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258 Asia’s Number One Shotgun!

 'Actually... I've researched every single participant that has been invited to this World Invitational Tournament.'

A simple speech with plain words and a sincere tone...

Nonetheless, there was a familiar sense of arrogance from inside out which gave everyone a tidal surge of emotions. Their blood boiled so much so that it sent shudders through them!

'Has that man returned?'

However, after getting a clear look of his face, the others realized that it was just a false alarm.

After a few seconds of silence, the cameraman coughed and waved to signal him. \"There's no problem, you may continue.\"

\"That's all.\" Liu Zilang shrugged.

'That's all?'

Everyone twitched their eyes!

'Young fella, I think you're here to cause trouble!'


Throughout the other half of the morning, the photoshoot and creation of the promotional video were completed.

Due to a kind invitation from GodV and the others, Liu Zilang stayed to join them for lunch.

During lunch, the few of them carried out another detailed discussion on their strategy for the following day, and they seemed extremely prudent.

That was because based on the global pattern of past FPS competitions, although \"Shroud\" from the western side had always been preeminent while the FPS standard in Asia was generally lower, PlayerUnknown's Battleground was different from other kinds of FPS games, such that one's shooting skill was only one of the important factors. More often than not, the impact of landing points and surrounding awareness were more important.

On top of that, since the Asia Qualifier was the first worldwide event for PlayerUnknown's Battleground, it was the first time teams from every country were meeting, thus they were not familiar with each other yet.

Therefore, before the competition, it was inevitable for GodV and the others to feel unsure about everything. They were naturally more cautious.

In the afternoon after they were done with lunch, Liu Zilang stayed in 4AM's recreational club base to train with them for a few matches.

It was nearly evening when he returned home.


The moment he arrived home, as he opened the door, he heard 98K meowing.

When it saw Liu Zilang enter the house, it ran over to him and rubbed itself against Liu Zilang's legs as it went circles around him.

Firstly, Liu Zilang poured some cat food for the adorable frisky cat before he transformed himself into a poop picker by cleaning the house.

At last, he ended up in front of his computer as he prepared himself for that night's live stream.

With that being said, when he logged into QQ before he streamed live, he noticed a pop-up notification from TX.

\"Beta testing version of the desert map, check it out?\"

'Beta testing version of the desert map?'

Liu Zilang was stunned for a while before he recalled that there was indeed something like that, whereby the new map had a new climbing system and some new weapons.

Nevertheless, all long, he never paid attention to it. Hence, he was unaware that the beta testing version had been released that afternoon.

'Forget it, I'll just start my live stream first.'

Once Liu Zilang started streaming, fans and followers who had previously subscribed to him received a push notification from Douyu. They quickly flooded his live streaming channel.

Soon enough, Liu Zilang's popularity count hit two hundred thousand, by which he outranked a missy who was streaming an outdoor Truth or Dare game. He became number one in the Attractive Section.

\"??? Chicken King is actually on time tonight?\"

\"Where's 98K? Meow~ Meow~\"

\"Move, move! Please move aside, we want to see 98K!\"

\"Vic's miserable life of being overshadowed by a cat!\"

\"Speaking of which, the beta is open today! Many streamers are playing it now, Vic, play the beta test version!\"

\"Why the beta test version? The map is too yellow! I'm dizzy from looking at it!\"

\"That's probably because you're lacking nourishment, what does it have to do with the map? Streamer, let's go!\"

\"Take on the beta test version! Take on the beta test version!\"

The second there was a rhythm to it, the bullet screen of his live streaming channel was spammed with comments about the \"beta test version\".

When Liu Zilang looked at the bullet screen, he happened to be quite interested in the new map as well. Thus, he yielded with a show of reluctance and logged into the beta test version.

One thing to note was that in the parallel world, the beta test version operated by TX used a global server.

While it used a different client from the official server, it could be logged into with the same account and there was no need to recreate another character.

Since Liu Zilang did not have the beta test version on his computer, he had to download it to play.

Luckily, the client was not too huge. Hence, the download completed in less than ten minutes.


The moment Liu Zilang received the notification, he opened the client and started the game.

Right then, his friend list in the game lit up.

Liu Zilang glanced at the client and noticed that it was Somin, the Korean noona (TN: It means sister in Korean, used by males to address older females) whom he encountered when he played a three-man squad game with Sister Fa and Zhang Xiaotong in the past.

Even though he was streaming live at that moment, there was no need for him to evade her. Hence, he casually opened the chat window.

\"Hi! OniJang! Let's play?\" He then added a smiley emoji at the end of his sentence.

Upon seeing the message, some old spectators in his live streaming channel became exhilarated.

\"Wah! Somin! It's the Korean noona from before!\"

\"I remember, she's the noona with a super crisp voice that gave me an eargasm!\"

\"Vic, what are you doing! Don't you understand English? Somin is asking you to play with her.\"

\"GG! Something's wrong with Vic, since when was he connected to Somin? Is it going to be a sweet duo game tonight?\"

Since Liu Zilang had been invited by the young lady, he felt that it was best if somebody could lead the way since he had never played the new map on the beta test version. Thus, he replied and asked her to wait for a while.

At the same time, in a Korean voice channel that was similar to YY, Somin announced in a cheerful tone, \"Okay~! The guru I met last time will be here soon!\"

\"Is he the one that led you to chicken dinner with just a machete?\" A delicate voice was heard.

\"Yes, yes!\" Somin replied seriously, \"He's really very good!\"

\"Is he really that good? We'll have two gurus in our squad then,\" that same person responded excitedly.

Right then, though the guru in their squad was not actually bothered about it, he uttered, \"He led you to chicken dinner with a machete? That's much greater than my S686.\"

\"Oh! He's ready, I'll invite him to our squad.\" Somin was elated.


\"Somin has invited you to a team!\"

Once Liu Zilang logged into the game, he sent a message to Somin and then a system notification appeared on the right side of his screen.

Looking at the brand new lobby, Liu Zilang accepted the request. He then appeared in a four-man squad.

'Who are these players?

'Are they Somin's friends?'

Liu Zilang felt rather odd, so he took a quick look at their names.

The one on the most left was him, the second one was Somin, and the third one was Yoona666.

When Liu Zilang looked further right, he froze.


Upon seeing the ID, the spectators in his live streaming channel went wild too!

\"F*ck! SexyPIG! Asia's Number One S686? That ID isn't fake, is it?\"

\"I checked his stats just now! That ID is ranked ninth in the previous season in the Asia server, I don't think it's fake.\"

\"Miss Somin actually knows an expert like SexyPIG? She's really something!\"

\"Speaking of which, don't you guys think that Yoona is very familiar too?\"

\"Eh! Now that you say it, she seems familiar, who is she?\"

While the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel discussed away, the four players entered the spawn area.