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276 The Buildout Of A Top Student! Part 1

 \"4AM-Vic killed 5Peaks-LanS with frag grenade!\"

When this kill notification popped up, the faces of the crowd present began twitching madly!

\"F*ck! That was a f*cking landmine, wasn't it?\"

\"You throw and I'll catch! Why do I feel like the two of them are in the same gang!\"

\"Vic is really something. Do you guys think that he had it all calculated?\"

\"Could he have calculated that? Didn't you see how scared he was when the grenade rebounded just now? I think it was just extraordinary fate...\"

At that moment, Liu Zilang who had scrammed out to the corridor and was running away frantically was so tensed that he dared not turn to look when somebody jumped down through the dormer.

However, he then heard a booming sound!

Once he turned around, he saw a dead body sprawled out on the corridor. It was staring at him with widened eyes.

'This... was he bombed by me?'

As soon as Liu Zilang realized what had happened, he giggled and then quickly went back to loot the person's crate.

Nonetheless, when he saw that the dead player was still staring at him, he felt chills go down his back.

He thought to himself, 'Brother, you can't blame me for that, you're the one who was so persistent on chasing after me. Why are you staring at me? Quickly go on with your reincarnation.'

As he said those words in his mind, another set of footsteps was heard coming from the dormer of the lecture theatre!


Liu Zilang was utterly shocked, thus he quickly stowed the dead player's P1911 and bullets into his backpack.

Who knew that before he could reload the pistol, a figure would be seen flashing past the dormer.

A player with a SCAR-L jumped down!

Unquestionably, if he were to continue reloading his pistol or turn to run away, he would never make it.

At that crucial moment, Liu Zilang gritted his teeth and decided to face his opponent with the pan behind him.


When all the spectators saw this, their eyes popped out!

'Brother, this is a tournament!'

'Are you sure you want to die this way?'

The next instant, the player who had jumped down through the dormer crouched as he landed. He supported himself with both hands on the ground!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Nevertheless, muzzle flashes were seen coming out from his gun. Obviously, he attempted waist-height shots.

In that moment of life or death, Liu Zilang took a big stride forward and wielded his pan!

The second the black pan was about to hit him, the player who had a gun suddenly had a bad feeling!

As expected!

A \"duang\" sound was heard!

It was clear and pleasing to the ear!

It made one's pores relax... and their body weak!

With the attack to his face, the player instantly collapsed to the ground with a look of disbelief!

\"4AM-Vic killed SST-Molis by headshot with pan!\"

'What the f*ck?'

Upon watching this, the spectators began clamoring!

On the commentary platform, all three commentators gasped as well as they were completely stupefied.

They could not believe that given the setting of a world tournament, a professional player with a gun was killed with a pan!

'This isn't a f*cking funny highlight of a streamer, how are we going to commentate you killing a player with a pan?'

\"Uh...ahem! It's well proven that the pan is indeed the king of cold weapons. I can only say that the Japanese player from SST was rather careless.\"

\"That's right, but that's just one part of it, I think that Vic's response was outstanding!\"

\"Mmm. Honestly, earlier when I realized that he wasn't able to reload his gun since someone else had suddenly appeared, I thought that he was going to die for sure. I can't believe that he actually stopped reloading his gun, and instead of escaping, confronted his opponent with a pan. Tsk, tsk, not many people can actually make such split-second decisions.\"

\"I agree. Now that two out of the four players who landed in School are dead, only Vic and a Korean player are left. One of them is in the lecture theatre situated on the east side of School's main building, while the other one is at the basketball court on the west side.\"

\"Hehe. Truthfully, this kind of situation is nerve-racking in a place like School. You know that someone else is there but have no idea of that person's whereabouts. It really holds you back from looting the remaining rooms.\"


In the game, after Liu Zilang suffered two shots from that player, his health had dropped to less than half.

Fortunately, there were bandages in the second player's backpack, thus he quickly transferred them into his backpack. While he crouched at the corner of the room to listen for footsteps, he began wrapping his elbow with the bandages.

Naturally, he was unaware that the other player in School was actually quite a distance from him.

Once Liu Zilang was done using the bandages, he stood up carefully with the SCAR-L and set out to search the rest of School.

With the acknowledgment that someone else was in School, Liu Zilang stuck close to the walls outside of each room to check all their corners before he entered.

Due to this, his looting speed became unusually slow.

After the battle of wits with air for a long time, Liu Zilang only managed to obtain a Level Two Police Vest, a Level One Motorcycle Helmet, a Level One Backpack, and a pistol suppressor.

Lucky enough, he also found a Red Bull, and he quickly consumed it to recover his health back to normal. As such, he felt less wary when he searched the place.

If he were to remain at 75% health on top of his equipped armor, one headshot from a rifle or three shots on his body would kill him right away.

'How the f*ck can I not be fearful?'

In actual fact, while Liu Zilang felt insecure, Yureka from the Korean team felt even more insecure!

Previously, he had clearly heard the explosion from the frag grenade and noticed the kill notification that appeared on his screen.

Above all that, he knew very well that his opponent was a ruthless player who killed a player by a headshot with a pan!

Therefore, as compared to Liu Zilang, his looting speed was definitely slower.

Although School was not a small place at all, fate could still bring the two of them together.

Later, when the caster switched the screen back from the Sosnovka Military Base, the spectators became fidgety.

Unknowingly, Liu Zilang and Yureka had crossed paths!

At that time, one of them was on the rooftop while the other one was less than 10 meters below. It seemed like both of them had noticed each other's presence, and they both stopped moving!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Liu Zilang peeked out of the building at the speed of light and fired multiple shots as he aimed his gun downward.

In a trice, sparks could be seen on the balcony. This obstructed Liu Zilang's first few shots, but the remaining bullets still hailed down like rain!

With that being said, Yureka who was downstairs was obviously very vigilant.

The moment Liu Zilang peeked, he hid away from his sight and managed to dodge Liu Zilang's sudden attack by the breadth of a single hair.

Subsequently, he grasped the opportunity by revealing himself and counterattacked on the double!

Even so, Liu Zilang's reaction was remarkably fast too!

As soon as a figure appeared downstairs, he shifted back to get cover and managed to avoid his opponent's counterattack!

As the spectators watched the intense shoot-out through the caster's perspective, they stared at the screen anxiously, so much so that they began taking bated breaths.

This was because they were impatient to see who would get taken down first...

Milliseconds would decide victory or defeat and an instant was all it took to determine life or death!

That is the charm of an FPS game!