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257 The Howling Monster And The Qualifier!

 They had been inside the living room for the past few minutes.

The paper box had been opened as it was placed quietly on the table.

\"Meow~ Mew~\"

An orange tabby kitten with faint white stripes licked its paw as it tried its best to stand up. However, it kept falling down regardless.

It seemed to be half a month old and perhaps had just started weaning.

Zhang Xiaotong stared at the little kitten as her eyes shone brightly, and her face was filled with happiness.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he shook his head and said depressingly, \"This is too small. Both of us won't be full with just this.\"

\"Hmph!\" Zhang Xiaotong frowned as she shook her head. \"You're not getting any of it!\"

\"Are you planning to have it all for yourself?\" Liu Zilang questioned.

Zhang Xiaotong said nothing as she stared furiously at Liu Zilang.

\"Hehe. I'm just joking. I'm just joking.\" Liu Zilang laughed. \"Where did this kitten come from? Did you pick it up from the streets?\"

\"Yumeng's cat gave birth and she gave one to me.\" Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

\"Ah. No wonder you're back so late today.\" Everything clicked in Liu Zilang's head as he continued questioning her, \"However, I do remember that auntie didin't approve of you having a pet kitten, right?\"

A few years ago when Zhang Xiaotong had just moved in, she had a pet cat as no one had the time to keep her company in the house.

The little girl was extremely blissful as she would hug the cat day and night, even when she was sleeping.

She was clawed one day for some reason and the family gave the cat away. From then on, she never had another pet.

Liu Zilang did not expect her to secretly bring a kitten back at such an hour. No wonder she was acting so mysteriously.

Zhang Xiaotong looked rather anxious as she heard Liu Zilang's words and replied hurriedly, \"Don't... don't you tell on me!\"

Liu Zilang slanted his lips.

'Tell on her?

'Am I such a person?'

\"Fine fine! I won't tell auntie about it, but you have to be careful and not get scratched again.\" Liu Zilang smiled with his eyes. \"Oh right, does this kitten have a name yet?\"

\"No... Not yet.\"

Zhang Xiaotong pondered for a while before replying softly.

After some time, her eyes shone brightly as she turned around and looked at Liu Zilang before setting her eyes onto the little kitten once more. The kitten was licking its paw inside the box as she said excitedly, \"I'm going to call it Orange!\"

\"Orange?\" Liu Zilang crooked the edge of his lips as he shook his head. \"That name is too lame.\"

Perhaps it was not too happy about its orange fur that was all over its body.

Would it not be an insult that would hurt its soul if its name were Orange?

Perhaps Zhang Xiaotong found the name rather bad as well as she pouted and said unhappily, \"You're the one who's lame. Hmph! What do you think it should be called then?\"

\"About that...\" Liu Zilang could not come up with a name on the spot.

However, he soon snickered, \"Why... why don't we call it onii-chan?\"

\"O...nii-chan?\" Zhang Xiaotong was confused but she immediately understood as her face blushed. \"I don't want to name it that!\"

She said embarrassingly as she hugged the box and began to head into her room.

\"I'm just joking. Onii-chan isn't a good name!\" Liu Zilang stopped joking immediately the moment he noticed she was throwing a fit. \"Ms. Zhang Xiaotong, have you realized what colour this kitten is the same as?\"

Zhang Xiaotong turned around and said confusingly as she heard Liu Zilang's serious tone, \"Similar... to what?\"

Liu Zilang clapped as he said, \"The 98K! Why don't you call it 98K! It sounds so cool!\"

It was obvious that Zhang Xiaotong had taken a liking toward the 98K as she would not let go of one the moment she found it in the game.

Her eyes were filled with bliss the moment Liu Zilang finished speaking!

However, she forced herself to pout and muttered, \"Hmph... What kind of name is that...\"

She then turned around and happily made her way into her room.

Liu Zilang was used to her arrogance as he shook his head and smiled before he headed back into his room.

It was a nightmare for him for the few days that followed...

Zhang Xiaotong was deeply in love with the orange kitten as it loved human companionship. However, this little girl was a charlatan as she had no idea how to take care of the kitten.

Liu Zilang had no choice but to do all the hard work.

This young lady claimed that since Liu Zilang was the one who blessed it with the name 98K, he had to fulfill his responsibility toward it as well.

'I blessed its name?

'What sort of eighth-grade speech syndrome is this?'

Liu Zilang could do nothing but blame himself as his face sunk.

Hence, Liu Zilang would rush back home after he finished his class and live stream to take care of the peevish and playful young 98K which constantly craved his attention.

While such orange cats are better when they are fat[1], they are rather cute when they are young.

It was extremely cute when it raised up its tiny and wobbly head. Its round eyes, rich expression, and small movements it made with its paw were criminally cute.

The viewers from the live stream were instantly taken in by the little kitten.

Liu Zilang's subscriber count had been hovering around sixty-three thousand the last time he was recommended on the front page. However, his subscriber count had increased steadily to seventy-thousand without the influence of any recommendation. This made Liu Zilang realize that humans could never be compared to kittens.

Liu Zilang's live stream uploaded a new sound effect as well, which was \"Awoo~\".

Whenever 98K meowed at the camera, the viewers would play artificial music in the bullet screen.

The screen would be filled with \"Awoos\" and it looked extremely cute!

Everyone came to an agreement that even though the kitten had an extremely cool name, 98K its mew was too soft.

It had to be switched to \"Awoo\" to maintain its dominance!

What could Liu Zilang do in such a situation?

He could only agree with them!

'If you like to howl that much, just do it...'


When Thursday arrived, Liu Zilang made an appointment with GodV and they met at 4AM's Jianghai recreational club. They had to take portraits as participating players and they had to film their squad's promotional video.

The PUBG's Asia Qualifier would begin on Friday.

Since the tournament would affect the ranking of Asia Region's Jianghai World Invitational Tournament, 4AM viewed the tournament highly. Hence Liu Zilang did not play much in the public queue as he trained together with his squad.

There was nothing much to say about the portrait photoshoot as all he needed to do was wear their squad's jersey while the camera clicked away chaotically as he posed randomly.

However, when it was time for the promotional video, the photographer did not prepare any arrogant speeches for them to promote themselves.

\"Since this is the first PUBG international tournament and none of us have any experience, we'll do our best.\"

GodV looked very calm and composed in front of the camera after a few attempts.

\"Regardless of the outcome, I think it'll be a valuable experience for all of us since we'll be able to fight against the strongest squads from their respective countries in Asia. \" Cpt was very humble.

\"PUBG is an FPS game like no other before and this is our opportunity to do it right! We won't let you down!\"

Aluka gripped his right fist tightly as he expressed his motivation.

When it was Liu Zilang's turn, he stood in front of the camera and rubbed his hands. \"Is... is there any restriction?\"

The photographer sent by the tournament committee waved his hand and replied, \"Nothing. It's up to your imagination.\"

\"Okay!\" Liu Zilang nodded.

As the camera started recording, he cleared his throat and then said with utmost sincerity, \"Actually... I've researched every single participant that has been invited to this World Invitational Tournament.\"

Everyone inside the recording room was shocked upon hearing his words...


[1] A Chinese wordplay that made fun of most orange cats posted online were obese