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270 Peace Chicken! Part 1

 It was impossible for Liu Zilang to leave without SexyPIG, he was not a heartless person.

Therefore, after sending Yoona to the opposite shore, he swiftly turned the Aquarail around to go fetch him.

After SexyPIG had recovered from his shock, he gritted his teeth and then began to swim tirelessly in the ocean.

When he noticed that Liu Zilang was returning with the Aquarail, he was enraged!

'Even if I, SexyPIG were to die from fatigue, by the blue circle, or drown in the ocean, I'll never get on your jet ski!'

Once Liu Zilang returned with the Aquarail, he and saw that SexyPIG had gone underwater. Liu Zilang was startled.

'What's going on?'

Quickly after, Liu Zilang steered the Aquarail around SexyPIG for a few times. However, SexyPIG still remained underwater. Hence, he was ready to leave.

On the other hand, SexyPIG who was underwater thought to himself, 'F*ck you, you stunned me twice, you better apologize!

'Or else, don't think that I'll get on your jet ski!'

Indistinctly, he somehow saw Liu Zilang shedding bitter tears as he felt remorse for what he had done.

However, SexyPIG was struck dumb when Liu Zilang left after circling around him for a few times!

'Wait up!

'The script isn't supposed to be like this!

'A ssibba...'

As SexyPIG turned around and saw the blue circle shrinking toward him, he felt doomed!

'I, SexyPIG, Asia's Number One S686!

'Am I really going to die in the ocean because of the blue circle?'

SexyPIG imagined himself sinking to the seabed after being knocked out by the blue circle... he could not help but quiver!

The next second, his strong desire to survive took over his mind.

SexyPIG yelled at the top of his lungs, \"Hey! Hey! My brother! Come on! I'm here!\"

Seeing as the \"sufferer\" behind him still yearned to live, Liu Zilang somewhat sympathized him. Hence, he turned the Aquarail around again to pick SexyPIG up.

Once SexyPIG was on the jet ski, he held onto Liu Zilang's waist tightly.

The Aquarail braved the wind and waves as it zoomed across the ocean, leaving a fine white trail behind it.

Greeted by the ocean breeze, SexyPIG realised how fast their speed was compared to when he was swimming.

He lamented to himself, 'We're going so fast!'

For all that, all of a sudden, a series of rapid and intense gunshots were heard coming from where they were heading to, Coconut Tree Island .

\"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh-!\"

Next thing they knew, countless shots were fired at them!

It turned out that a squad of players that was on the island heard the sound of Liu Zilang's Aquarail when he sent Yoona to shore just now. Hence, they noticed them.

By the time Liu Zilang went back for SexyPIG, the players on the island went over to the shore and found the two of them.

Given the circumstances, they would be gambling on the outcome if they were to counterattack blindly.

Liu Zilang never gambled!

He quickly changed directions and headed to Factory Island instead.

On Coconut Tree Island, Yoona who was hiding in a small house near the shore was trembling with fear when she heard the gunshots.

In the blink of an eye, she realized that Liu Zilang had left with SexyPIG.

Of course, Liu Zilang who had gone away did not forget about Yoona, by which he called out to her in their voice chat, \"Yoona! Fighting!!!\"


Upon hearing him, Yoona who was left all alone on the island was stunned.

'Who am I?

'Where am I?

'What should I do?'

'Yoona, wait for me! I'll come save you!\"

\"Wah! You're such a brute! How could you leave Yoona alone on the island!\"

\"How dare you say that you're not gay!!! You ditched Yoona, and ran away with SexyPIG! Let's crush this gay streamer!\"

When Liu Zilang left without turning back, the spectators in his live streaming channel condemned him!

At that time, Liu Zilang and SexyPIG arrived at the side of Factory Island.

However, right away, players who were on the island noticed them.

In a trice, a crossfire took place as both parties fired shots while hiding behind cover, causing the sound of gunshots to spread throughout the area.

Since the players on Coconut Tree Island had cleared the island they were at, when they heard fierce gunshots coming from the island beside theirs, as a four-man squad, they were itching to join the fight.

In that match, other than Pecado where almost half of the participating players landed at, other locations on the huge map were basically unoccupied.

For the players on Coconut Tree Island, it was their first time playing in Miramar, and they landed at Campo Militar which was located at the top right corner of the map.

From then on, all they did was outrun the blue circle, outrun the blue circle, and outrun the blue circle...

The four of them were almost going crazy from running.

At that time, they finally encountered opponents who managed to escape as well, so they decided to take advantage of the chase and made their way to the other island.

Previously, they journeyed to the island from the mainland with a speedboat, which was then parked on the east side of Coconut Tree Island.

Once the few of them were on their speedboat, they went to the other island by avoiding where Liu Zilang and SexyPIG disembarked. They then quickly alighted on the other side of Factory Island.

With that, other than Yoona who was still hiding on the north side of Coconut Tree Island, out of the 15 players who were still alive, 12 players were on Factory Island.

As for the remaining two players, there were no more speedboats for them to travel from the mainland to the islands. Thus, they were swimming their way out of the blue circle.

Not long after, the borders of the blue circle and the safe zone aligned and two kill notifications of players dying outside the play zone appeared on the screen. In the blink of an eye, only 13 players were left on the battleground.

As for the safe zone, it appeared on the north side of Coconut Tree Island.

Upon seeing it, the players from the four-man squad that had left for the other island were dumbfounded.

\"F*ck! Are you kidding me?\"

\"Motherf*cker! Who suggested we come to Factory Island!\"

\"You b*stard, weren't you the one who said that you're itching for a fight because we didn't encounter any opponents just now?\"

\"The problem now is that we have to hurry back as soon as possible!\"

All of a sudden, the four players retreated and made their way back to their speedboat.

With that being said, although nobody bothered about them when they came to the island, now that they wanted to enter the safe zone before everyone else, of course, they had to seek permission.


A loud gunshot was heard!

Instantly, the Level Two Military Helmet of one of the players who was running in front shattered into pieces. He then collapsed to the ground.

\"Vic123 knocked out Mr. FSM by headshot with Kar98K!\"

Evidently, Liu Zilang was the first to disapprove!

After Mr. FDM was knocked out, he quivered in fear. Frightened, he crawled his way to a big rock by the shore while he complained, \"I told you guys! Don't come here, don't come here! We should've just stayed there and hid far away from our opponents!\"

\"Why didn't you say so just now! Did we shut your mouth?\"

\"I... I was eating!\"


Nevertheless, with Liu Zilang's \"98K warning\", the few players were aware that someone was keeping an eye on them. Hence, they dared not act rashly.

Fortunately, there were many large rocks by the shore. As long as they crouched without moving around, Liu Zilang and SexyPIG were not able to hit them.

A brief moment later, the player who was knocked out was revived by his teammates.

As a matter of course, the lull was temporary.

WIth the time ticking for the blue circle to shrink, the players on the island could not stay still any longer.

However, Liu Zilang remained positive about the situation, whereby a familiar smile could be seen on his face.