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256 Xiaotong-chan’s Snacks

 A daring idea?

Daimei and OrangeTree were confused upon hearing his words. Everyone in the live stream had a bad feeling about it!

'This idiot is about to do something!\"

As expected.

A click was heard as Liu Zilang pulled the pin!

\"Brother! Think this through!\" OrangeTree persuaded.

\"Onii-chan! Are you trying to bring them down along with you?\" Daimei froze in shock!

Liu Zilang did not respond as he stood at the top of the right staircase for about three seconds. Then, he ran toward its rail guard and leaped over it!

The viewers from the live stream gasped as they watched!

The two enemies were climbing up the right staircase, and they were half way there.

Then, they saw something falling from above them.

Their eyes widened as they took a second look. \"Holysh*t! Did that guy just commit suicide?\"

\"I thought he was a cool guy, but he's just a coward!\" The other smiled. \"How boring...\"

Just as he was about to finish speaking, the man who was falling from above threw something toward them!

A parting gift perhaps?

The two were confused before they started panicking!

'Isn't that a frag grenade?'


There was a loud explosion as the frag grenade in the sky flashed, creating a shockwave that flew toward them.

The two enemies were pushed by the shockwave, and they slammed into the railing of the staircase guards, causing their health to plunge to the very bottom!

Meanwhile, the wind howled strongly as Liu Zilang fell from above. He was getting closer to the ground with each second second that went by!

His character inside the game was flailing his four limbs as he seemed extremely anxious.

It was without a doubt that death was certain if one were to fall from the top of Duga.

Just as his face was about to hit the ground, a loud sound came from behind.

The game froze in an instant!

29 Kills!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

The viewers were in an uproar as they witnessed the miracle!

\"F*cking h*ll! You can do that?\"

\"That was extremely exciting! No more! My brain is deprived of oxygen! Oxygen mask! Where's my oxygen mask?\"

\"I'm impressed! I've subscribed to this suicidal streamer!\"

\"Those who bet that he wasn't going to get the chicken dinner, are you still around? The streamer jumped off the building, what about you guys?\"

\"DragonEmperor must have fainted! Someone, please carry him out. Let's welcome our next dream catcher.\"


OrangeTree stuttered as he sat in front of his computer and stared at the screen, \"C-c-c-chicken dinner?\"

Liu Zilang replied coldly, \"This is a man's promise.\"

Daimei was completely astonished!

Liu Zilang's actions throughout the match had challenged her very knowledge of the game from beginning to end.

It started from doubt to certainty before it reverted back to doub...

Daimei finally stopped doubting him after a series of hardships.

He was without a doubt the Chicken King!

While many players often ended up as crates while craving for a chicken dinner, he had thought of a hundred ways to enjoy each chicken dinner.

They were playing a completely different game!

Coincidentally, DragonRider whon was in her live stream had sent her a message through WeChat.

Daimei read the message and her jaw dropped when she looked at her teammate's ID!

Everything clicked as to why she found the ID extremely familiar...

The ID of the Chicken King was in the spotlight recently in Douyin's Attractive Section!

Daimei immediately opened Douyu.

She found Liu Zilang's live stream on the front page even before she headed toward the Attractive Section.

She was welcomed with his face as she entered the live stream. He looked completely different from who she imagined she was flirting with endlessly.

Daimei sighed as she remembered that she should never judge a book by its cover. Then, she saved the video that she had been recording.

Although she did not use a voice changer to morph herself into an obese uncle at that time, Liu Zilang was able to fill in most of her content with his 29 kills.

The final scene where he won chicken dinner with two sniper rifles and a frag grenade while falling from heaven was definitely the highlight of her series. It would have been a waste if it were not made into a montage.

As they had won chicken dinner, OrangeTree and Liu Zilang sincerely sent each other a friend request. They set a date to play together again before the former went offline in a hurry.

He was probably rushing to work.

Liu Zilang sighed as he realized that the lifestyle of a man in his mid-twenties was a tough one.

As Liu Zilang was about to return to the game, he realized that Daimei had yet to quit.

\"Biubiubiu?\" Liu Zilang spoke.

\"Huh?\" Daimei who had been pondering deeply regained composure as she replied flirtatiously, \"I'm here I'm here. Does onii-chan want to play another game?\"

\"Nope. Gaming will only make a man fall behind. I need to study.\"

Liu Zilang rejected her officially.

Daimei's face sunk as she was in Liu Zilang's live stream!

'Study my *ss!'

She resisted her raging behavior as she laughed indifferently. \"Hahaha... Onii-chan you're so hardworking. Let's add each other as friends and play again next time.\"

They added each other in their friend lists before Liu Zilang exited the game.

Naturally, he did not head out to study.

Instead, he logged into his other account, 4AM-Vic. He went into YY and skirmished with GodV and the rest as they were preparing for the upcoming Asia's Qualifier that was happening the next Friday.

GodV sent a reminder to Liu Zilang on WeChat after the match. He had reminded Liu Zilang that he should head toward 4AM's Jianghai recreational club if he was free the following week.

According to the tournament committee's request, all participating squads were required to have a portrait and promotional video of themselves.

Liu Zilang thought that there was nothing to be afraid of since he had revealed his face on his live stream.

All he had to do was not wear his mask.

Hence, he agreed without hesitation and set an appointment sometime the following week.

The doorbell in the living room rang just as GodV finished messaging him.

'Who could it be at such a late hour?'

Liu Zilang muttered in his mind as a thought popped up in his mind!

Could it be that his colleague Liu Yi had come to check on him?

Liu Zilang got his feet off his chair, wore his slippers and then rattled toward the door.

He peeped through the peephole before he opened the door but he did not see anyone outside.

'What the f*ck!

'Whose kid has come to prank me at such an hour?'

Liu Zilang was frustrated, and he was about to open up the door to shout.

As he opened the door, he found Xiaotong arched down as she had carefully placed a paper box on the ground and was searching for her keys in her pocket.

She panicked and stuttered as soon as she saw Liu Zilang, \"You... you're home.\"

\"Of course I'm home.\" Liu Zilang stared at the paper box on the ground. \"Eh? What's that?\"

\"No... nothing. Just some snacks.\" Zhang Xiaotong grabbed hold of the paper box as she squirmed through the door way.

Just as she walked past Liu Zilang with the box in between her arms, a cute and charming sound came from the box.


Liu Zilang was startled as he closed the door. He turned his head around and stared at Zhang Xiaotong suspiciously.

Zhang Xiaotong's face was pale as she raised her head and made eye contact with Liu Zilang.

She averted her gaze as her face turned beet red.

Liu Zilang gave off a dry cough as he realized what was going on. \"Is your snack... alive?\"