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279 A Descendant Of God!

 After Liu Zilang had established his \"rule\" over School, he initially wanted to head northwest to outrun the blue circle. However, he heard the thundering sounds of an airplane halfway through.

As a player with a dream, Liu Zilang would not miss out on such an airdrop.

While on his way, Liu Zilang was overjoyed when he saw the kill notifications of Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin.

However, on the spur of the moment, he noticed the rumbling sounds of vehicles from both his sides. A motorcycle, a buggy, and a UAZ...

Unquestionably, there were quite a number of dream chasers.

Of course, it was also possible that a part of those people did not intend to chase their dreams and merely wanted to set up from a distance to aim at those who were doing so.

If they killed one, they would aim at the next \"dream chaser\".

At that moment, the caster's God perspective naturally shifted to the airdrop. Upon seeing the scene, the three commentators quickly analyzed the situation.

\"We can see that the airdrop is on the opposite of Rozhok's river in the south, and since there isn't really any cover around it, it's not a great spot.\"

\"Mmm, indeed. Besides, players from Rozhok and the Shooting Range are aware of the airdrop. They're slowly creeping toward this direction.\"

\"Hehe, I think that given the circumstances, everyone's thinking the same. They'll be aiming at the airdrop while waiting for players to go over. I suppose nobody will go over to loot the airdrop, right?\"

\"The airdrop is landing soon and there are a total of 6 players who are close to it. They're ready to stop their vehicles to aim at it!\"

\"Wait a second! A buggy is heading straight toward the airdrop! In this situation, someone still dares to loot the airdrop? Is he out of his mind?\"

\"Oh! It's Vic the sniper from 4AM! Oh my god! He's still not slowing down! Is he really going to loot the airdrop?\"

Accompanied by the caster's exclamation, the spectators fixed their gaze on the screen and watched Liu Zilang anxiously!

For all that, everyone was left open-mouthed with what happened next!

Liu Zilang who was driving at full speed in his buggy toward the airdrop suddenly turned his buggy around when he passed by a small slope. He then crashed into a tilted rock!

'What the h*ll? Did he slip?'

'He's going to die!'

When the commentators witnessed what happened, they were stunned for a while before they started mourning for Liu Zilang.

After all, if the setting was some other location, nobody would care if a pig were to crash into a tree, let alone crashing into a rock.

With that being said, he was where the airdrop was going to land and there were at least five guns aiming from far.

If one were to overturn their vehicle, one would undoubtedly be dead.

Nonetheless, right then, somebody in the stadium shrieked!

Through the caster's God perspective, Liu Zilang who drove the buggy did not overturn his vehicle or bring it to a halt after hitting the rock. Instead, the buggy flew into the air above the rock and then turned many rounds sideways!

'What the h*ll is going on?'

'It's a Beat Magnum[1]!'

'Cyclone Magnum[2]?'

Upon seeing this, the spectators were filled with mixed feelings...

Despite all that, quickly after, not only the spectators but the players around the airdrop crate in the game were in total disbelief. Their eyes widened!

In the game, Liu Zilang's \"Cyclone Magnum\" that swirled in the air charged straight toward the airdropped crate that had not yet landed!

When the players who were camping around the airdrop crate saw that, they were extremely thunderstruck as they began to have odd feelings!

'F*ck way!'

The next instant, the expression on everyone's face froze!

On the gigantic LED screen on the stage, the buggy was seen arriving on top of the airdrop crate which was roughly four floors high at that time. It was stopped by the ropes that connected the airdrop crate to the parachute.

Liu Zilang slammed on the brake!

The buggy paused on top of the airdropped crate and then was brought to a halt after shaking crazily!

The crowd clamored!

At that moment, almost everyone had the same thought.

'F*ck... how could that happen?'

In the game, the few players waiting around the airdrop crate were utterly shocked as well because they were unsure if the buggy on the airdrop crate was playing the same game as they were.

What if everything was just an illusory projection of another game that broke through the space barrier?

Subsequently, Liu Zilang who rode the buggy appeared on the edge of the airdrop crate, and it appeared as if half of him was floating in the air.

Once he bent over, a dark green gun appeared in his hands!

When the other players saw this, they quickly realized what was going on.

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Somebody began firing at him. Soon enough, the whole area was filled with intense gunshots!

In spite of that, the airdrop crate was still quite a distance away from the ground. Hence, not everyone was able to hit Liu Zilang.

At the same time, just as the gunshots pierced the air, a deep gunshot was heard coming from the sky!


The rifle shots that came from beside the UAZ on the ground instantly stopped.

At once, blood was seen coming out from a player's head, such that he fell to the ground powerlessly beside the vehicle.

\"4AM-Vic killed BDG-Rapiacta with AWM!\"

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

On the airdrop crate, Liu Zilang did not hesitate when he scoped in to aim at that player.

The instant bullets attacked him, he pressed his F key and appeared back in his buggy.

\"Ding, ding, dang, dang, ding, ding-!\"


Since the gunshots were all gathered at the side of the airdropped crate, both the left tires of Liu Zilang's buggy were punctured.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang who \"teleported\" back into the buggy managed to escape the rain of bullets!

Through it all, the spectators were experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.

That was because Liu Zilang's \"Beat Magnum + Cyclone Magnum\" was too eye-catching!

Once he landed on the airdrop crate, he attracted the attention of all the spectators.

Owing to that, the spectators would be irritated if he were to be shot down after performing such a stunt!

In fact, they might have cursed at him.

Nevertheless, Liu Zilang's smart move of changing positions allowed the spectators to feel relieved.

With that being said, in the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang who was on the driver's seat appeared on the border of the airdropped crate once again.

He pulled the trigger of his AWM and then teleported back into the driver seat right when the players below him fired shots at him.

Quickly after, before his opponents could react in time, he went into the passenger seat.

He scoped in with his 8x scope and then locked his crosshair onto his target!


A thundering gunshot echoed!

With that, the second player from the left suffered a headshot and was sent flying due to the enormous impact of the bullet!

As soon as Liu Zilang fired the shot, he disappeared from the buggy's passenger seat and then reappeared in the driver seat.

The changing of positions at such a high speed truly confused the spectators. They were astonished!

Before the spectators came to watch the competition, they wondered if any \"freaks\" would show up. However, Liu Zilang was more than just a freak.

He was simply a \"descendant of God\"!

Nonetheless, since the airdrop crate was getting closer to the ground, Liu Zilang was in a more unfavorable position than before.


[1] The fourth Magnum Series car of Go Seiba, a character in a car racing manga series, Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!

[2] The third Magnum Series car of Go Seiba