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259 After Fighting This Battle, I’ll…

 Once they entered the desert's spawn area, Liu Zilang cleared his throat and then greeted the others, \"Hello, hello!\"




The other three players greeted him through the team voice chat too.

\"Are all of you Koreans?\" Liu Zilang asked in English.

\"Yeah! Sure!\"

Other than Somin, the other two players replied him.

\"Are you Chinese?\" Right then, Yoona666 asked in broken Mandarin. \"I can speak... a little bit of Chinese, hello!\"

\"Hello, hello!\" Liu Zilang tried not to laugh as he responded.

Later, SexyPIG spoke in English, \"I heard Somin say that you're an expert!\"

\"Just so so!\" Liu Zilang replied humbly. \"You're a professional player, aren't you?\"

\"You know me?\" SexyPIG was beginning to feel pleased.

Who knew Liu Zilang would have answered right away, \"I don't know you.\"

Afterward, he continued, \"I just think that those with something in front of their ID are probably strong players, and strong players are usually professional players, right?\"

SexyPIG choked and then fell silent.

On the other hand, Somin could not help but chuckle because she rarely saw an expert like SexyPIG being humiliated.

Not long after, the waiting time in the spawn area ended.

The three of them were then on the airplane, above the desert.

\", has you played it before (TN: Original sentence was in broken Mandarin, so broken English is used here for effect)?\" Yoona666 asked in odd Mandarin.

\"No! First time! It's my first time!\" Liu Zilang responded.

SexyPIG marked a location on the map and then mentioned in shoddy English, \"You can follow us, I know which spot has the most loot!\"


\"The place with the most loot is the most dangerous place.\" Liu Zilang hesitated. \"Can we really do this?\"

Of course, there was a meaning behind his question.

\"It's alright, Somin and Yoona can land on top of the boxing arena while we go in to clear the place.\" SexyPIG understood what he meant, and assured him confidently, \"We've tried this tactic once!\"

\"Did you succeed?\" Liu Zilang asked casually.

Instantly, SexyPIG became dispirited. \"I was killed.\"

\"Pfft, haha!\"

Both Somin and Yoona burst out laughing.

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched as he wondered, 'He's only dragging me along because his tactic failed.'

SexyPIG quickly explained, \"But this strategy is extremely viable, Somin and Yoona are very safe up there, it depends on whether we can wipe out the players down there. I've no issues with it, how about you?\"

At a time like that, if one was a man, one would definitely display one's toughness!

However, Liu Zilang replied faintly, \"I want to be up there too...\"

Right away, SexyPIG's face turned dark.

At that moment, he really could not perceive this expert invited by Somin.

In no time, the airplane arrived above Pecado.

Initially, Liu Zilang was mentally prepared as if he were to \"land in the Sosnovka Military Base\".

Despite that, the instant he jumped and saw the countless black spots around him, he became utterly shocked!

Perhaps the new map of the beta test version had released previously in the afternoon, and everyone was not familiar with the locations on the map.

After looking around and realizing that Pecado was the resource point with the most loot, many squads were too lazy to look elsewhere, so they decided to just gather in Pecado for a shoot-out.

At that instant, Liu Zilang held back his nervousness and took a look at his surroundings.

He realized that at least more than half of the squads in the match had decided to land in Pecado.

It was then when Liu Zilang understood SexyPIG better.

As a matter of fact, it made sense because he was Asia's top-notch professional player.

Even without teammates, his strength should have been more than enough if he were to play a one-man squad game in the beta test version.

With that being said, the reality was that he could not walk out of the boxing arena.

Throughout the whole afternoon when the beta testing version was released, one could imagine therefrom how evil the place that was called Sin City was.



\"All the best! All the best!\"

When they landed, Somin and Yoona motivated Liu Zilang and SexyPig.

Liu Zilang took a deep breath and then gritted his teeth. \"Mmm! After fighting this battle, I'll return to my hometown for my marriage.\"

Owing to the fact that he said that in Mandarin, Somin and the others were baffled.

Nonetheless, the spectators in his live streaming channel obviously understood him, and they dissolved into laughter!

\"Haha! Vic is starting to speak from his heart!\"

\"Vic, don't be flustered no matter what! You must not embarrass yourself in front of your international friends!\"

\"Ah Lang, up, up! You can do this!\"

\"Please, enough with the hype! I'm afraid twenty people are jumping toward the boxing arena! He'll be dead for sure!\"

\"Place wreaths on both sides, lay Ah Lang down in the middle. Everyone, stop looking, get over it after you cry.\"

Naturally, Liu Zilang had no idea that the spectators in his live streaming channel were \"preparing for his funeral\".

The instant he landed, he prayed quickly and then jumped into the boxing arena through the gap on the rooftop.

\"Flop, flop, flop-!\"

Endless sounds of parachutes could be heard around him.

Under such circumstance, a truth was fully verified.

The one who had a gun would be the boss!

It did not matter if one was a sniper god or any other god. At that moment, if one had no gun, one would just die.

As soon as Liu Zilang landed, he saw a gun on the floor which he had never seen before. Instantly, he was elated, thus he quickly bent over to pick it up.


'What gun is this?' Liu Zilang wondered to himself as he was confused.

After picking up its bullets, he quickly loaded the gun.

However, Liu Zilang was totally stupefied by the speed of loading a Win94 as its bullets could only be loaded one by one.

While he remained startled, a player beside him picked up an S1897.

Seeing as how Liu Zilang was slowly loading his Win94, that player laughed crazily and held up his gun.

Who knew that before that player could blast a shot, a muzzle flash would appear from the stairs behind him as a series of gunshots were heard!

Subsequently, a player with an AK dashed toward them!

Of course, it was not SexyPIG.

In actual fact, since twenty over people landed in the boxing area, those without guns were frantically looking for weapons, while those with guns were chasing after players to shoot them.

It was chaotic!

Liu Zilang really could not be bothered to locate SexyPIG.

Followed by that, the player with an AK who shot the other player with the shotgun, fired shots at Liu Zilang when he noticed him.

\"Da, da, da-!\"

As the bullets whizzed through the air and made their way toward Liu Zilang, he quickly moved in a zig-zag pattern to avoid them.

Although that person had poor marksmanship, he still managed to hit Liu Zilang once.

At that moment, Liu Zilang was armorless, and since AK bullets dealt quite high damage, it took away nearly half of his health points.

Nevertheless, that person finished his round of bullets.

Just as he wanted to reload his gun, history repeated itself!

Somebody who had a shotgun appeared on the corridor behind that player and then blasted a shot at the player with an AK. It instantly knocked him out.

Seeing as that player was knocked out, Liu Zilang quickly stowed away his Win94 and then opened the door to run to the stairs outside.

Once Liu Zilang was outside, he recalled that the beta test version had a reworked climbing system.

He looked around him before he jumped onto a fence and then onto a wooden door.

At last, he supported himself with both hands on the roof and climbed to the top.

At that time, Somin and Yoona were secretly observing the match from up there. Thus, they were taken by surprise when they noticed Liu Zilang beside them.