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262 Boom Shakalaka!

 'Who's singing?

'It warmed...pfft!'

The instant the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard the voice, they were startled.

In the game, Liu Zilang was also in a daze as he looked at Yoona. He did not think that she could actually sing a Chinese song, and her pronunciation was much better than when she spoke.

Right away, Liu ZIlang became determined!

'A singing competition?

'Hehe, since when was I, Eason Chan of the eSports scene, afraid of anyone?'

\"Because of love, I'm not easily drowned in sorrow!\"

Liu Zilang sang louder!

Yoona smiled sweetly and then quickly continued, \"And everything appears to be happy!

\"Because of love, I lived a simple life!

\"I could still be crazy for you anytime!\"


Upon hearing Liu Zilang and Yoona's duet, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were baffled!

Somin who was in the game was also stunned!

SexyPIG who had just revived Yoona even felt a thorn in his heart...

\"People come and go~\"

Liu Zilang extended the last word as he leisurely finished the last sentence.

\"Pa, pa, pa-!\"

Once they finished the song, he clapped. \"This feels good! A well-matched contender indeed! I haven't felt so gleeful in a long time!\"

After hearing Liu Zilang's comment, Yoona chuckled and asked playfully, \"Really? What do you think... about our singing?\"

\"Mmm...\" Liu Zilang pondered for a while before he commented, \"The soprano was delicate, the alto was on point, and the bass was deep...

\"All in all, it was 'tong tou'[1]!\"

\"Tong tou[2]?\" Yoona was startled.

Evidently, she still lacked understanding when it came to Chinese terms.

Nonetheless, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel figured out what she meant. However, they were surprised because it was probably their first time encountering such a shameless person like Liu Zilang.

\"Sorry for disturbing! I choose to die!\"

\"Streamer, streamer, is this the live streaming channel of Eason Chan in the eSports scene?\"

\"Admin, are you not going to block the fan who commented before me? In order to protect Vic who's being so brazen, he's willing to give up his family?\"

\"Eason Chan expresses, 'This is the worst time my name has been misused!'\"

\"Putting that aside, honestly, Yoona's voice is quite enjoyable, I can't believe that she can sing Chinese songs!\"

\"Don't you think that Yoona sounds like someone? She sounds like someone from a Korean Kpop band...\"

Right then, Liu Zilang who was in the game raised a question, \"Yoona, can you sing other songs?\"

Yoona pondered for a while and then quickly replied, \"Yes...I can sing 'Red Bean'.\"

\"Red bean?\" Liu Zilang was in a daze.

\"Mhmm.\" Yoona continued, \"And also 'A Little Happiness', 'The Moon Represents My Heart', you've asked how deep I love you...hahaha.\"

Along with that, she began singing again.

Halfway through, she ended up laughing.

Nevertheless, once she sang again, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel became exhilarated!

\"Ah, ah, ah! Yoona! It's Yoona!!!\"

\"Yoona? Yoona? I'm such a fool! Really! It's clearly Yoona's name!\"

\"Oh my god! Vic is so damn lucky! He actually met Yoona!\"

\"Speaking of which, if Somin noona is able to invite Yoona to the game, she's very mysterious too!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang shifted his screen to the bullet screen unintentionally and felt rather strange when he saw the comments.

With that being said, since he usually never paid attention to such things, he was not really affected by it.

After looking at his bullet screen, he casually asked in the game, \"Oh right, Yoona, somebody mentioned that you're Yoona from the Kpop band.\"

\"Ah?\" Yoona was dumbfounded for a moment but immediately denied it, \"I is not! I don't know! Who is the Yoona[3]?\"

\"Oh, what a coincidence, I don't know her too.\" Liu Zilang shrugged. \"She's probably a goddess to geeks.\"

Yoona was speechless.

On the other hand, SexyPIG popped a question.

He asked in lousy English, \"Somebody said that you're a streamer?\"

\"Bingo!\" Liu Zilang did not hide his identity at all.

\"Wow!\" Somin shrieked.

Previously, although she had played with Liu Zilang, Chen Yifa, and Zhang Xiaotong, she had no idea that Liu Zilang was a streamer.

At that moment, intense gunshots were heard coming from \"XX Hotel\" in front of the boxing arena!

