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266 An Assassin’s Belief!

 \"Yoona! Be careful there's someone nearby!\"

SexyPIG did not realize it too late as well as he immediately shouted at the top of his lungs.

However, the two enemies had entered the housing area that was south from them, and they were not able to attack them from the rooftop.

SexyPIG immediately stood up as he ran toward the staircase.

However, it was too late.

No one knew when those two had entered Pecado as they soon found Yoona when they entered the back alley.

The two were shocked and immediately fired at her!

Yoona was startled by SexyPIG's shout as she was looting the crate. She looked around to check her surroundings but she was instantly knocked out before she was able to spot anyone, the moment she heard a series of rapid gunshot!

Yoona was shocked. She kneeled on the ground, and she was extremely saddened by it. All she did was loot the crate alone over there and she was ambushed out of nowhere...

Since Yoona had been knocked out once at the boxing arena, this was the second time she had been knocked out. Hence. her health dropped much faster than before.

She was in a critical situation.

\"Da da da!\"

SexyPig realized how bad the situation was from above as he quickly fired at the two enemies who were in the alley. He was oppressing them with all of his firepower!

\"Hurry! Come on!\"

SexyPig urged Liu Zilang at the rooftop.

\"Save me save me save me....\"

Yoona screamed in fear.

At that instant, she heard Liu Zilang scream on top of the rooftop!

\"This battle is for you! My lady!\"

He took a few steps back before he ran toward the edge of the building!

Liu Zilang focused all of his energy on his legs as he jumped when he arrived at the edge of the building!

He took a leap of faith!

As he was falling down to the ground, a projectile arc appeared and what came afterward was a loud boom!

Liu Zilang was blasted by a humongous explosion as he planted his feet firmly on the rooftop of a single-story building that was in the south.

\"What the f*ck! You can do that? Is he some sort of parkour character?\"

\"GG! Are you sure this is PUBG and not Assassin's Creed? This Vic is putting his life on the line just to pick up some chick!\"

However, the truth was that Liu Zilang was not putting his life on the line.

Instead, he had only lost half of his health to the huge shockwave the moment he landed on the building.

\"F*ck! Almost died there!\"

Liu Zilang discreetly let out a sigh of relief.

However, he remained cool as he swiftly stood up. He walked around the rooftop, and he soon found the two enemies in the alley.

The two players in the alley did not see the miraculous scene where Liu Zilang had fallen down from the sky as the house in between them had blocked their view!

They only heard a loud thud come from the house, followed by hasty footsteps that were not concealed at all!

'Where is he?'

Then, gunshots started blasting from beside their ears!

\"Da da da!\"

Sparks lighted up everywhere as one of them was instantly knocked out.

As the remaining player regained his senses, fear was written all over his face as he raised his head up!

Since Liu Zilang was standing on the rooftop of a single-story building, its staircase was practically non-existent and there was nothing that could be used to climb up to the rooftop.

Hence begged the question!

'How did that guy manage to climb up there?'

Just as he was pondering on this ultimate question, what responded back to him was muzzle flashes coming out from Liu Zilang's weapon!

\"Da da da!\"

After three rapid shots, Liu Zilang planted the enemy's face in the ground before the latter had the chance to raise his weapon. He and his ally had turned into crates!

His three teammates, including the countless viewers from the live stream, were beyond astonished by Liu Zilang's amazing feat!

Since this four-story building in Pecado was incredibly tall, it was only natural for any player to feel anxious when standing at the edge of the rooftop. One mistake and they would fall and turn into crates.

Who would have thought that Liu Zilang would perform a leap of faith at such a height and make an ultimate recovery!

It was incredibly astounding to be able to adapt and react so courageously in such a critical situation!

\"He's a soldier fallen from heaven! This is what I call a gifted player!\"

\"Mum! I saw someone turn fat in an instant! I need to get my eyes checked!\"

\"GG, that's too amazing! Did Vic eat roasted gluten?\"

\"Sorry! I've decided to abandon the adversary legion. I can't hate Vic anymore!\"

While Liu Zilang pulled off the amazing feat to save Yoona from the two enemies, SexyPIG headed down the building via the external staircase and was able to revive Yoona in time even though she had fallen for the second time.

The entire Pecado sunk into silence as the battle had been wrapped up.

There were only some thirty players left by the end of the first Safe Zone.

SexyPIG had finally survived for the very first time after landing in Pecado for the entire day. He felt as if he had opened the door to a whole new realm.


As the blue circle merged with the edge of the Safe Zone, the second Safe Zone spawned.

The new Safe Zone had moved to the west of City L which was known as Los Leones.

The hotspots in Pecado had been emptied of its resources. Naturally, they did not have to dirty their hands for loot as all of the items were sent to their doorsteps.

If there were a feature for them to sign the parcels, they would have given it a five-star rating.

If not, the players would be killed on the spot.

It seemed that Liu Zilang and his squad were leading in the game.

The safe zone had moved to the south. Although the distance was not that far and they had plenty of time to reach the safe zone, driving a car there was still much easier than travelling by foot.

Liu Zilang and his squad looked around Pecado hurriedly as vehicles theoretically spawned around it.

\"Ah! I found a minibus!\"

Somin cheered excitedly at the entrance of the petrol station.

Just as Liu Zilang was about to head over, he spotted a blue-white minibus on the road that was south of the boxing arena.

As he did not want his enemies to possess anything, Liu Zilang immediately headed toward the bus.

Hence, Liu Zilang and Yoona rode on the same bus while SexyPIG and Somin rode in the other one. The four of them left the sinful city Pecado victoriously and went their way happily ever after...

That was naturally not going to happen!

The battle was not over yet. How could Liu Zilang have such a thought?

Since the release of the map Miramar, the minibus had successfully replaced the sedan car as the worst vehicle to climb up slopes in PUBG.

Hence, the squad had no choice but to drive along the road, albeit that hey had to take a slight detour. The two buses looked like public transport that were operating in the desert.

Unfortunately, there was not a single passenger waiting for them.

However, they found another red-white minibus not long after they left Pecado.

\"Stop! Stop!\" Yoona laughed. \"I want to drive one too.\"

\"Isn't this a little bit overboard?\"

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin but he ultimately stopped the car.

Yoona got out of the car the moment the vehicle stopped. She sat on the driver's seat and became the female desert driver.

Liu Zilang was right.

Three long minibusses looked rather cool when they were all on the road.

However, Liu Zilang became shocked after they drove for some distance!