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274 Aishiteru!

 Translator's Note: Title means I love you in Japanese

The girl wore a black hoodie which appeared to be a team hoodie and her big eyes were wide open at that moment.

The instant she saw Liu Zilang, she was extremely surprised so much so that her mouth hung open...

Truthfully, before coming to the offline competition, Liu Zilang was prepared to see some familiar faces.

Nonetheless, during the few years when he played as a professional player, other than offline competitions, he rarely interacted with players from other teams.

Aside from Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu from his team, Bai Shaobin was the only person from another team who had seen Liu Zilang without a face mask.

Among the many people, though there was this one person who had never seen Liu Zilang's face as well, they had met online.

That person was the girl with the big eyes.

The girl was a Japanese who had extremely cute looks but was slightly chunibyou[1]. She was a Japanese online friend of Liu Zilang when he was still a professional player.

Of course, it was not that kind of evil-customed \"online love affair\".

In actual fact, the cute Japanese girl was also a former CS:GO professional player who played for Japan's SST Club, and her professional ID was Menhera. She was quite a popular figure in Japan since there were generally more otakus there. Thus, pretty eSports gamers were more welcomed.

Two years ago during an Asia FPS invitational tournament, as the lurker in her squad, she was ruthlessly tortured by Liu Zilang.

When the tournament ended, she went to the resting room backstage and found Liu Zilang who was known to be the \"World's Top FPS Genius\" in the FPS professional scene back then. She bowed to him and asked in all seriousness for Liu Zilang to be her master.

Liu Zilang vaguely recalled it to be summertime, yet the girl's team uniform was rather baggy.

Initially, he felt that their uniform was odd...

'Asking me to be her master?

'She must be chunibyou...


'It'll be two hundred per person, guaranteed to master some skills.'

However, once the girl bowed to him, the youthful Liu Zilang gave in...

Therefore, from then on, Misaka Mikoto became his online female apprentice who was also a professional player.

Of course, that also meant that Shen Zeyan unknowingly had a female apprentice under his apprentice.

For all that, after Liu Zilang retired six months ago, the two of them stopped contacting each other.

By the time he was done with his trip down memory lane, Misaka Mikoto's eyes were shining even brighter.

Liu Zilang could not help but panic.

He was so afraid that she would bow to him in public and call him \"master\" in Mandarin, just like how he taught her.

Should that happen, his \"glorious\" name would be destroyed right away...

When Liu Zilang pictured that, he put his index finger up to signal her to keep quiet!

Afterward, he shook his head slowly.

Upon seeing his gesture, Misaka Mikoto realized what he meant and nodded in response.

Liu Zilang sighed a long breath of relief and finally put a smile on his face.

At the end of the day, the little chemistry between the master and apprentice was still existent...

However, the second he turned around, he saw GodV, Aluka, and Cpt staring at him with surprised looks.

Earlier on when Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto had eye contact, the three of them witnessed the whole process.

\"A little missie?\"

\"A little missie who plays professionally?\"

\"A little Japanese missie who plays professionally?\"

They glanced back and forth at Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto for a few times.

All at once, they furrowed their brows. They felt that things were not as simple as it seemed.

Right then, the stadium was almost filled with spectators and the commentators from a few countries were seated on the commentary platform.

On Hua Xia's commentary seats that were situated in the center of the stadium, three commentators were seated.

\"Hello everybody, I'm Su Changming!\"

\"I'm Ms-Joy!\"

\"I'm Sy, hello everyone.\"

As soon as the camera was on them, the three commentators greeted the spectators from the three official live streaming platforms namely Douyu, Huya, and PandaTV.

Quickly after, Ms-Joy said with a smile, \"Honestly speaking, I'm very fortunate to be commentating this competition. I can't believe that the first PUBG international competition is happening. It's such a surprise.\"

\"Mmm, that's right.\" Sy nodded as he took over, \"Today, many heavyweight players from the FPS scene are gathered here. For example, Guru Qiu from Se7en, Big Brother from IFTY, and the renowned 'Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods' are finally here together. The thought of it simply sparks excitement in all of us!\"

When Su Changming heard him, he commented as well, \"I think that not only the old players from the FPS scene are gathered here today, but there are many new talents as well.

\"For instance, there are GodV and Aluka from 4AM, Vking from IFTY, and SexyPIG from Team Anarchy from Korea. Which is why the battle between both the old and new generations is one of the highlights of today's competition!\"

Upon hearing Su Changming's comment, Sy could not help but add, \"Speaking of new talents, I think you probably missed out one, Boss Su. It's the new sniper in 4AM, Vic. I'm also one who plays the sniper role and from my perspective, Vic's sniping skills are unquestionable. Perhaps his mindset is still far away from Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods but it's not too much to call him a new talent, right?\"

\"Hehe...about that...\" When Su Changming heard Sy, he shook his head while smiling bitterly.

He thought to himself, 'That fella isn't a new talent at all, he's an old pickled cucumber...'

Right then, there was a clamor at the spectator seats in the stadium.

Many people were shouting with their hands beside their mouths, \"Menhera-chan! Aishteru! Aishiteru!\"

Ms-Joy took a glance at the player seats and then chuckled. \"Oh! Looks like we've forgotten about another person, the zestful girl, Menhera. This Japanese girl shouldn't be underestimated at all. I wonder how her performance will stand out in this competition.

\"Alright, without further ado.\" Su Changming looked up and said, \"The players are almost done preparing. Before the final confirmation, let's take a look at the teams' pre-match videos. Oh! The caster is showing us Team 4AM.\"

On the stage, four gigantic LCD screens were hung.

As soon as Su Changming finished, Team 4AM's promotional video appeared on the screens.

It started with GodV, then Cpt, then Aluka...

At last, Liu Zilang appeared.

The second his manifesto was heard, all the spectators twitched their eyes.

'He's trying to cause trouble, isn't he!'

The three commentators on the commentary platform were stunned too.

A few moments later, Ms-Joy forced a laugh. \"Ahem, looks like Vic is quite a humorous player, I guess it's his way of paying tribute.\"

\"Yes. We've just received news from backstage that the players are ready.\" Su Changming clapped his hands. \"I believe that the audience can't wait any longer, so let's begin today's first Solo match.\"

Right after he announced that, the stage lights flickered.

At the same time, the rumbling sound of an airplane was heard!


[1] A popular Japanese term used to describe people who think they know how the world works, and acts like they are far more special than others