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267 Power Train!

 They saw another minibus parked quietly at the side of the road.

Liu Zilang's eye started twitching when he saw it!

Although he did not understand what Somin was saying, he understood her intentions.

He was right.

What should come will eventually arrive.

Soon, the four minibusses lined up on the road as they started moving slowly.

The viewers from the live stream were beyond flabbergasted as they watched Liu Zilang and his squad connect the minibusses like Thomas the train!

\"Emmmm... Is it a good idea for you guys to do that?\"

\"Oh my god! Is this Hikarian?\"

\"The car centipede is now complete! Attack!\"

\"Woah! Vic you rascal. Why is Somin at the very back?\"

\"F*ck that sh*t! I want to get down! This isn't the bus heading to Kindergarten!\"

\"Holysh*t! Who welded the door?\"

\"Tsk tsk! No one would dare move a muscle if they were to see this!\"

What the viewers from the live stream said was true.

At the top of a hill some two hundred meters away from Liu Zilang's position, a three-man squad had their eyes widened when they saw four minibusses moving on the road. They were so shocked that they had forgotten to fire their weapons.

Then, the sky started thundering out of the blue!

It was without a doubt that an airdrop was approaching in this desert.

Liu Zilang and his squad who had formed a band Power Train[1], along with the squad that was running against the blue circle on the hill, raised their heads up as they looked at the airplane that was way beyond the sky barrier.

Just as the plane was about to reach the outskirts of Los Leones, a black dot fell out of the plane.

\"It dropped, it dropped! The airdrop has dropped!\"

Woah! Daebak!\"

\"Go go go!\"

The three of them started feeling excited.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang who was driving the minibus had an idea pop up into his head as he tried to visually estimate the landing point of the airdrop. He then quickly told Yoona through the voice chat, \"Yoona! Do you see that airdrop? Tell your friend that we have to change formation!\"

\"Change... Formation?\" Yoona sounded confused.


The location of the airdrop would most likely be the outskirts of Los Leones. Since Los Leones was within the Safe Zone, half of the remaining players left were most likely situated inside Los Leones.

Hence, the airplane caught many players' attention when an airdrop was deployed.

What caught their attention next were the four minibusses heading straight toward the airdrop!

\"Hehe. Is this squad trading their lives for the airdrop?\" Some of the players in Los Leones snickered.

What happened next had everybody's eyes wide open!

The chain of minibusses spread out as they drove to the site of the road.

All four of them surrounded the area and formed a square [2]formation!

\"Holysh*t! What is that? A man-made Siheyuan[3]?\"

\"Square? Why do I feel like Vic is hinting about something?\"

\"I get it! Is this the legendary ultimate defense?\"

\"The airdrop! Look at the airdrop! Oh my god! The airdrop is landing inside Siheyuan!\"

Inside the game, all they heard was a loud clank!

The red-blue airdrop landed firmly inside the four minibusses and what came after was thick and viscous red smoke that dispersed into the sky.

The viewers from the live stream were completely astonished!

The squads in the area that were waiting to ambush them the moment the airdrop landed were all flabbergasted.


'What the f*ck is that?'

'Isn't an airdrop a public resource?'

'Why is it privatized?'

\"Wow! Daebak! This is great!\"

Somin and Yoona jumped excitedly as they looked at the airdrop at the center of their formation.

It was only normal that they would react that way.

One would usually cautiously look left and right when one were to loot an airdrop in a populated area. It was such an anxious experience that one's hands might even shiver in fear.

They were afraid that when they obtained a good item such as an AWM, they would be shot dead beside the airdrop and become one with it before they could even use it.

Hence, this airdrop was like an airdrop that was directly delivered to Liu Zilang and his squad's home. They had the luxury of shutting the door, closing the curtain, hiding inside the blanket with a torchlight and looting it however they wanted to.

They could do whatever they wished with it!

To these few people, it was something they had never experienced before!

They then pressed the Tab button to open the airdrop


'Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

'8x Scope!

'Ghillie suit!'

The three items were what everyone needed except for the first item, which they had little knowledge about. The number of items was just nice as each of them was able to get one item.

Since Liu Zilang was the one who came up with the idea, the rest of the squad agreed that he could be the first one to pick from the items.

Since Liu Zilang was equipped with an M16, a 98K, an 8x Scope, a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, and another 8x Scope, he stared at the ghillie suit... However, he gave up on it as he looked at the place he was in, a desert which spanned toward the horizon.

Due to the process of elimination, the only choice he had was the AUG.

Liu Zilang was quite interested in this latest never-before-seen assault rifle.

Liu Zilang threw away the M16 he had and replaced it with the AUG.

The remaining three items in the airdrop were quickly distributed among the other three members.

Somin had gotten herself the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, SexyPIG picked the 8x Scope, and Yoona happily wore the ghillie suit.

While the lot shamelessly distributed this loot, the players around them could not watch any further.


'You're cruel!'

'If I can't hit you, then I will attack your vehicle!'

Two of the minibusses started clanking as sparks started flashing around them!

Despite having finished a magazine of bullets, the two minibusses that were facing them were not smoking at all...

'Is this a f*cking turtle shell or public transport?'

The squads around the area were speechless. Fortunately, some of them reacted swiftly.

One idea had lead to another one!

As one had expected it!

They started flattening the tires!

\"Psst psst psst!\"

In the blink of an eye, a barrage of bullets came from Los Leones and the hilltop.


The two minibusses facing them had all of their tires flattened.

\"Get on the car get on the car!\" Liu Zilang urged. \"We won't be able to leave this place if they flatten all of our tires.\"

He hopped into the minibus at the back which was in a better condition.

The remaining three followed along quickly upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

Just as their minibus separated from Siheyuan, one of the front tires exploded!

'Oh no!'

\"Don't worry! Don't worry! It can still move!\" Liu Zilang said hurriedly.

What happened next shocked everyone!


[1] A famous Taiwan rock duo

[2] the author used the chinese character for \"mouth\" which looks like a square

[3] A siheyuan is a historical type of residence that was commonly found throughout China, most famously in Beijing and rural Shanxi