By then, the players in the boxing arena had been wiped out. Thus, Liu Zilang was very pumped up when he heard the gunshots. \"Somebody's there! Let's go! It's time for us to join the battle!\"

Right after he said that, he looted a medkit from a crate on the stairs to heal himself up. Then, he dashed out of the arena with an M16 in his arms.

The three of them who were behind Liu Zilang were stunned when they saw him running away. This was especially true for Somin and Yoona who were reluctant to leave as they wanted to take a look at the scattered crates in the battle arena.

SexyPIG quickly realized what was going on and followed after him.

At the same time, he secretly cursed at Liu Zilang for being cunning.

'You acted like you don't know Yoona, but now you're actively trying to show off.

'What an unembarrassed person!'


\"XX Hotel\" had two tall red buildings with four floors each.

At that time, the players who were at the casino and the hotel noticed each other. Hence, they started a fight.

By using their gunshots as cover, Liu Zilang went into the hotel through a window behind the building.

Since the hotel windows were not closed, once Liu Zilang entered, he did not make much noise other than gentle footsteps.

Throughout the process, gunshots from the hotel were head. Thus, Liu Zilang could not be bothered to walk gently. In a trice, he dashed up the stairs with his M16. SexyPIG who carried two shotguns followed behind him closely.

However, the squad in the hotel was quite alert.

At that point in time, they were on the fourth floor, but when Liu Zilang crept his way to the third floor's corridor, the gunshots were brought to a halt.

Obviously, the squad in the building had heard their footsteps and were aware that somebody was drawing closer to them.

When Liu Zilang noticed that the gunshots had stopped, he knew that they had discovered him too.

Initially, he planned to backstab all of them while those players were immersed in their fight with the squad in the casino.

However, since he and SexyPIG had been discovered, it had become tricky.

Based on the gunshots earlier, there were at least three players up there.

Since Liu Zilang had not healed himself to full health, if he were to risk it, he would probably suffer quite a hit if their opponents fired at them from behind cover!

After hesitating for some time as he crouched by the stairs, Liu Zilang took a look in his backpack.

Sure enough, there was no grenade.

He recalled that he only looted two stun grenades previously...

Liu Zilang glanced at SexyPIG who had been following him and asked, \"Hey? Pig! Do you have boom boom boom?\"

\"Boom boom boom?\" SexyPIG was puzzled.

\"Yeah!\" Liu Zilang was worried that he did not understand him, so he added, \"Just this...boom shakalaka!\"

\"Oh-!\" SexyPIG was in a daze but he quickly realized what he meant. \"Fantastic baby? Boom shakalaka! Boom shakalaka...dan, dan, dan, dan, dance! I know this!\"


Liu Zilang twitched because of all the \"Boom\".

He turned around straightaway as he could not be bothered about the fool. He simply retrieved the stun grenades from his backpack.


The sound of a frag grenade's pin being pulled came from upstairs.

While Liu Zilang was stunned, he looked up and saw something being thrown at the wall of the corridor which then rebounded to the stairs.


'Those players did the math!'

One thing to note, the corridors in the apartment were extremely narrow. At that moment, SexyPIG was right behind Liu Zilang so they would certainly clash if Liu Zilang were to turn around.

If that happened, the two of them would be stuck in the corridor, and the grenade would take both their lives away!

In a hurry, Liu Zilang could not think further!

He gritted his teeth, held onto the stun grenade in his hand, pulled its pin and then charged upstairs straight into the room on the right.

When the three players in the room heard his footsteps, they became extra attentive and pointed their guns at the door.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared at the door.

The three players were elated!

'What a silly guy!'

Who knew that before they could shoot, a \"peng\" sound would be heard!

At that instant, the three of them and even Liu Zilang who was at the door entered a new world which was covered in white. Furthermore, \"buzzing\" sounds were continuously heard...

Concurrently, SexyPIG who was still hooked on \"Boom shakalaka\" was stupefied when he saw the frag grenade. Thus, he failed to escape in time.


Sparks were ignited, and smoke from the grenade filled the air!

Instantly, he was sent flying away by the explosion such that he \"danced\" in the air.


[1] It means penetrating in Mandarin

[2] Due to Yoona's poor pronunciation, her tone made it sound like she was saying 'bronze head'

[3] Original text is in broken Mandarin, hence the broken English as an effect