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269 A Soldier’s General Knowledge!

 \"Ding ding clang clang ding ding!\"

Bullets whizzed here and there, and sparks were everywhere as the three-wheeled motorcycle was under heavy fire.


All three of them on the motorcycle had lost half of their health points as blood started spurting out from around their bodies.

The two enemies by the window screamed excitedly as they fired their weapons.

\"A flying car? Why don't you moon us as well?\"

\"Hahaha! I'm going to f*cking kill you!\"

As the motorcycle approached them, the two players felt that... something was not right!

'Hold up!'

'Why is the motorcycle heading toward us!'



The two of them reacted swiftly as they put away their weapons and tried to evade it.

However, it was too late!

A thud could be heard as the motorcycle crashed into the window. Half of the vehicle had even gone through it!

The two players by the window did not have the chance to bid farewell as the motorcycle jammed itself into the window and hit them from behind.

At that instant, the two players were sent flying toward the wall!

\"Vic123 rammed TheGuardianOfTheBlueCircle to death!\"

\"Vicc123 rammed WaitForMeMyLove to death!\"

The viewers from the live stream gasped in astonishment as they witnessed the flying motorcycle crash stunt!

\"Amazing! He managed to ram someone to death! What a smart move!\"

\"Warning! He has crashed into private property. He'll be receiving a lawyer's letter!\"

\"Hahaha. This is too funny. I wonder how traumatized the two guys inside the building are.\"

Inside the game, the two players were speechless by the cause of their deaths.

It would make up for their incompetence if they were not able to avoid an incoming vehicle outside.

However, since they managed to get rammed to death by a vehicle inside a building, it was basically telling them to quit the game.

As compared to the two players that had been rammed to death, Liu Zilang and the two of them in the three-wheeled motorcycle had a second chance at life!

Liu Zilang let out a sigh of relief as he assessed the situation.

However, he shook his head and acted very casually. \"Aiya. How dare they get in the way of my charge. Stupid mortals!\"

The viewers from the live stream wanted to pick up shovels and buckets as they were very tempted to purify his heart when they saw the smug look on his face.

However, the viewers noticed that the smile on Liu Zilang's face had froze!

\"Get down! Quickly!\" Liu Zilang shouted.

Liu Zilang immediately got out of the car and jumped out of the window as the three-wheeled motorcycle wiggled chaotically on the first floor's window.

\"Huh? Okay!\"

Yoona was startled by Liu Zilang's horrified shout and got out of the vehicle immediately.

Somin, on the other hand, was peeking at the two crates through a gap in the window.

She was startled by Liu Zilang's shout too but she did not react to it.

She did not react until Liu Zilang shouted, \"Get off!\"

A spark could be seen by the twitching three-wheeled motorcycle that was stuck in the window before an ear-deafening explosion rang in their ears!


Liu Zilang raised his head with difficulty after the explosion.

He saw Somin's corpse twitch together with the three-wheeled motorcycle through the viscous black smoke...

\"What a disaster! That's so realistic!\"

Somin, \" Meow meow meow? What just happened?\"

\"A soldier lacking knowledge has passed. She was very brave to have sat in that vehicle.\"

\"Poor Somin noona. Vic is definitely doing this on purpose. He wants to run away with Yoona!\"

Inside the game, he recalled what Somin said to him while they were in the vehicle. \"You're good man!\"

Liu Zilang felt guilty as he blamed himself for her death. \"Sorry Somin! I'm so sorry!\"

\"Oh No no! It's my fault!\" Somin did not have the intention to push the blame onto Liu Zilang.

\"No! It's my fault! I should withstand this kind of pain!\"

Liu Zilang spoke as his character ran up to the first floor.

'This... pain?'

As Somin passed away and watched the match from an observer's viewpoint, her eye could not stop twitching as she looked at the gleeful expression on Liu Zilang's face while he looted the crates...

Yoona who was sitting in front of the computer burst into laughter. Her eyes curled into a crescent-moon shape to the point her eyebags became extremely apparent.

'What an interesting guy.\"


Liu Zilang and Yoona took their sweet time to loot the crates after they had crashed their vehicle before SexyPIG caught up from behind.

SexyPIG was rather unfortunate.

He believed strongly in himself that he would be able to find another vehicle laying at the side of the road.

However, the Safe Zone kept getting further and further away from him over time and he could not find a vehicle.

Ultimately, his very confidence was shaken as he had no choice but to run toward the Safe Zone while healing himself.

By the time he reached the Safe Zone, the blue circle had merged with the edge of the Safe Zone and the next Safe Zone had spawned.

The three of them were beyond shocked as they saw the location of the next Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone had shifted to the ocean on the right side of the map and the only land within the Safe Zone was the two small islands on the right.

There were nineteen players left and it was rather certain that the Safe Zone would eventually move toward the small island.

The three decided to head toward the small island for the time being.

If they were late and the boats had been taken away by the others, it would take them forever to swim to the island even though it did not seem to be that far away...

They would ultimately die and sink to the bottom of the ocean as the blue circle killed them.

When the trio reached the shore, they realized that someone was one step ahead of them.

They saw a Pickup Truck sinking in the sea. It was obvious that someone had driven the vehicle into the ocean and left with the boat.

The three of them looked around the shore for ages before coming across a new toy hidden in a narrow corner.

It was a two-man Aquarail!

The three of them were extremely excited when they saw it!

\"Woah! Go go go!\"

SexyPIG was extremely excited as he rushed toward it.

However, SexyPIG was shocked when he clearly saw the Aquarail.

'There's only two seats?'

SexyPIG had a bad feeling about it!

'It can't be!'

He immediately took out the weapon behind his back as he tried to threaten and occupy this Aquarail for himself.

Just as he pulled out his weapon and turned around, something flew toward him.

He heard the usual clank!

It had a familiar smell, ingredient, blindness, and buzz...

SexyPIG was completely heartbroken!

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter as they watched everything!

\"Hahaha. This Vic is pretty good in flash banging his teammate! This is too funny.\"

\"Oh my god! I'm extremely impressed with this point-blank range flashbang!\"

\"Wait up! Why do I feel that the flashbangs Vic has picked up is meant to be used on his allies?

SexyPIG, \"I'm not sure if I should scold this guy with vulgarities.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang went into the sea and hopped into the Aquarail as he shouted at Yoona, \"Come on! Let's go!\"