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268 Forget About Him, Ill Carry You With Bandages!

 It was a world of difference the moment they lost one of their tires!

If the minibus was an old farm ox before, the current minibus was like a wild dog on the loose!

On the road, the speed of the vehicle increased drastically as it sped toward Los Leones.

\"Holysh*t! That minibus is like a rocket. Did a mini big bang occur when we punctured one of its tires?\"

\"If I'm correct, this is the legendary explosion! Is this minibus the main character?\"

The viewers from the live stream were shocked as well as they started spamming the live stream.

There was simply no explanation for such a phenomenon!

\"Da da da!\"

Another wave of rapid gunshots filled the surrounding area as the players in and out Los Leones welcomed Liu Zilang's squad that was entering the city.

As the minibus' disadvantage was its size and slow speed, it was easily intercepted while it was on the road.

Although nothing could be done about its size, it was a different ball game when its speed had increased.

Bullets clanked about as it struck the minibus. However, Liu Zilang and his squad barged into the complex inner region of Los Leones in the blink of an eye.


The tire scratched against the ground intensely!

Liu Zilang drifted the minibus as it crashed horizontally into the wall of a building to force it to come to a halt!

The price everyone paid for this was a small number of health points and some confusion the moment they crashed.

\"What... happened?\"

Yoona asked confusingly as she got out of the car.

\"Why? It's so crazy!\" Somin was shocked as well.

Although SexyPIG was filled with curiosity and confusion, a professional player like him did not utter a word.

Instead, he looked at Liu Zilang's expression and felt that the latter had planned all of this and everything was within his calculations...

Liu Zilang did not know how it all happened as well even when he was faced with the trio's disbelief.

It was the first time he drove the vehicle and was not even a driver to begin with.

However, he still gave out a dry cough as he said seriously, \"When a tire is flattened, air will go through the chassis and this will, in turn, cause a vortex flow, giving the minibus huge momentum! Do you guys understand?\"

Yoona pondered for a while before she muttered, \"I think... so...\"

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched upon hearing her response.

She understood him even when he did not understand what he had said...

'Yup. She has potential!\"


When Liu Zilang and his squad entered the city, they did not forget about the squads that had teamed up to attack them when they were still outside.

The four of them headed to the west of Los Leones. For the next few minutes, they oppressed the enemy squads who were outside of the blue circle until none of them survived.

By the time the third Safe Zone spawned, there were around twenty players left alive.

They were at a loss as they did not expect the final circle to arrive so early.

However, the next Safe Zone was no longer inside the city but was west of the desert, including the two small islands.

The Safe Zone was not big but it was relatively large due to the number of players left in the field.

The sound of vehicle revving could be vaguely heard within Los Leones. Perhaps they were preparing to leave when they noticed that the city was no longer within the Safe Zone.

The minibus Liu Zilang had been using started smoking up and was no longer in a good condition to be driven as it had been bombarded by bullets and even crashed straight into a wall.

The lot had no choice but to consume energy drinks to fully restore their health and make a run for it.

As they were running on the road out of Los Leones, they found a three-wheeled motorcycle parked beside the road!

SexyPIG who was running at the very front was extremely excited as he ran toward it.

It was without a doubt that the motorcycle could only harbor three players and SexyPIG was thinking of ideas to leave Liu Zilang behind.

Then, a clank could be heard as something rolled toward him.


In the blink of an eye, SexyPIG was thrown into a world of whiteness as his ears buzzed endlessly!

\"An ambush! Run!\"

Liu Zilang took over SexyPIG and hopped into the three-wheeled motorcycle. He then drove back to pick up Yoona and Somin.


\"What's going on?\"

Liu Zilang said hastily, \"No time to explain! Hop in!\"

\"Huh? Oh oh!\"

Yoona hopped into the vehicle and hugged Liu Zilang's waist from the back as she heard Liu Zilang's concern.

Somin reacted swiftly as well as she hopped into the emperor's seat of the three-wheeled motorcycle.

Liu Zilang immediately stepped on the pedal and headed straight to the Safe Zone as soon as the two of them hopped in.

\"Ah! What about him?\"

Yoona looked behind at SexyPIG who was as blind as a lost fly on the road as she asked with great concern.

Liu Zilang replied with a deep tone, \"Forget about him, I'll carry you guys with bandages.\"

\"Huh?\" Yoona was confused. \"What do you mean?\"

Liu Zilang sneered. \"Haha, I'm just joking to ease the situation. The Safe Zone is just around the corner. Let PIG undergo his training.\"

Somin did not understand what they were saying, so all she did was laugh. \"Thank you! You're a good man!\"

\"Yeah! Of course!!\" Liu Zilang accepted Somin's compliment naturally.

As SexyPIG recovered from the flashbang and his sight returned, he was stunned as he watched the three of them driving in the distance!

Regardless of how dumb he was, he knew the culprit that threw the flashbang.

'Ah! Ssiba!' (TN: Ah! F*ck you! In Korean)

'What a cunning man!'

SexyPIG was so angry that his face turned red!


Liu Zilang, Yoona, and Somin cut through the desert with the three-wheeled motorcycle and soon reached the edge of the Safe Zone.

Something unexpected had happened.

In such a huge Safe Zone with so little players on the field, they did not expect to encounter two players camping by the edge of the Safe Zone. They were by the window on the first floor of a rectangular housing area!

The two immediately looked over cautiously the moment they heard the sound of the motorcycle coming from the west.

Liu Zilang was without a clue about the situation he was in.

He gave in to his temptation as he saw the slope right in front of him and increased his speed in an effort to rush toward it.

Somin by the side was shocked. \"Ah! Hajima! Hajima!\" (TN: Ah! Stop! Stop! In Korean)

\"You... You'll crash!\"

Yoona sounded anxious.

Liu Zilang was extremely confident when he heard them. \"Crash? There's no such thing! Let me show you my ultimate charge!\"

Just as he finished speaking, the three-wheeled motorcycle flew over the edge and into the sky!

However, at that very instant, they saw the two players on the first floor of the house just behind the slope.

The three of them knew they were in trouble when they were in the air!

Both parties had made eye contact as sparks flashed everywhere.

'What are you guys doing?'

'We're... passing by?'

'Passing by? Hehe!'

Their weapons started rattling!

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

Densely packed series of shots started whizzing out of the window as their weapon muzzles flashed!