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261 Because Of Love!

 One thing for sure was that the person who appeared on the stairs was very rational with his sneak attack.

After knocking out one player, he did not rush to pick up another gun. Instead, he quickly aimed at another opponent!

Right then, it was as if there was a voice inside his head!

'This round, I must kill all of them!'

However, he underestimated Liu Zilang's reaction time.

Almost at the same time when that player began firing shots, Liu Zilang reacted to the situation.

By the time that player pointed his gun at Liu Zilang, Liu Zilang had pounced forward.

Then, the instant his body touched the ground, he sprung back up again!

\"This position! This posture! It appeared! The legendary prone jump!\"

\"Wah! Vic's showing off again! I'm so excited!\"

Nonetheless, at the next second, those spectators who were thrilled were dumbfounded!

In the game, Liu Zilang's \"prone jump\" was actually done so that he could hide behind Somin.

Therefore, that player who was on the other side adjusted his gun and fired shots according to where Liu Zilang shifted to.

Quickly after Somin went into a daze, she was knocked out.


Somin who was then kneeling on the ground became baffled.

The instant she collapsed to the ground, Liu Zilang who was behind her revealed himself...

'Revealing the dagger once the map has been unrolled?!'

Liu Zilang scoped in and then locked the red dot sight attached on his Win94 onto that person's head!

\"Da, da-!\"


All of a sudden, the gunshots that were coming from that player were brought to a halt!

Looking at the Win94 that was aimed at him, that player fell to the ground with a look of disbelief!

Upon seeing this, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel exclaimed,

'That... that was an ultimate counter-kill!'

'But noona got killed because of you, was that really appropriate?'

\"Terror, terror! Vic the straight man of iron and steel is online!\"

\"Wow~! Ah Lang is truly grim!\"

\"Vic says, 'I'm sorry, I'm an emotionless blade runner!'\"

\"Hehe, noonas? They don't exist! The way I, Vic, look at it, they're all... human shields!!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang quickly revived them.

In order to express his sense of guilt, he decided to revive Somin first.

Somin who was puzzled asked, \"Why? I clearly saw him shooting you!\"

When Liu Zilang heard her, he sighed to himself again.

'Noona's voice is so pleasing...

'Sadly, she's a little silly.'

He coughed and then explained in a serious tone, \"If I saw it correctly, that person probably used the 'Bucket of Gun'!\"

\"Bucket of Gun? What's that?\" Somin was confused.

\"In Chinese, we call it Gun Kata[1]! It makes the bullets that are shot at me change their course toward you.\" Liu Zilang slowly put it into words.

\"Culcatta?\" Yoona repeated the term and then marveled, \"Wow! Daebak! Gosu[2]!\"

Right then, SexyPIG who had not been talking shouted out loud, \"Careful! Somebody's going up!\"

As soon as he finished, hasty footsteps were heard on the second floor of the boxing arena!

Next, a figure appeared at the end of the corridor and Yoona happened to be directly opposite him.

Therefore, Yoona who was knocked out was scared witless.

She quickly crawled away while yelling frantically, \"Don't! Don't, don't!\"

It seemed like that person was being chased after, so when he saw somebody kneeling on the ground, he wanted to get a kill before he died. Hence, he held his gun up and then fired at Yoona who was the nearest to him.

Despite that, the instant he arrived upstairs, Liu Zilang who had revived Somin stood up abruptly and leaped over Yoona's head. He made himself a barrier between the gun and Yoona!

\"Peng, peng, peng-!\"

In a trice, Liu Zilang bled because he was hit and collapsed to the ground right away as he only had minimal health before this.

When Yoona who initially expected herself to be killed witnessed that, she became dumb struck!

At that time, Liu Zilang was being even more dramatic!

The instant he began pressing on his abdomen when he was knocked out, he turned to shout at Yoona, \"Go! Hurry up! Don't care me[3]!\"

\"I knew it, what's meant to happen will happen! Even so, you should follow the basics if you want to pick up girls!\"

\"I give it to him! I give it to him! He's a man who acts with his life, I really have to give it to him!\"

After Liu Zilang screamed at her, his heart sank.

Who knew that just as the player who ran up the stairs was about to kill him, \"bam, bam\", two heavenly sounds were heard from below the stairs!

Before that person could react in time, he was sent flying away by the enormous impact of a shotgun.

His dead body rolled powerlessly on the ground for a while, whereby he ended up in front of Liu Zilang.

Both his eyes widened and he looked like he was saying, 'Brother, farewell!'

Liu Zilang mourned for him in silence.

\"Anarchy_SexyPig killed Tony_M with S686!\"

A kill notification appeared on the top right corner of Liu Zilang's screen, to which he was not used to because the notifications used to appear on the bottom left.

After taking a look at the ID, Liu Zilang realized that it was SexyPIG who had come to provide backup.

As expected, SexyPIG appeared in no time and he ran toward Liu Zilang's direction.

\"Help! Help me!\"

Right away, Liu Zilang was elated.

With that being said, at the next instant, the smile on his face froze.

SexyPIG actually turned a blind eye to him, such that he went around him, and ran over to Yoona quickly while saying, \"That was close, that was close! I finally made it!\"


'A ssibba!!![4]'

For all that, fortunately, Somin whom he had revived did not forget about him. She jogged toward him quickly and then crouched to revive him. At long last, Liu Zilang's injured heart was mended.

At that moment, Yoona uttered, \"Earlier, thank you so much.\"

\"There's no need to thank me, there's no need to!\" SexyPIG responded shyly.

\"Uh...of course, thank you too.\" Yoona was startled for a while before she realized that she had said all that in Korean.

She could not help but giggle playfully. \"But I was actually thanking Somin's friend just now.\"

Upon hearing their conversation, Somin who was crouching to revive Liu Zilang chuckled as well.

Since Liu Zilang felt as if they were acting strangely, he asked in English, \"Somin, what are you laughing at?\"

\"Nothing, nothing.\" Somin smiled cheerfully and then continued, \"Oh right, you were very brave just now. Why did you take the shot for Yoona?\"

Liu Zilang could roughly understand Somin's English. He then cooked up a random reply, \"Why? Why else? It was because of love!\"

He was not afraid that they would understand him because he replied in Mandarin.

However, Yoona's Mandarin seemed to exceed Liu Zilang's expectations, especially in certain areas.

Once she heard his reply, she became highly spirited right away and responded happily, \"Because Oh! I've heard of that song before! I know how to sing it too!\"

Liu Zilang had to \"translate Mandarin to Mandarin\" in his head again before he could comprehend what Yoona meant.

Subsequently, he hummed softly, \"Here's a CD from the past~ Listen to our love back then~ Sometimes I tend to forget~ That I'm still in love with you.[5]\"

\"You're starting? Eason Chan of the eSports scene?? Please, I\"m begging you, stop singing!\"

\"F*ck you! What a brute! How can you sing just because you're upset!\"

\"GG! He's wiping out everyone in the eSports scene, I'm leaving, I'm leaving!\"

Just as some spectators were about to leave his channel, another sweet and clear voice was heard.

\"I can't sing that kind of song anymore~ Every time I hear it, I'll blush and avoid it.

\"Although I often forget~ I still love you~\"


[1] A shooting skill that originated from City Hunter, a Japanese manga. It's not a real shooting skill, and only exists in comics and movies

[2] In Korean, it means an expert or a highly skilled person

[3] Again, the sentence was originally like this in wrong grammar. Liu Zilang meant to say 'Don't care about me'

[4] In Korean, it means oh f*ck!

[5] Lyrics to Faye Wong and Eason Chan's Because of Love