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265 Noona And Her Foreign Affairs!

 The viewers burst into laughter as they saw everything!

\"This is too funny. I heard you wanted to talk about ideals with others.\"

\"I don't mind if you want to talk about ideals, but you have to ask my 98K for permission first.\"

\"You should act cooler! How dare you neglect our noona Yoona!\"

\"Hahaha. That shot was extremely satisfying!\"

\"Thank you brother, for that one shot from the 98K. The timing was simply too perfect! Our noona Yoona.\"


Inside the game, Yoona was shocked by the sudden change of personality from Liu Zilang as she quickly ran toward him and pulled him up.

SexyPIG who was in the same building as them had figured out the source of the gunshot. It was from the fourth floor of a tall building that was painted blue at its bottom.

He jumped out of the window from behind and headed toward the back while evading the enemy's line of sight.

As Liu Zilang was pulled up, he crouched down to use a first aid kit and consumed an energy drink.

He looked at the tall building the enemy was residing in as his gaze was filled with resolve!

\"I won't be able to hug you if I'm holding my weapon and I won't be able to protect you if I put down my weapon.\"

\"I think... I finally know why we're at war!\"

Yoona was slightly startled as she muttered softly, \"How can you be so irregular! I'm going to ignore you!\"

Liu Zilang did not say anything further.

As he saw SexyPIG moving to the side, it was given that he had to volunteer to receive all the heavy fire.

He headed toward the first floor as he leaped out of the window!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Rapid gunshots came from the rooftop as bullets came flying toward him.

The enemy had been waiting for him!

Liu Zilang did not stop for a second the moment he landed as he ran across the street and reached a row of houses. He was hit by two bullets by the time he reached there.

As he stood and used another first aid kit to recover his health, he used the row of houses as a cover and swiftly headed toward the bottom of the building.

With Liu Zilang attracting their attention earlier, SexyPIG who was moving in from the side had entered the building.

\"This squad is quite fierce!\"

\"Aha, they have quite the temper!\"

\"Hehehe. Let's guard the staircase on the lower floor, I want to see how they're going to come up here.\"

The three enemies above reacted swiftly as they heard footsteps coming from the lower floor.

However, they were not worried at all.

One had to know that in order to reach the rooftop of this four-story high building in Pecado, one had to leap through the window on the fourth floor to reach the side stairs before being able to climb up.

When one passed through the window, there was a very obvious climbing action and no player would be able to hold a weapon during that time.

This meant that as long as the enemies on the rooftop were to camp by the staircase and wait for people to come through the window, anyone who attempted to come through the window would die without a chance to raise their weapon.

This was the very reason why the enemies at the rooftop were not frightened at all.

Perhaps it was because Miramar had just been released on the beta server in the afternoon, SexyPIG who had gotten out of the boxing arena was still not familiar with the four-story building's layout.

It took SexyPIG quite a while before he found the way to the balcony.

However, his instincts kicked in the moment he was about to climb across the window as he realized that something was wrong!

He immediately spammed S to retreat as he quickly stepped away from the window.

Perhaps it would be better to say that he had walked away from death's door.

\"Da da da!\"

Rapid gunshots could be heard from the staircase just outside!

'A ssibba!!!'

SexyPIG shivered.

He would without a doubt have been dead if he were to climb over earlier.

It would be hard for Liu Zilang to deal with them in this situation as well because this had nothing to do with numbers. As long as the people from above were waiting for them to come out of the window, it was certain that they would be dead the moment they climbed through it.

Everything came to a standstill inside the building.

Somin and Yoona who had just finished looting the crates took this opportunity to run across the road and sneak into the building.

Yoona whispered as she saw the two of them standing beside the window. \"Are they up there? Why aren't we going after them?\"

\"Uhm...\" SexyPIG was in an awkward position as he was embarrassed to say that he did not dare go up.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang gave off a dry cough as he said in a deep tone, \"There are some things that can be solved with a massacre. I've been pondering and I think we should forgive others.\"

\"Forgive others?\" Yoona did not understand as she was curious. \"What should we do then?\"

Liu Zilang cleared his throat as he replied Yoona, \"How about you tell the enemies above us that they're surrounded. They should drop their weapons and negotiate with us...\"

\"Haha. That sounds kind of fun.\"

Yoona laughed playfully as she opened her voice chat for everyone to hear. \"Hey b*stards on the rooftop! You've been surrounded...\"

The three players were confused at first as they heard Yoona's voice. However, they were extremely excited afterward!

\"GG! The person underneath us is a girl!\"

\"Woah! Her voice is so sweet!\"

\"Haha, this lady seems to be quite innocent. She wants us to surrender.\"

The three enemies had let their guards down as they were chatting happily.

Liu Zilang took this window of opportunity to take out a frag grenade silently.


He pulled the frag grenade's pin!

Sine the three enemies on the rooftop were joking around, they did not realize this at all.

'Three, two, one...'

Liu Zilang counted down from three in his mind as he raised his hand and threw the frag grenade out of the window!

Under normal circumstances, the frag grenade would head into the distance the moment it went out of the window and it would not affect the enemies at the top of the staircase in any way.

However, the moment the frag grenade left Liu Zilang's hand, it hit the rail guard of the staircase and flew upward!

Then, all one could hear was a loud boom!

A huge explosion came through the window and what followed afterward was a cloud of thick, black smoke.

Yoona and the rest could vaguely see through the window and black smoke that there was something falling from above...

Then, A chain of Kill Notifications appeared at the top right corner of the screen.

\"Vic123 killed Viagra with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Vic123 killed DontShootImAnAlly with Frag Grenade!\"


The bullet screen in the live stream was spammed!

\"66666, noona is great with foreign affairs! I've learned this technique! It's all written in my notebook!\"

\"Vic, that frag grenade of ours is a little bit tricky! Is this something simple enough to do?\"

\"Hahaha, the three brothers on the rooftop must have been floored. What happened to the negotiation?\"

\"I don't think there's a problem, shouldn't there be an appetizer before the negotiation.\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang grieved silently for them as he realized the enemies had died instantly.

Two of the three crates were at the top while the last one was at the foot of the building as he had died and fell to the ground.

While Liu Zilang, SexyPIG, and Somin headed up, Yoona on the other hand discreetly went downstairs to enjoy the crate for herself.

While Liu Zilang was looting the crates on the rooftop, he saw something from the edge of his vision.

He saw two enemies sneaking toward them from the south of the four-story building.

Meanwhile, Yoona was enjoying her sweet time looting the crate and had no idea that danger was about to come.