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275 Reversed Chicken Dinner?

 For that match, the flight route extended from the top right of the map to bottom left. It began from the fishing village along the coast that was northeast of the map, and passed by the tallest mountain, Yasnaya Polyana, the dormitory buildings before ending at the left side of the Sosnovka Military Base.

On the commentary platform, the three commentators began commentating as well.

\"The match has begun. Just like what's shown on the screens, the flight route separates the map quite evenly, allowing quite a number of resource points on the map.\"

\"That's right, but due to the fact that this is a solo match, I think that the important resource points will be quite densely populated. This will cause many deaths in the early phase of the game. Thus, the players are more likely to be careful with their play style, and we can see that the majority of players are choosing to loot along less crowded areas.\"

\"Yes, but of course, there are also a number of players who are more staunch and have chosen resource points with better loot. Actually, in my opinion, if solo matches aren't meant for players to kill one another, it's meaningless.\"

\"Hehe, Sy, you're the boorish kind of player. In fact, survival is an extremely important part of this game. Oh! Somebody has opened their parachute in the air!\"

\"It's TKZhun from IFTY! This player immediately jumped to the coastal line on the top right area of the map as soon as the plane was in jumping range. Hence, it's normal that he's opening his parachute earlier than the others.\"

\"Mmm, speaking of which, nearly one-fifth of the players in this round's solo match is from Hua Xia. Hehe, we always say that we don't fight our own kind, but I'm afraid that players from the same squad will have to fight one another this match.\"

\"That's right, in order to prevent players from forming teams or cheating, players aren't allowed to communicate through the All voice chat. Furthermore, every player has the same outfit, whereby they're not allowed to dress strangely.\"

\"Yes, which means that given a 1v1 situation, before one player kills the other player, they won't be able to find out each other's identity no matter what.\"

\"Alright, the airplane is now near the dormitory buildings and School, will anyone alight here?\"

\"Oh! Somebody has jumped! Roughly eight players have chosen this location, let's take a closer look. Most of the players are from Southeast Asia and Japan, probably because they prefer having shoot-outs.\"

\"Wait a minute! There's a player from Hua Xia! Oh! It's Vic, the sniper from 4AM! Along with two Southeast Asia players and a Japanese player, he's landing in School!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang took a look at his surroundings while he was landing and noticed that there were a total of 8 players who jumped from the plane.

Inclusive of himself, there were four players at School whereas two players were at the puzzle buildings and two players had decided to look for vehicles to loot at less crowded spots. After all, there were quite a number of vehicles around School.

Nonetheless, evidently, the majority of them landed in School to shoot it out.

As a matter of fact, it made sense because School was well known to be a landing spot in PUBG solo matches for shoot-outs. If one did not jump and land at School to compete on shooting skills, what was the point?

Once Liu Zilang opened his parachute, he watched as the other three players circled above School's rooftop as they were heading over there. He could not help but pray in silence.

'Give me a gun!

'I'm not asking for much!

'I just want one!'

However, the second he landed, he was stupefied.

After he had landed on the east side of the rooftop, he looked around him. There was not even a pistol lying around. Only one frag grenade could be found.

'Is it hinting me to frag myself?'

Upon seeing it, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

Right then, he heard footsteps near him.

Liu Zilang picked up the frag grenade and then turned to look. He saw that the other person who had landed on the rooftop had picked up a pistol.

Once that player noticed that Liu Zilang was empty-handed, he was so certain that he would kill Liu Zilang for sure, whereby he ran toward him while reloading his pistol.

Liu Zilang wondered to himself, 'How can he be such a bully!

'It's bad enough that I don't have a gun, why's there a brute near me too?'

Since Liu Zilang had no room to think at all, he quickly ran toward the dormer of the lecture theatre.

In the game, the players who were jumping to Sosnovka Military Base had not even landed yet and no disputes were happening in other locations.

Therefore, the four players who had jumped to School naturally became the spotlight of the match. They were being watched closely by the casters and spectators.

\"Oh no! Looks like Vic will most likely be the first player to die in this match.\"

\"The player chasing behind Vic is Lans, the rifler from 5Peaks. It looks like he has his eyes fixed on Vic now and is determined to make him get the reversed chicken dinner.\"

\"Oh! Vic has jumped down from the lecture theatre's dormer!\"


With both hands on the ground, Liu Zilang supported himself after he jumped into the lecture theatre through the dormer.

Anxious, he looked around him and his face turned dark again!

Apart from a pan, there was basically nothing else around him.

\"Deng, deng, deng-!\"


He could clearly hear that person from the rooftop loading his gun, and he was getting closer to him.

In the moment of desperation, Liu Zilang ran to the corridor while he quickly retrieved his frag grenade and turned around to toss it at the dormer.

However, he must have really rushed his throw.

A clinking sound was heard!

The frag grenade hit the dormer's frame, and ended up rebounding back to where he was.

Upon seeing this, most spectators in the stadium were struck dumb but quickly dissolved into waves of laughter.

\"Hahaha, is this the new talent that Sy mentioned about? I think he's here to fool around.\"

\"Indeed, he's really putting on a show! My face is turning numb from laughing too much!\"

\"Tsk tsk, I heard that he's a streamer from Douyu's Attractive Section.\"

\"No, really, the eSports environment in our country is in such a mess now. If you're a streamer, you should just stick to streaming live. Why must he embarrass himself in an international competition? It'll be great if he could give his spot to other professional players.\"

\"Looks like the first reverse chicken dinner of the day will be awarded to 4AM. I heard that 4AM was also the squad that got a reversed chicken dinner in the previous competition, it's truly the continuation of their legacy!\"

In the stadium, fans from all squads were present but most of them neither watched Liu Zilang's live streams nor any videos from Douyu.

Hence, once they saw Liu Zilang throw a grenade that rebounded back to him, they began mocking him.

Clearly, Liu Zilang was unaware of their thoughts.

The second he saw the grenade rebounding back to him, he was utterly shocked as well. Thus, he escaped swiftly.

Fortunately, he did not cook the grenade so it gave him time to run away from the scene of the explosion.

However, once Liu Zilang escaped, Lans who had jumped down through the dormer happened to appear.

Earlier on, he heard a \"clinking\" sound and knew that his opponent must have thrown a frag grenade.

Despite that, when he heard footsteps coming from the corridor, he thought that it was impossible for his opponent to set a trap for him. Thus, he quickly chased after him with his rifle.

Who knew that the instant Lans arrived at the corridor, flames would rise up from under his feet.

A \"boom\" sound was heard!

Before long, he flew away in the smoke, hit the ceiling above him and then ended up falling to the ground before turning into a crate.

When the spectators witnessed this unexpected scene, their laughing faces froze!