Speaking of which, is this really the new talent Sy was talking about?\"

\"New talent? That's a f*cking Difaso! I believe that the remaining three players around the airdrop crate are totally baffled now.\"

If the \"royal flying ride\" that allowed Liu Zilang to snatch the airdrop loot amidst the hail of bullets left a visual shock no less than a Hollywood film, his descent through the blanket of smoke gave the spectators a peaceful feeling.

Clearly, that was what the spectators felt.

In the game, the three players on the right side of the airdrop crate were stunned when they saw Liu Zilang coming down while being covered in smoke.

They were so furious that they began firing crazily at the smoke.

'Keep showing off, you f*cker!'

'Do you really think that we're fools?'

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"


In a trice, countless bullets swooshed into the smoke like pouring rain.

Some of them hit the airdrop crate while some of them hit the buggy's right side tires.

No matter what, the name of the despicable player that they yearned for never appeared in the kill notifications...


On the airdrop crate.

As Liu Zilang listened to the bullets fly past him, he was frustrated as he suffered a few hits.

He trembled as he crouched behind the buggy to heal himself.

However, just as he regained some health, he suffered another shot on his shoulder.

Liu Zilang was filled with raging fire!

'F*ck...this is intentional teaming!


'I'm going to report!'

At that time, he was not aware of how abominable his tricks were!

'Intentional teaming?


'I just f*cking want to kill you!'


Soon enough, the airdrop crate was inches away from the ground.

Liu Zilang jumped down from the back of the airdrop crate.

Followed by that, he reached with his right hand for his dark green AWM!

The three players on the right noticed Liu Zilang using the airdrop crate as cover.

Among them, two players were frightened as they recalled him having an AWM in the air. Hence, they quickly shifted away to look for cover.

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang-!\"

\"Ding, dang-!\"

Once the two players aborted their mission, the firepower on Liu Zilang's right side immediately weakened.

As for the remaining player who did not respond to the situation in time, he was startled when he no longer heard gunshots from his \"allies\".

The next second, he felt a sense of danger!

'Something's not right!'

The player who finally realized what was going on quickly turned around. However, after running just a few steps away, the deep thundering sound of a gunshot pierced the air without warning!

Almost at the same time, the white Level Two Military Helmet of that player shattered into pieces!

Due to the inertia of his forward movement, that player fell to the ground while doing a split...

\"4AM-Vic killed BB-Somaz by headshot with AWM!\"

Upon hearing the gunshot, the two players who found cover a distance away subconsciously scoped in to take a look.

When they saw the tragic death of the other player, they were petrified!

It was then when they came to a sudden realization that not only was Vic a crafty player but his skills were so good that it was out of the world!

'\"Fellow folks\" who are witnessing this, you saw the show he put on, it's not that embarrassing if I leave now, right?'

After some 'self-comfort\", the two players went on their respective vehicles and zoomed away without turning back.

'Are you kidding me!

'In a solo match, unless one has gone haywire, nobody would shoot back at a sniper who has an AWM.'

On the commentary platform, the three commentators looked at one another when they saw this.

'How can we brag about this?'

\"I'll brag first...ahem! That, uhh... I'll go first...\" Sy coughed and then continued with a poker face, \"Vic's flying car technique to loot the airdrop and his descent within smoke is truly unexpected. However, such a play\\ can only be made by him.\"

\"Mmm, I also agree that Vic is extremely different from current professional players in the PUBG scene.\" Ms-Joy nodded and then said with a smile, \"This reminds me of Xiao Xiao and Sicca's comment of him during the recent Douyu PUBG Legends.\"

\"Oh? What was the comment?\" When Su Changming heard what Ms-Joy said, he was eager to hear about the comment.

Ms-Joy replied seriously, \"Immeasurable intelligence and thinking, tricks and tactics that are extraordinary!\"

\"That sounds right, the comments were on point.\" Sy nodded with a smile.

Su Changming was seen smiling too, but he subconsciously shook his head. \"Hehe, it's not as incredible as it seems, this fellow just has too many mischievous ideas.\"

Sy was startled, thus he asked out of curiosity, \"Mmm? Boss Su, do you know Vic too? Could he be someone from the FPS professional scene in the past?\"

Su Changming was stunned when the question was raised and was at a loss for words.

After all, he was still unsure of Liu Zilang's intentions, thus he felt that it was not right to expose his identity now.

Therefore, he could only reply with a bitter smile, \" could say so.\"

Right away, Sy became even more curious about the story and was keen to find out the truth.

Ms-Joy who had previously joined them for a meal immediately cut him off by announcing, \"Oh! The second circle has refreshed! It looks like the players will be going all the way north as the circle has refreshed to the top right section of the map.\"

The instant Sy and Su Changming heard Ms-Joy, they turned to look at the big screen.

\"Tsk, tsk, the circles this match are like punishments for the players. It looks like the players will have to run a long way to get in.\"

\"Mmm, the caster's perspective is now at the southern side. We can see players who are still in the blue circle from the first round. The players are Azeael, and Big Brother who were in Sosnovka Military Base. It looks like they haven't been in luck with vehicles. If they're still unable to find vehicles in front, it'll be a tough match for them.\"

\"Hey! Wait a minute! It looks like Master Ze who was in Pochinki is outrunning the blue circle as well but he's almost at the border. I think that Master Ze can camp at the border for a while to take out players who are behind him.

Due to the commentators' exciting comments, the spectators who were initially trying to figure out who Liu Zilang was were immediately attracted to the screen too!