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272 Let Onii-chan Give You A Ride!

 While Liu Zilang, the lunatic died after wrecking all the boats, Yoona got the chicken dinner with zero kills. The spectators in his live streaming channel were in a daze!

\"Oh my god! A chicken dinner with zero kills, could this be the peace chicken that symbolizes love and redemption?\"

\"Hahaha, I suppose Yoona noona is completely baffled, she got chicken dinner by just observing fights from afar.\"

\"It turns out that Vic had a reason for ditching Yoona, he wanted to bear everything alone! Even if he had to die, he'd let Yoona win chicken dinner!\"

\"System: Favorability from Yoona +666! Waaaaa! When can I be as outstanding as you?\"

\"F*ck! Vic is too d*mn cunning, how could he do that to gain favorability from Yoona noona? Yoona, stand firm! Everything's fake! It's just an illusion!\"

Following this, they continued playing a few rounds of the beta test version to test the new map. The atmosphere in their squad had become livelier.

Through it all, SexyPIG who had to \"endure the humiliation\" tried to recover lost ground. Sadly, in terms of having a despicable character, a real sexy pig was no match for Liu Zilang at all, let alone a fake sexy pig like him.

The four of them played till around 11:00pm when Yoona mentioned that she was beginning to feel sleepy. Hence, they bid each other farewell. Before Yoona left, Liu Zilang and Yoona added each other as friends in the game.

Of course, SexyPIG was still sour when they said goodbye.


Before he went offline, he took a good look at his ID and engraved it deeply in his mind.

Little did SexyPIG know that from then on, Liu Zilang's ID would be a nightmare for him for the next few days...


It was Friday the following morning.

The autumn weather was refreshing, and the Sun shone brightly.

Though Liu Zilang and the others had no classes, the Asia Qualifier was to be carried out that afternoon.

After Liu Zilang had finished playing with Yoona and the others the night before, he ended his live stream as well. Perhaps because there was a competition the following day, he woke up quite early.

Speaking of which, back when he played professionally, he suffered from insomnia each night when there was a competition the next day.

Owing to the lack of sleep, he always rushed home to nap after his competitions. On top of that, he always wore a face mask, so he appeared to be much more mysterious to his fans.

His whereabouts were always so uncertain that they thought he was illusory...

At that time, after having breakfast outside, Liu Zilang packed some food for Zhang Xiaotong.

When Liu Zilang opened the door and heard the sound of flowing water from the basin, he knew that the little girl was awake.

After placing her breakfast in the living room, he walked over to find Zhang Xiaotong who wore brown koala pajamas. She was brushing her teeth with squinted eyes. Clearly, she was not fully awake.

Liu Zilang chuckled to himself and shook his head.

Out of nowhere, 98K came over and rubbed itself against Liu Zilang's legs as it meowed.

The moment Zhang Xiaotong heard 98K, she opened her eyes a little more.

However, when she saw Liu Zilang in the mirror, she harrumphed and then turned her head to the other side!


Liu Zilang was puzzled.

He wondered why she gave him such a disdainful look so early in the morning.

Unable to make head or tail of the situation, Liu Zilang was about to confront her.

Right then, Zhang Xiaotong held up her pink Peppa Pig cup and then gargled with her head lifted up.

Liu Zilang was speechless.

He glanced at 98K which was beside him and crouched to carry it.

When 98K left the ground, it turned to look at Liu Zilang with its watery eyes and then moved his paws around lazily as it meowed again. It was simply adorable.

Liu Zilang took a look at 98K before turning to look at Zhang Xiaotong.

In a trice, an immature thought crossed his mind.

'If I exchange their identities, 98K becomes Zhang Xiaotong, and Zhang Xiaotong becomes 98K...


The moment Liu Zilang pictured Zhang Xiaotong as an orange cat, he burst out laughing.

In front of the basin, when Zhang Xiaotong who was gargling saw Liu Zilang laughing, she stared at him snappily!

Of course, if she found out about Liu Zilang's immature thought, Liu Zilang would not just receive something as simple as a stare.


In the living room.

Liu Zilang sat on the couch and turned on the television to watch the morning news whereas Zhang Xiaotong ate her breakfast at the dining table.

All of a sudden, Liu Zilang cast a look at Zhang Xiaotong and reminded her, \"Student Xiaotong-chan, don't stream live till late at night next time. Your body is still growing, you must get enough sleep.\"

\"Hmph! I took a break last night.\" Zhang Xiaotong pouted. \"I didn't stream live!\"

Since she did not look like she was lying, Liu Zilang asked curiously, \"Then why do you look like you haven't gotten enough sleep? Were you secretly playing games?\"

\"I won't play games alone, nobody will be there to carry me...\"

When Zhang Xiaotong replied, she stopped halfway and buried her head.

Liu Zilang was startled.

This was because he vaguely saw a gloomy look on the little girl's face...

He pondered to himself and felt that it was not as simple as he thought.

'Did she watch my live stream yesterday?

'She probably saw me having a good time playing PUBG with two noonas and stared at her computer screen by herself...

'It does feel like I shouldn't have done that.

'Ah, I miscalculated!'

Liu Zilang rubbed his forehead and regretted as he should have kicked SexyPIG out of the squad the night before...

If SexyPIG who was mentally crushed a few times knew about Liu Zilang's thoughts, he would probably curse at him...


In order to make it up to the little girl, Liu Zilang ran to the small garage downstairs to get his electric motorcycle.

It used to be his mount when he battled his way through junior high school and he rarely used it ever since he moved back.

Once Liu Zilang inserted the key and saw that there was still power in it, he became elated.

Coincidentally, Zhang Xiaotong went downstairs with her backpack. Thus, Liu Zilang quickly placed his elbow on the electric motorcycle as if he was posing and called out to her in high spirits, \"Let's go! Onii-chan will send you to school!\"

Since it was still morning hours, many residents were heading out to work or to school.

Upon hearing Liu Zilang, the crowd cast curious looks at them.

Zhang Xiaotong was especially embarrassed, such that she glared at Liu Zilang angrily.

Liu Zilang immediately realized that it seemed inappropriate, so he coughed to break the awkward situation. \"There's no time to explain! Quick, get on the motorcycle!\"

Zhang Xiaotong was stunned for a while, his words sounded familiar to her.

Nonetheless, since they were the center of attention now, she ran small steps over and got onto the back seat of the electric motorcycle.

With that being said, since she rarely sat on an electric motorcycle, she felt rather nervous.

As soon as she hopped onto the back seat, she lost her balance and fell on four limbs on the other side.

A thump was heard!

On the spur of the moment, her surroundings became dead silent!