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278 The Murmurs Of the Deceased

 Kim Doohwan was a sniper for Royad. He was in the same squad as Korea's famous player Benz, known by many as \"Brother Benz\". Despite that, he still took the spotlight.

As one of \"Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods\", perhaps a headshot on a moving target would seem remarkable if it was performed by another player, but for Kim Doohwan, it was just a basic technique.

\"Hehe, looks like Azeael has made the first shot in Sosnovka Military Base. Though MiTH has been killed, Azeael has exposed his position.\"

\"That's right, let's take a look at the Sosnovka Military Base. Oh, there are quite a number of well-known players here, such as Guru Qiu from Se7en, SexyPig who's one of the two pig emperors in Korea, and Big Brother from IFTY...\"

\"Mmm, perhaps you haven't noticed but there's also Nighthawk who's at the observatory beside the boiler room. Hehe, looks like other than Master Ze, two of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods are here.\"

Right after the commentator commented, a gunshot was heard from the observatory!


Through the caster's God perspective, Bai Shaobin who was on the observatory's third floor fired a shot from his 98K!

Next, roughly two hundred meters away, at the top of Duga.

Blood was seen splattering out of Kim Doohwan's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

The spectators could not help but exclaim when they witnessed that!

On the other hand, the three commentators began analyzing the situation.

\"Nighthawk probably identified Azeael's position from the gunshot and kill notification just now. Needless to say, his shot was extremely accurate!\"

\"That's right. Unfortunately, Azeael wore a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet or else the shot would've determined victory or defeat.\"

\"Yes, though Nighthawk's shot was somewhat a sneak attack, he was able to get a headshot on his first try by shooting from low to high without observing the bullet's trajectory. I can only say that Nighthawk has developed a profound understanding of sniper guns in this game.\"

\"Oh! Azeael who's on Duga has used a medkit, and has healed himself fully! He has noticed Nighthawk at the observatory too!\"

Once the commentator said that, Kim Doohwan countered the attack with a shot of his own!

Owing to the fact that Kim Doohwan laid prone to heal himself just now, Bai Shaobin lost his target momentarily.

The second his target reappeared through his 8x scope, looking at his opponent's posture, Bai Shaobin felt a sense of great danger!

Subconsciously, he gave up aiming and instead crouched as fast as he could.

The next instant, a sniper bullet brushed past the side of his Level Two Military Helmet!

When the commentators saw this, they broke out in cold sweat.

\"That was so close! Nighthawk reacted very smartly by crouching, and it looks like his experience as a veteran saved him.\"

\"Mmm, this shows that marksmanship and awareness are equally important as a sniper. Taking the earlier incident as an example, most of us would probably think about countering the attack and be unaware that our opponent has their gun aimed at us.\"

\"Oh! Right after Nighthawk crouched, he quickly stood back up to fire another shot but Azeael managed to dodge it too.\"

\"Yes, but there isn't much time left on the clock. We can see that the first safe zone has refreshed to the top left section of the map which includes a part of the ocean. With that being said, since the flight route earlier extended from the top right of the map to bottom left, only a few players are in the safe zone. Most of the players will have to outrun the blue circle.\"

\"Mmm. Undoubtedly, this is a nightmare for the players in Sosnovka Military Base. We can see that some players are now looking for vehicles to outrun the circle.\"

\"Wait up! Why is Guru Qiu going in the opposite direction, toward the blue circle?\"

\"No! Guru Qiu isn't outrunning the blue circle. He's gone past the boiler room, and his target is Nighthawk who's on the third floor of the observatory!\"

The crowd was startled when they saw this but they quickly appeared to be full of anticipation.

This was because regardless of the scale of a PUBG online or offline competition, as long as both Se7en and Tyloo participated, Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin's \"compassion to kill each other\" was a typical activity.

At that time, through the caster's God perspective, Li Muqiu who held an AK was seen going around the boiler room and to the bottom of the observatory before beginning to move quietly.

However, making soft steps did not mean that no sounds were made. As a top-notch sniper, Bai Shaobin had unusually sharp hearing.

Especially in a place like the Sosnovka MIlitary Base, even as he was exchanging fire with Azeael, he never let his guard down. He was attentive of his surrounding.

Hence, the instant Li Muqiu got close to him, he noticed it.

Bai Shaobin quickly put his gun away and then dashed down the stairs from the third floor.

It was just as expected!

As soon as he entered the corridor, a grenade which had been thrown up exploded in the air!

Evidently, it was a cooked grenade!

When the frag grenade exploded, the heat wave released by it sent Bai Shaobin flying away.

A \"bam\" was heard!

Bai Shaobin crashed into the wall at the corner of the stairs and his health instantly dropped such that he was on the verge of death.

Next, hasty footsteps were heard coming from the floor below!

Bai Shaobin's face turned dark, and he cursed to himself, 'What a despicable person!'

His first reaction was to change his 98K to his M4 but when he looked at his health, he gritted his teeth and put his M4 away.

On the commentary platform in the stadium, the three commentators quickly commentated on the situation.

\"Nighthawk's reaction was incredible but Guru Qiu was too ruthless with his frag grenade. It totally threw Nighthawk to the wall.\"

\"That's right. Now, Guru Qiu is running up the stairs with his AK! Nighthawk is hanging on his last thread, he can't heal himself in time, he has reached for his M4, is he going to fight to win or die?\"

\"Oh! Wait a minute! Nighthawk has put his gun away! Oh my god! What's he doing?\"

In the game, Li Muqiu ran upstairs excitedly.

Although he was clueless as to whether his grenade had hit his opponent, seeing as the player was able to snipe back at Azeael, he was certain that he was a sniper.

As long as the sniper was not a monster like Liu Zilang, in a close-range fight, Li Muqiu was confident that he could take down his opponent!

'He's near!

'His footsteps are getting closer!'

Once Li Muqiu turned around the corner, he saw a figure.

He quickly raised his gun up and then blasted multiple shots at his opponent.

At the same time he fired those shots, he repeatedly crouched and stood up in the corridor.

As such, he performed a \"praying body technique\"!

Nevertheless, Li Muqiu was stupefied by what happened next!

This was because that player did not fire back at him. Thus, that player was taken out easily.

However, the instant the player fell to the ground, Li Muqiu noticed the grenade in his hand.

\"Death rattle: Take an enemy away with me.\"


Flames ignited, resulting in smoke that filled the air!

In the blink of an eye, the corridor was left with two dead bodies and two crates that were opposite one another.

\"Se7en-Lech killed Tyloo-Nighthawk with AKM!\"

\"Tyloo-Nighthawk killed Se7en-Lech with frag grenade!\"

In the wilderness to the north of Rozhok, Liu Zilang who was driving a buggy toward an airdrop was dumbfounded when he saw the kill notifications that appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen. Quickly after, he dissolved into laughter.

However, the next moment, his smile froze.