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273 Asia’s Qualifier!

 When Liu Zilang heard the noise behind him, his heart sank and the supposedly high-spirited smile on his face instantly froze.

He turned his head carefully and his eyes twitched.

Beside Liu Zilang's electric motorcycle, Zhang Xiaotong was seen on the ground. She was looking back at him with a reddened face.

Liu Zilang quickly got off to help Zhang Xiaotong up as he pre-empted her, \"That... look at you... why can't you be more careful?\"

'If you weren't so loud, I...'

Zhang Xiaotong stared at Liu Zilang snappily, pouted her lips, stood up with her backpack and then walked away with big strides.

In the end, she slowed down after a few steps.

Evidently, she had fallen painfully...

Liu Zilang quickly pushed his electric motorcycle to catch up to Zhang Xiaotong and then spoke to her gently, \"Alright, alright. Earlier on, it was my fault, I shouldn't have been so loud. Get on the motorcycle, I'll send you to school.\"

Once again, Zhang Xiaotong's face was flushed red, and she scoffed. \"I don't need you to send me! I'll walk there myself!\"

Just as Liu Zilang was about to reply to her, he suddenly remembered that Zhang Xiaotong had fallen on her butt just now so he decided to just shut up.

'Looks like I won't be able to make it up to her today.'

He sighed to himself and only followed her to the bus stop.

From a distance, Liu Zilang saw Jiang Yumeng, the loli with glasses standing there as well. From the looks of it, she stayed nearby.

When Jiang Yumeng saw Zhang Xiaotong, she immediately waved at her.

Later, she was confused when she saw Liu Zilang riding an electric scooter beside her...

'What's going on?'

As soon as they arrived at the bus stop, Liu Zilang said to Jiang Yumeng seriously, \"Comrade Yumeng, I'll hand Xiaotong-chan over to you! Please make sure that you send her to school!\"


Jiang Yumeng blinked as she looked at Liu Zilang with a puzzled look.

\"Oh right! Xiaotong just...\"

When Liu Zilang was halfway through his sentence, Zhang Xiaotong scoffed.

The moment he turned to look, he saw the little girl glaring at him furiously. It looked like she would bite him if he dared to speak of the incident.

Upon seeing her, Liu Zilang who had a strong desire decided to act rationally. Thus, he changed his sentence, \"Xiaotong just left the house. Mmm, I'll be leaving now, carry on with your conversation!\"

Right after Liu Zilang finished, he got onto his electric motorcycle again.

'Time to leave, time to leave!'


In the afternoon, Liu Zilang rushed to make it for lunchtime. By the time he arrived at the base of 4AM's recreational club in Jianghai, GodV and the others were at the recreational club's dining hall as they had ordered food.

When GodV saw Liu Zilang, he immediately greeted him with a smile, \"What a coincidence, hehe, come join us for lunch.\"

\"What do you mean by coincidence? When I was here last time, I remembered when you ordered food...\" Liu Zilang halted halfway.

GodV was at a loss for words.

Right then, Long Shenjue, \"Asia's Number Two Commander\" who had a beer belly walked over to them with a thermos flask.

Liu Zilang cast a sidelong glance to check out what it was but Long Shenjue quickly noticed him and closed his flask.

Although the two of them had only known each other for a short period of time, he was crystal clear of Liu Zilang's despicable character. If he were to see what was inside the flask, he would probably comment a thing or two about it.

Afterward, Long Shenjue mentioned, \"Perfect, let's eat together since you're here. I'll also take the time to talk to you about the participating teams this afternoon.\"

\"That's very nice of you.\" While Liu Zilang said that, he pulled an eSports chair over and then made his way to a glass coffee table where all the food was placed on. He took a deep breath in, and expressed, \"It smells so good!\"

When Cpt saw his reaction, he smiled and passed him a boxed meal.

Liu Zilang quickly received it with both hands. \"Thank you! Eat up! Eat up! Don't just sit there.\"

The others were totally speechless.

\"Oh, right.\" Liu Zilang adjusted himself on the chair and then asked, \"What's the brand of your eSports chair? It's quite wide.\"

\"AutoFull!\" Aluka responded.

On top of that, he added, \"AutoFull's eSports chair, roomy even for a pig.\"

\"Ahem...\" GodV who was digging into his food almost choked.

He drank some water from a mineral bottle. \"Aluka, you're starting again?\"

\"I'm just kidding! Haha.\" Aluka dissolved into laughter.

\"Ahem, let's get back to serious business.\" Long Shenjue put his thermos flask down and then took a box of fried rice noddles from the coffee table.

As he ate, he uttered, \"For this afternoon's Asia's Qualifier, there are a total of 5 teams from Hua Xia District, namely Se7en, IG, Tyloo, IFTY, and us, 4AM. In the end, only 3 out of the 24 participating teams in Asia will get a bid in the world tournament, so there'll be some competition. All of you must do your best.\"

\"Wait a minute, there are 5 participating teams from Hua Xia District in the Asia Qualifier?\" Liu Zilang felt strange.

Long Shenjue nodded. \"Yes. There will be four teams from Korea, three from Japan, and some from Southeast Asia.\"

Liu Zilang nodded after he heard his reply and then soundlessly took the piece of chicken that was in front of him.


At 3:00pm, Stadium Jianghai.

Tencent was quite experienced in organizing large-scale offline competitions such that the tickets for the qualifiers had been sold out half a month ago.

At that time, the entrance to the stadium was packed with a crowd of people lining up to get in.

From the looks of it, most spectators were in groups of two or three. They were having feverish discussions of the first international PUBG offline competition that was about to take place.

The moment Liu Zilang and the others arrived by car, they entered the stadium through a dedicated passage for players. They then began connecting and testing their devices.

Due to the distinctiveness of a PUBG competition, the center of the Jianghai Stadium was decorated to simulate a plane cabin. It was separated into three rows, whereby each row had eight sets of equipment which was prepared for the 24 participating teams.

Apart from this, the desks which the sets of equipment were placed on were movable. This avoided players from looking at each other's screen, especially during Solo matches.

When Liu Zilang, GodV, and the others arrived, they were led by Long Shenjue to verify their identities and then directed by a staff member to their designated seats. Later on, the four of them began connecting their peripheral devices.

Brought by Liu Zilang was a set of mouse and keyboard that was momentarily taken from 4AM's base. Within a short amount of time, he finished setting up and was done testing the device for bugs.

Subsequently, it was time to activate his live streaming channel.

Owing to the fact that Asia's Qualifier was the first ever international competition, in order to gain influence and attention, Tencent gave special permission to the players to stream live during the competition. The only thing was that they had a strict requirement on the time delay and sound settings.

At that time, not far away from where 4AM's players were sitting at, one side had players from Korea who were conversing in their mother tongue, whereas another side had players from Thailand.

Once Liu Zilang was done testing his mouse, he looked left and right before he suddenly froze.

On a player's seat somewhere in front of him, a girl looked at him in shock too...