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277 The Buildout Of A Top Student! Part 2

 On the commentary platform, the three commentators were analyzing the situation as fast as they could.

\"I must say, both parties are showcasing exceptional reaction speed and awareness!\"

\"That's right. Both sides are constantly checking through their third-person perspectives before firing shots. As soon as either side appears, they instantly move back behind cover. As for now, neither of them have taken a hit.\"

\"Mmm. Besides, I think that Vic's choice to retreat earlier was very rational. A rifle's full auto-firing mode fires ten stable shots in the beginning. The recoil will cause the crosshair to move around more toward the end. If he were to continue shooting it out, he would've likely been killed in an instant!\"

\"That's true. After all, players only have one life in Solo mode. Hence, they must be cautious.\"

\"What's going to happen next? Perhaps they can try to let each other go?\"

'Let him go?'

In the game, as soon as this thought sprang up in Liu Zilang's mind, he quickly dismissed it.

It was by fate that they had encountered each other, should he not grab on to this opportunity, he might not get the same chance anymore.

Liu Zilang did not like the idea of having a \"love encounter around the corner\" if he continued looting the place.

Very quickly, he was struck with an idea.

By utilizing the gap in between of his opponent's shooting times, Liu Zilang shifted to another position and quickly peeked to fire shots again.

Yureka who was downstairs was being very careful as well.

The moment he noticed Liu Zilang appear on the other side, he did not force himself to counterattack. Instead, he moved back to his cover and then looked for another chance to peek and shoot!

With this, the two of them took turns to exchange fire and the scene was unusually intense!

After the second round of shooting, a \"click\" was heard!

Liu Zilang who was upstairs changed his magazine as he was out of bullets.

As soon as Yureka heard this, he did the same as well.

Normally, when one's opponent began changing magazines or healing themselves, one would do the same if one was unable to attack in the situation. Or else, one would somehow feel that something was lacking in the next round of the fight.

That was exactly what had happened.

However, without warning, Liu Zilang jumped down when he was halfway through changing his magazine.

While in the air, he put his SCAR-L away and retrieved from his utility belt his P1911 that was attached with a suppressor!

When the spectators witnessed this, they were left open-mouthed!

This was because, through the caster's God perspective, they had a clear view of where Liu Zilang was jumping to. It which was right on top of Yureka!

Yureka who was downstairs only saw a black shadow flash past him.

The next instant, he froze!

Liu Zilang had landed right in front of him, such that their faces were in close contact.

If it were a virtual holographic game, the two of them might have been able to feel the warmth of each other's breath...

In a trice, Liu Zilang raised his pistol up and shoved his P1911 that was lengthened because of its suppressor into Yureka's mouth.

\"Bang, bang, bang-!\"

The sound of pistol shots pierced the air!

Since everything happened so fast, before Yureka could change to his other gun, blood splattered out from his head and he fell backward with an unidentifiable face.

\"4AM-Vic killed Anarchy-Yureka by headshot with P1911!\"

3 kills!

One by a frag grenade that was simply metaphysics, one by a headshot with a pan, and one with a pistol straight to the face!

Just like that, the three players who jumped to School in the Solo round were wiped out by Liu Zilang. This made him the real \"top student\" for the match!

Upon witnessing the play, the spectators who were present went topsy-turvy...

As for the spectators from the various official live streaming platforms online, they were impressed by Liu Zilang's \"3 kills from landing\", thus they began spamming \"666\" on their respective bullet screens.

\"66666! F*ck! Is this sniper from 4AM that formidable? I'm totally dumbfounded by all his tricks!\"

\"Hehehe, stop typing 6, all of you, sit down! How about you go look into human-implant hacks?\"

\"I can't believe that a follower from Vic's live streaming channel is here, go learn about the Chicken King in Douyu's Attractive Section?\"

\"The three players who jumped to School must be mentally crushed, none of them died normally.\"

\"If one goes against Vic, dying normally is simply harder than staying alive!\"


Instantly, Liu Zilang's striking opening performance in the Solo match caused many spectators from other live streaming channels to be aware of his nicknames such as \"Chicken King of the Attractive Section\", and \"human-implant hack\"... At the same time, they had a rough impression of Liu Zilang.

Very guileful!

Very playful!

Very powerful!

In the game, Liu Zilang was unaware that he had somehow gained three new labels.

After clearing the last player in School, he sighed a long breath of belief as he could finally search the place without worry.

The feeling of having a battle of wits with the air was so frustrating that his head was about to split...


Seeing as all the dust had settled in School, the caster's perspective was at the dormitory's puzzle buildings beside it.

In that match, two players had jumped to the puzzle building. Nonetheless, this location was different from School as there were many buildings in a spacious area. If the two players were not keen on fighting one another as soon as they landed, they could very well avoid having a battle.

Honestly, as long as neither of them initiated the fight, the chances of those two players meeting were relatively low.

The caster thought that the players from the puzzle building would respond in some way since the fight at School was so intense.

Who knew that the two players were \"peaceful development\" players, and they decided to keep a distance from the other.

When the caster saw that there was no sign of a fight breaking out, the screen shifted back to the Sosnovka Military Base.

\"Speaking of which, there were around 7 to 8 people who jumped to Sosnovka Military Base, right? Even so, no fight has broken out yet, tsk tsk, this is interesting.\"

\"Mmm. I think it's mainly because professional players are more observant, and are more aware of their surroundings before they land. Truthfully, the Sosnovka Military Base is quite a huge area. If a player doesn't land on the same spot as another player on purpose, it's unlikely that there'll be a fight in the early phase of the game.\"

\"Yes, but I think that they're almost done looting by now, right? Are they not going to fight?\"

On the commentary platform, right after Ms-Joy said so, a \"bam\" was heard!

On Duga, the loud sound of a 98K gunshot broke the silence in the game!

The caster immediately moved the camera over. As shown clearly on the screen, a player who wore a Level Two Military Helmet suffered a headshot as he was running from C Building No.3 to the five warehouses.

With that, his helmet shattered, and he stumbled a few steps before falling to the ground, turning into a crate.

A headshot on a moving target!


When the audience saw this, they gasped.

It was worth noting that the top part of Duga was not near the five warehouses at all, thus a headshot on a moving target was not easily accomplished.

Followed by that, a kill notification appeared on the screen!

\"Royad-Azeael killed MiTH-MinORu by headshot with Kar98K!\"

The instant the ID \"Azeael\" appeared, after being stunned for a while, the spectators and commentators were at ease again.

This was because the player Azeael was known as the Grim Reaper!

On par with Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin, he was a Korean player that was one of \"Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods\", Kim Doohwan!