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271 Peace Chicken! Part 2

 Out of the blue, the players on Factory Island heard fiery and rapid gunshots!

'Who's fighting?'

As soon as they began to ponder, a \"boom\" was heard!

It sounded like something had exploded...

'Wait a minute!'

The players from the three-man squad on Factory Island watched on as their eyes twitched. Their boat was burning in flames!

'Which rascal did this!'

Next, fiercer gunshots were heard!



This time, it was not once, but twice!

By the shore, an Aquarail and a speedboat were seen ablaze. Black soot fumed into the air from them!

\"You blew up our boat! Did you think that we wouldn't do the same?\" Mr. FDM who was hiding behind a rock sneered and then put away his SCAR-L.

However, his teammates who were startled felt their eyes twitch!

One of them refrained himself from bashing him as he shouted, \"Brother! Did you consider how we're going to leave if you wreck the boat?\"

\"Ah?\" Mr. FDM was stunned, and he scratched his head. \"It didn't cross my mind.\"

Another player said with a low voice, \"You better think now. Or else, things won't end well when you return to your room tonight.\"

Upon hearing him, Mr. FDM was shocked, and instantly looked terrified...

After destroying the two boats, Liu Zilang put his gun away.

Subsequently, he crept to the left side of the shore with the help of cover.

\"What are you doing?\" SexyPIG who was behind him was rather baffled.

\"Go on!\" Liu Zilang encouraged, \"Go, go, go!\"

'Go your *ss!'

SexyPIG's face turned dark!

He was absolutely clueless as to why Liu Zilang ruined those boats.

Nonetheless, what made him even more dumbfounded was before he could catch up to Liu Zilang, he was bombed by a frag grenade that was thrown in his direction. He was killed right away after he had been knocked out!

'A ssibba!!!'

SexyPIG was hot under the collar!

At that time, if he knew who actually bombed him, his resentment toward Liu Zilang would be on a whole new level. This was because it was the \"victim\" of the first boat that had been bombed by Liu Zilang...

When Liu Zilang realized that SexyPIG had died, he grieved for him silently.

A second later, after avoiding his opponents, he did not launch a sneak attack on them. Instead, he continued searching along the shore.

Soon enough, Liu Zilang found a speedboat and an Aquarail at the dock.

Right away, he chuckled as he raised his AUG!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

After a magazine of bullets had been fired on full-auto, the Aquarail was wrecked.

Liu Zilang scoffed. \"Tsk tsk! This gun is so stable!\"

When the spectators in his live streaming channel witnessed what he did, they flooded the bullet screen!

\"I! Vic! Blasted the boats!\"

\"Beep! Your friend, 'Boat Destroyer', is online!\"

\"F*ck...this person is too uneducated! He's a lunatic!\"

\"Hahaha, there's only one boat left! The players on the island will cry when the blue circle shrinks later.\"

Once Liu Zilang demolished the Aquarail, he quickly made his way to the other boat. Who knew that just as he was about to take his first step, gunshots would be heard behind him.

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

Countless bullets flew toward him like rain pattering on the beach. They landed right in front of Liu Zilang.

\"F*ck! Who's attacking me!\" Liu Zilang was taken by surprise, and he immediately froze.

He hid behind cover at the dock as he turned to look around, but realized that the war that was going on behind him had stopped.

At that moment, players could be seen on his left and right sides.

Clearly, the players from other squads on this island were alerted by him. When they heard the gunshots from the dock, they knew that a mischief-maker was causing trouble again. Hence, they stopped fighting each other and rushed over.

Despite that, when they arrived, there was only one boat left at the dock!

'F*ck...does this player have something against the boats?!'

Upon seeing the situation, the remaining players on the island were flustered. Among them, two hot-tempered players instantly fired shots toward where Liu Zilang was hiding!

'F*ck you for destroying the boats!

'I'm going to kill you!'

\"Da, da, da-!\"

All of a sudden, familiar gunshots were heard!

In a trice, sparks ignited on the only boat left in the ocean!

Everyone else was utterly shocked!

'Who the f*ck hit the last boat?'

Right then, the two players who were shooting at Liu Zilang stopped.

The shots aimed at the boat came to a stop too.

'What's going on?'

Somebody attempted to shoot at the dock.

As soon as he made the shot, a shot was also fired from the dock and the boat suffered another hit...

When the other players realized what was going on, their faces turned dark!

'If you shoot me, I'll shoot the boat!' Liu Zilang said to himself.

He was plainly threatening them!

\"Brother! Can you hear me, brother!\"

\"Calm down, can we talk about this?\"

\"That's right! The fight should remain between us, don't vent it on the boat!\"

At that time, roughly 20 seconds were left on the timer before the blue circle shrank. Thus, the other players tried to persuade him to back down.

Obviously, it was all just a swindle because they only wanted to distract Liu Zilang, the \"lunatic\" while they sneaked closer to the dock.

After all, there was only one boat left. As naive as they could be, they knew very well that no two teams would survive.

'Traveling in the same boat together?

'Sorry, that won't happen!'

Followed by that, when there were only 10 seconds left before the blue circle shrank, the remaining squads on the island moved at the same time. They charged toward the dock from all directions!

At that time, the two squads had a common target, Liu Zilang who was hiding at the dock.

That was because while the players from those squads fought it out, Liu Zilang would simply destroy all the boats!

For that reason, they had to get rid of such uncertainty!

Liu Zilang did not expect himself to suddenly become the target. When he noticed the other players aiming at him, he felt so wronged that he... began shooting the boat again.


Seeing how the boat was about to explode, the other players became even more distressed!

\"Quick! Kill him!\"

\"Hurry, hurry! F*ck that b*stard up!\"

Liu Zilang only sneered. After firing a few shots with his AUG, he reached for a frag grenade!

'Fire in the hole!'

The next instant, everyone who was present watched in terror as the frag grenade formed a parabola in the air and then landed on the speedboat.

An explosion was heard!

Flames burst into the air, followed by thick smoke that spread to the surrounding!

The other players were so outraged that they began shooting crazily at Liu Zilang.

Due to the hail of bullets, Liu Zilang finally met his end. Right before he died, he even let out an ear-piercing cheer!

\"For...Demacia (TN: Demacia is one of the factions in League of Legends)!\"

At the same time he collapsed, the third last blue circle began shrinking...

Roughly half a minute later, Yoona who was trembling as she crouched in the little wooden house on Coconut Tree Island was stunned as she watched the number of players alive on the top right corner of her screen decrease.

\"FlyingDutch died outside play zone!\"

\"YouAreAdmin died outside play zone!\"

\"DeepFriedFish died outside play zone!\"

\"WildfireInSeptember died outside play zone!\"


Later, the image on her screen froze!

\"Winner winner chicken dinner!\"

When Yoona saw this, due to the whole day of dying multiple times whenever they landed in Pecado, she was so surprised that her mouth was wide open. Her eyes widened!

'A chicken dinner...just like that?'