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260 It Pricked My Heart!

 Liu Zilang looked around him embarrassingly and then explained, \"Don't worry! I'm here to check if you're safe up here.\"

While he said that, he began loading his Win94.

\"Xie xie!\" Yoona suddenly chuckled.

However, he was unsure if she was actually thanking him or asking him to rest up there[1]...

\"Help me! Help me!\"

Right then, SexyPIG who was still in the boxing arena shouted!

\"Don't worry! I'm coming!\" Liu Zilang yelled.

With that being said, he did not jump down from the rooftop. Instead, he blasted a shot through the gap on the rooftop at a player who was running along the corridor!


The instant the gunshot was heard, Liu Zilang realized that his gun was really something!

Though he had aimed at the player's head out of habit when he shot at him, he did not think that the player who was wearing a Level One Motorcycle Helmet would have been instantly knocked out!

\"Vic123 knocked out GuiltyCrown by headshot with Win94!\"

\"Woah! Daebak[2]!\" Somin and Yoona who were on the rooftop covered their mouths as they exclaimed.

After being startled for a short while, Liu Zilang mumbled to himself, \"This gun is quite powerful!\"

Without even looking at the weapons guide, he had identified Win94 to be a type of sniper gun.

'No wonder its reloading speed is such a pain in the *ss.'

After knocking out one player, Liu Zilang did not spare him his life. He aimed at his head again to kill him.

Next, Liu Zilang crouched on the rooftop to wait for a while but did not notice anyone heading to that dead player's crate.

'It looks like his teammates are probably very occupied now.

'They're either chasing other players or being chased, they won't have time to care about their teammate now.'

When he thought about that, he turned to say to Somin and Yoona, \"Stay here and don't move! I'll bring you some oranges!\"

Since he said all that in Mandarin, the two of them were startled.

Yoona understood a little, so she asked in broken Mandarin as she was confused, \"Orange juice[3]?\"

Before the two of them could say anything else, Liu Zilang jumped down without further ado.

Who knew that as soon as he landed a player would appear by the corridor.

The two of them looked at each other and then raised their guns at the same time!

\"Da, da, da-!\"


The instant Liu Zilang blasted a shot, he immediately crouched.

The next second, blood was seen splattering out from his body, and his health hit rock bottom.

He felt chills on his scalp as if something flew past the top of his head!

On the other hand, his opponent's head bled so much that he was instantly knocked out.

\"F*ck! He seems invincible, why do I feel like it was a snipe-out?\"

\"I heard that you want to bring them some oranges? This is karma for flirting with the ladies!\"

\"He's not dead yet? Is the Win94 that powerful? I picked one up just now but why did it feel worse than a 98K?\"

Nevertheless, even though Liu Zilang was not dead yet, his health was almost gone.

After being hit twice, once by an AK and once by an M4, he was left with little health in his health bar.

On top of that, he was so unfortunate to the point that even after searching a few crates around him, there were no bandages at all, let alone a medkit.

He could not continue his fight!

\"Thump, thump, thump-!\"

Coincidentally, hasty footsteps were heard coming from below him.

He assumed that the player whom he killed with a headshot earlier had notified his teammates, who were there to seek revenge.

Right then, Liu Zilang was left with so little health that he would be instantly knocked out even if a bullet were to just graze his skin. At that time, he was not confident that he could avoid another headshot as he did earlier on.

Therefore, once he heard footsteps, he quickly slipped away.

Once again, he went outside and then jumped up to the roof using the same method..

\"Surprise, I'm back!


When Liu Zilang was back on the rooftop, he called out to the others.

Originally, he was hoping to ease the awkward situation, but both Somin and Yoona looked at him with stunned faces without saying anything.

Quickly after, his smiling face slowly froze...

'Hey, respond to me, or I'll look retarded!'

At that moment, Yoona and Somin asked at the same time, \"Where is our orange juice?\"


Liu Zilang's smile went crooked as he thought to himself, 'Why are you still thinking about that? Are those oranges even meant to be eaten?'

He regained his composure and then coughed a little before he said, \"That... the orange tree has been stolen by somebody at the train station, don't ask me why, it's a long story!\"

Right then, the teammate of the player whom he killed with a headshot was at the corridor.

When Liu Zilang heard the footsteps, he quickly shushed them.

Although Soomin and Yoona could not forget about the oranges, they knew that somebody was below them. Hence, they became so nervous that they kept quiet.

Afterward, the two of them were shocked!

It turned out that the player seemed to have been informed by his dead teammate that somebody jumped down from the rooftop just no. Hence, he fired shots at the boxing arena's rooftop as soon as he arrived upstairs.

He was warning them!


Somin and Yoona were so afraid that they shouted out loud.

When Liu Zilang saw how haughty that player was, he intended to fire a shot with his Win94.

In spite of that, seeing as he only had a little health left, he held back his urge to do so.

Even so, they could not just remain in such a deadlocked situation.

In a state of hurry, Liu Zilang was sparked with a bright idea. Thus, he said to Somin and Yoona, \"Noonas, I need you help[4]!\"


Upon hearing him, Somin and Yoona were startled.


\"Brother who's up there, I can see you, quickly come down!

\"What a coward! If you're a man, get down here and shoot it out!

\"Pfft! Trash!\"

The player who was down there turned on the 'All' voice chat and began ridiculing Liu Zilang.

At that instant, his eyes twitched because a black shadow jumped down from the gap on the roof.


'You've got some temper!'

Instantly, that player raised his gun and was about to shoot.

Who knew that it was then when another person would jump down from above.

'There's another one who's as awesome as me!'

Next, Liu Zilang jumped down too.

He landed right behind Somin and Yoone who formed a \"human wall\".

Just as that player fired two shots, Liu Zilang who jumped down reacted so quickly that he leaned to one side and fired a shot right at that player's head who had a red afro.

Looking at the wretched guy with a Win94 who hid behind two unarmed players, the person who was knocked out had a spasm!

'What the h*ll...

'Did that just happen?'

\"666, that's a Win94 right there! I told you guys, that gun's not bad at all!\"

\"Ah Lang is really brutal! How could he use the two noonas as a human shield!\"

\"Ah Lang is doomed to live a lonely life, I think he'll have to spend to the rest of his life with cats!\"

\"Guys, I'm afraid you've forgotten. Has any lady willingly stood in front of you as a shield in the game?\"

As soon as this was commented, everyone fell silent.

'Oh, my heart, it's pricked!'

All of a sudden, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel looked at him differently.

Clearly, Lui Zilang was clueless that somebody had stirred up his followers' hatred for him.

Despite killing the player, the gunshots in the battle arena were still ongoing. Excluding them, it sounded like there were at least five to six players present.

At once, Liu Zilang instructed the two of them to pick up some guns and then met up with SexyPIG who was on the first floor.

Who knew that somebody would appear on the left stairs.

That person fired shots right away which instantly knocked out Yoona who was picking up a gun!

Followed by that, he pointed his gun at Liu Zilang!


[1] In Chinese, by just listening, 'xie xie' can sound like 'thank you' or 'rest a while' because they both carry the same tone

[2] It means awesome in Korean

[3] 'Oranges' is twisted to 'orange juice' because Yoona can't pronounce Mandarin well

[4] Original RAW is written as such in wrong grammar because Liu Zilang has poor English