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264 Why Are We Fighting?

 Holding a cleaver to chop down wires, but the sparks that flew were like a string of flowering fires!

Although Liu Zilang was holding an M16, when he shot while falling down, he truly did give out such a feeling.


He landed on the ground.

Liu Zilang snorted.

More than half of his health points were gone.

\"Vic123 killed Villa with M16A4!\"

\"Vic123 killed Twisted with M16A4!\"

Then, two Kill Notifications appeared on the screen.

Seeing this, the countless spectators watching the live streaming channel became dumbstruck!

For an entire moment, countless 666s filled the entire live streaming channel. One could not help but admit that Liu Zilang's move of scoring a double kill while falling from above left the audience in the live streaming channel feeling so amazed that it was almost as if they were watching a movie!

\"Was that... Pharah's Ult?\"[1]

\"That's basically an upgraded version of flying kick 2.0!\"

\"That move is too terrifying. I'm completely mindblown. His reaction speed is invincible!\"

\"I've washed my hands squeaky clean. Can I touch your trophy please?\"

The live streaming channel was in an uproar.

The team which was in the building was even more dumbstruck!

What the f*ck is this?

If only one player had been knocked out, they would not have reacted so strongly.

The point was that in less than a second apart, two people in their squad were knocked out one after the other. Furthermore, they were not even on the same floor.

What was this?

Shooting through the wall?

At that moment, the team of people in that building felt their cognition of the game collapse!

SexyPIG, who had just replenished his health with a first aid kit, was also shocked.

He had watched with a puzzled expression as Liu Zilang jumped off the balcony. He then heard a series of 'du du du' gunshots before two Kill Notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

As a top FPS contestant, SexyPIG's mind quickly and naturally sketched out a picture of what had happened.

Even so, it was hard for him to imagine that someone could seize a split second's opportunity to kill two people in a row while falling down from mid-air.

SexyPIG's heart shivered!

'That's right!

'Everyone's getting killed by that kid. What else can I do then?

'Me, SexyPIG, Asia's Number One S686!

'I can't be a random passerby who only knows how to scream 666!'

With such thoughts in his mind, SexyPIG quickly drank a bottle of Red Bull and rushed down with an S686 in his hands.

With SexyPIG's help, Liu Zilang replenished a first aid kit's worth of health and then quickly attacked from below.

After two people in the four-man team had been killed by Liu Zilang's 'Justice Rains From Above'[2], the remaining players were reviving their teammates.

SexyPIG shot open a path. Even though he knew that an enemy was camping beside the door waiting for him, he still rushed up without any hesitation.

It had to be said. As the professional team Anarchy's rifler, SexyPIG was quite skillful.

Hearing footsteps, the people in the room instantly gave up on saving their teammates. They pulled out their guns and camped the doorway.

However, the moment they entered the room, SexyPIG reacted faster than them and crouched while he fired his S686!

\"Bang bang!\"

The person camping by the door only managed to fire one shot before he fell to the ground.

Seemingly at the same time, Liu Zilang also figured out the position of their enemies on the second floor.

Since he had used a first aid kit downstairs, by the time he entered the room, the person had finished reviving his teammate. The two people reached for their guns at the same time.

\"Du du du-!\"

Liu Zilang raised the muzzle of the M16 and rapidly swept the gun left and right. The two people who had not pulled out their guns yet were instantly knocked out!

\"Tsk tsk! Those two wanted to pull out their guns in front of Vic. They're too naive!\"

\"I feel like Vic's M16 is just too badass. This left and right shaking is making my eyeballs hurt!\"

The building was cleared, and XX Hotel fell silent.

By coincidence, Somin and Yoona had finished cleaning up the battlefield at the same time. The two quickly went over, walking while chatting along the way.

\"Hey! Somin, where'd you pick up that short-sleeved shirt? It looks so pretty!\"

\"I got it from a crate on the first floor. I thought you didn't like this shirt.\"

\"I didn't see it! Forget it, forget it! I found a really pretty pair of shoes. Look, do they match with my clothes?\"

\"Uh... I think those blue hi-top trainers are more stylish.\"


Clearly, Somin and Yoona had turned the game into 'PlayerUnknown's Fluffygrounds'.

It was good that Liu Zilang did not understand what they were saying.

SexyPIG's mouth was pressed into a flat line. He finally knew why they did not leave at all after landing at Pecado.

Although they were in the same team and on the same map, they were playing a completely different game...

Thinking about such things, SexyPIG could not help but feel a little grateful to the new member, Liu Zilang.

However, the next moment, he remembered the scene of Liu Zilang jumping around his body and his expression darkened.

That inexplicable trace of gratitude disappeared in an instant.


After finishing up the wave at XX Hotel, the sound of gunfire at the \"ten thousand people dropping from the sky\" Pecado gradually stopped.

At that time, the first safe zone had refreshed, and Pecado was still in the Playzone. In fact, Pecado was in the middle of the desert map and was usually in the first safe zone. That was also why many teams liked to jump there when the new map went online.

On one hand, there were a lot of things to loot there, and on the other, there was naturally no need to run from the circle.

Liu Zilang stood on the fourth-floor balcony of XX Hotel like a person who had just woken up in the morning.

He looked at his surroundings and then at the large sun above him, lost in thought.

Yoona went up behind Liu Zilang and asked curiously in Mandarin, \"What is you doin'?\"[3]

\"I'm thinking,\" Liu Zilang said calmly.

\"Thinking? About what?\" Yoona asked inquisitively.

\"I'm thinking. Why're we fighting in this game? What are we fighting for?\" Liu Zilang said solemnly.

\"What... for?\" Yoona seemed to be shocked.

After playing PUBG for so long, she had never thought about such a question.

\"GG! Did you just say that?\"

\"Why are we fighting? Of course it's for the girls!\"

\"A good show is going to start! It's gonna be dazzling! Quick, get out of the way! Vic is going to start acting cool!\"

\"Why do I have the feeling that Vic's trying to flirt with Yoona? Aaaaaah! Where's my 40-meter machete?\"

\"Salted fish squad, draw your blades! If you want to pick Yoona up, first you have to eat my death spiral salted fish attack!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang's character turned around and stared at Yoona who was behind him.

He said slowly in a low voice, \"Do you think that there's a meaning to us hurting each other in this game?\"

\"This game's rule... is it truly correct?\"

\"Meaning? Correct?\"

Yoona felt like she was stumped by the question.

At that moment, the sun shined from outside the window and pulled Liu Zilang's shadow on the balcony, making him seem tall and imposing.

\"We're all deeply loved by someone and came to this game world. Why are we killing each other? Can't we just treat each other gently, sit down and chat, bask under the sun, and talk about life...\"

Before he finished speaking, the sound of a gunshot rang out from a distant building!


The next moment, Liu Zilang's dazzling white Level Two Military Helmet exploded with a burst of blood!

The helmet abruptly broke.

He fell to the ground and began to kneel.

\"F*ck!!!\" Liu Zilang cried in surprise and roared furiously, \"Which d*ck launched a sneak attack on me? Yoona, revive me, revive me. I'm gonna murder him when I get up!!!\"


[1] Pharah is a hero from Overwatch. Her Ult involves her floating up in the air and launching a volley of rockets wherever she aims.

[2] Pharah's Ult line

[3] The original RAW was written in broken Mandarin, so broken English was used for effect.