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263 Heavenly Justice!

 \"F*ck! I can't see!\"

\"I'm stunned too!\"

\"F*ck this! That player is too brutal!\"

\"I'll f*ck him up!\"

\"Motherf*cker, your sh*t hit me! Don't shoot blindly!\"


What could not be seen was the unknown, and humans were naturally fearful of the unknown.

At that time, they only saw white and heard buzzing sounds of being stunned.

Not only were they unable to see, but they were also unable to hear. One could imagine how terrified the three of them were!

Nonetheless, the duration of the stun grenade was reduced in the beta test version such that it only lasted for around four seconds.

Soon enough, the white screen disappeared for the few of them and the buzzing sound became much softer.

Quickly after, the world eventually became clear to them again.

Upon seeing this, the three players in the room sighed a long breath of relief as they were finally able to see!

However, the three of them who were standing together then noticed that something was off.

'One, two, three...


\"F*ck! The player is right beside us!\"

At once, the three of them were so shocked that they pointed their guns at the extra player!

With that being said, the next second, that player threw something out from his hand...


A familiar routine, a familiar smell, and a familiar feeling...

Accompanied by buzzing sounds, they entered the white world once again!

\"F*ck this! Is that player even human?\"

\"I XXX you XXX!\"

\"Please stop stunning us, you bastard! There's smoke coming out from my graphics card!\"

All of a sudden, the three players in the room were so frustrated that they were going to cry.

For all that, this time, Liu Zilang avoided himself from being stunned by shifting aside as soon as he threw the stun grenade.

Subsequently, he immediately laid prone to avoid being shot at and then began crawling outside.

When Liu Zilang saw the few players shooting crazily like headless chickens, he retrieved his M16.

\"Da, da, da!\"

\"Da, da, da!\"

After two three-burst shots, two players in the room had been knocked out.

When the remaining player was told that his teammates had been knocked out, he was so taken aback that he executed \"spinning top marksmanship\".

He was seen swirling on the spot. He then somehow killed both his teammates from that...

\"Oh my god! He actually helped me killed his teammates?\"

The moment Liu Zilang witnessed that, he could not help but click his tongue.

Then, he kept his M16 and reached for the Win94 behind him.

Gradually, the effect of the stun grenade became weaker and the world became clear to that player again.

At that time, the remaining player had finished his magazine and was frantically reloading his gun...

Afterward, he noticed a player lying prone in the room. That player was staring at him quietly with a gun.

\"For justice!\"

Somebody yelled through the All voice chat.

With that, sparks of muzzle flashes became visible!



An explosive .45 bullet that had been fired came in contact with that player's green helmet.

Right away, that player was fell to the ground due to the impact of Liu Zilang's Win94.

He laid on the ground powerlessly with both eyes widened.

Clearly, he did not die a peaceful death...

The spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel who watched the whole process spammed the bullet screen as they were all astounded by his shameless tactic!

\"For justice? GG, I almost died.\"

\"Hahaha, it really cracked me up. Those three players must be mentally crushed!\"

\"Scientists throughout the whole world strongly ask for you to respect your opponents, let them die peacefully!\"

\"Ah Lang is truly despicable, how could he make them kill each other? The last player even finished his own teammates, I'm guessing he'll be beaten up so badly that he won't be able to take care of himself from now on.\"

\"I'm not exaggerating or demeaning anyone! But Vic's stun grenades simply redefine attacking a building!\"


In the game, Liu Zilang was totally immersed in looting the crates after he had finished off those players. Halfway through, a weak call for help was heard.

\"Help~ Help~ Help...\"

Needless to say, the person who was calling for help was SexyPIG who had been bombed by the earlier explosion.

At that moment, Somin and Yoona were \"cleaning the battlefield\" at the boxing arena. Thus, they were quite a distance away from him. Therefore, Liu Zilang was the only one who could save him.

After quickly looting the crates, Liu Zilang went downstairs and headed straight toward SexyPIG.

Upon seeing him, SexyPIG was overjoyed and he immediately asked for help, \"Help me! Thanks! Thanks!\"

Despite that, when Liu Zilang arrived at the corridor downstairs, he jumped over him.


SexyPIG was absolutely puzzled.

Later, Liu Zilang turned around, burst for two steps and then jumped over his body again.

\"What are you doing?\" SexyPIG twitched his mouth.

\"Jumping over a wooden horse,\" Liu Zilang explained in English. \"I haven't played this in a long while.\"

\"...\" SexyPIG was at a loss for words.


'This is definitely revenge!'


In actual fact, Liu Zilang was not a playful person at all.

He jumped over SexyPIG for around seven to eight times... before he crouched to revive him.

SexyPIG who was mentally crushed by then held back his urge to blast a shot at Liu Zilang with his shotgun. He began healing himself on the spot as soon as he was revived.

Who knew that at that moment, clear footsteps would be heard coming from downstairs.

'Are Somin and Yoona here?'

Liu Zilang subconsciously checked the location of his teammates on the map but found that the two of them were still at the boxing arena...

With that, everything became clear.

The ones downstairs were most likely the squad of players that were fighting with the squad in \"XX Hotel\" earlier on. They had probably come over after hearing the gunshots.

When Liu Zilang thought about that, he quickly ran upstairs again.

Upon seeing him, SexyPIG who was taking an adrenaline shot was terrified as well, so he stopped and ran upstairs with Liu Zilang.

Soon enough, the footsteps from the corridor became softer.

Clearly, their opponents were aware that somebody was upstairs, so they did not intend to rush upstairs.


Something was thrown upstairs, and it hit the corridor's wall.


Flames appeared as a result of the explosion followed by smoke that spread throughout the corridor!

'Throwing grenades?'

Liu Zilang who had taken cover behind a door raised his brows and looked at the five frag grenades that he had newly looted.

The next second, he walked out and threw all five frag grenades down in the blink of an eye.

\"Clink, clink, clink-!\"

When the players downstairs heard the clinking sounds of frag grenades, they were utterly shocked!\"

\"F*ck! That's a bomb-man, isn't it?!\"

\"Hide! Quick, take cover!\"

At that time, the players downstairs were stuck on the stairs between the second floor and the third floor. Thus, they swiftly ran into the room next door to hide.

On the other hand, once Liu Zilang finished using all his frag grenades, he quickly made his way to the fourth floor's balcony.

He supported himself with both hands as he jumped down from the balcony in a single clean move.

Initially, Liu Zilang planned to go around those players by using the explosions of the frag grenades as cover. This was so that he could attack together with SexyPIG by sandwiching those players from both sides.

However, he did not expect to see figures moving around in the room the instant he passed by the third floor.

In that crucial moment, Liu Zilang reacted to the situation at the speed of light!

He immediately held his M16 up and fired waist-heigh shots through the window at the players in the room.

He could not wait to see the results because by then, he had continued falling down.

Much to his surprise, when he was falling past the second floor's window, he found someone there too!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

Once again, due to his fast reaction speed, muzzle flashes were seen coming out of his M16!