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255 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 3

 On one hand, it was chaotic downpour!

On the other hand, thunder clapped!

Liu Zilang failed to land a headshot. He only managed to shoot his enemy's black Level Two Police Vest.

Just as blood erupted out from his body, the downpour stopped!

The battlefield became completely silent!

Inside the game, the huge magnum bullet sent the enemy flying. A thud was heard as he fell to the ground and turned into a crate.

Although two puffs of blood could be seen on Liu Zilang's body, he did not die!

The damage was nulled!

The enemy had restored his health back to seventy-five points with a first aid kit but the damage dealt by an AWM on a Level Two Police Vest was close to eighty points!

Hence, Liu Zilang was able to kill the enemy in one shot even though it was not a headshot!

He had a total of 15 kills!

Daimei and OrangeTree were not able to compose themselves as they saw everything that happened.

OrangeTree was extremely skeptical. \"Ahem... Hey, is your health... locked?\"

\"Hey! What are you talking about? That's impossible.\" Liu Zilang laughed.

\"Ah, right right. This game doesn't lock your health.\"

OrangeTree realized what he had just said and felt incredibly shameful.

\"What I lock is their heads,\" Liu Zilang responded out of the blue.


Dai Mei and OrangTree said simultaneously.

\"My eyes guide my aim while my hand locks onto their heads!\" Liu Zilang said with a serious tone.

OrangeTree stuttered after he pondered for some time, \"What... what does that mean?

Daimei, on the other hand, could see the whole picture.

That man was making a fool out of them as she gritted her teeth furiously in front of her computer.

\"Huh?! Is your d*ck throbbing?\"

\"I'm new, can I know who this streamer is? He looks sort of cool!\"

\"Hehehe. You need to know what's an implanted hack first. You don't need 998 dollars to get one since it only costs you 98! With that amount, you won't ever become a crate ever again.\"

\"Don't fall for it new guy! That guy is a scammer!\"

\"GG! He's killed fifteen players! I really feel that Vic can get that chicken dinner!\"

\"Hey hey hey! Are you still around DragonEmperor? The wind is super strong at the balcony right now, why don't you wear another layer of clothing or two!\"

Since Liu Zilang's live stream was one of the recommended streams on the front page of Douyu, many new viewers entered his live stream.

All of them looked down on Liu Zilang when they saw him insisting on holding onto two AWMs.

\"He thinks he's a warlord!\"

However, what happened afterward had them gaining insight of the game.

Ultimately, many new viewers that were watching the live stream only had one question in their heads.

'Is this guy playing the same game as I am?'

Inside the game, Liu Zilang crouched down as he used a first aid kit and an energy drink to heal his health back up.

His Level Three Military Vest was completely shattered. Since all of his previous shots were all headshots, he fumbled about the few crates on the ground and was able to get hold of a completely new Level Three Military Vest.

As Liu Zilang switched his armor, he picked up a few energy drinks and throwables along the way. He then hopped into the jeep which was parked at the bottom of the hill by the squad on the right before leaving the area.

The blue circle had started counting down and the next Safe Zone was about to spawn.

Since Liu Zilang had two AWMs, there was no need for him to head toward the area where all the players were gathering and fighting for weapons inside the Safe Zone.

If anyone were to close the distance and attack him with a shotgun or rifle, he would be unable to do anything but use the only grenade he possessed.

Hence, Liu Zilang drove the jeep and headed toward the Safe Zone together with the blue circle.

The blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone and the next Safe Zone spawned right after he entered the Safe Zone.

\"It looks like the Safe Zone will be around the Sosnovka Military Base,\" OrangeTree said as he watched.

\"Ah Lang Onii-chan, can you kill twenty of them?\" Daimei said flirtatiously, \"I want to see you massacre everyone.\"

Liu Zilang had planned to get out of the car and lay prone on the ground the moment he entered the Safe Zone as his ghillie suit had turned him into a demon of ambush when he was camouflaged.

An idea popped up in Liu Zilang's head as he looked at the Sosnovka Military Base upon hearing Daimei's words.

He laughed. \"Twenty? I have more ammo than that.\"

The viewers from the live stream cheered the moment he said it out loud!

\"Everyone be on red alert! Vic is about to pull his sh*t again! Non-combatants, please retreat immediately! I repeat, non-combatants please retreat immediately!\"

\"Vic123 Airline is about to take off. All passengers please fasten your seatbelts and ensure your seats and tray tables are upright. If you feel any discomfort during the flight, please put on the oxygen mask that will appear in front of you!\"

Liu Zilang laid prone on the hill north of the Sosnovka Military Base as he opened up his scope and looked toward the highest point of Duga.

After confirming that no one was there, he headed back toward the jeep he abandoned earlier and drove hastily into the Sosnovka Military Base.

As he was driving, a light started flashing from the window at the back of C Building Two.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

\"Ding ding clank clank ding ding!\"

Sparks appeared everywhere on the surface of the jeep!

Liu Zilang groaned inside the car as blood started to spill from his body.

Instead of getting down the jeep to return fire, Liu Zilang stepped on the pedal and rushed into the Sosnovka MIlitary Base!


The jeep crashed into the stairs of Duga and it came to a halt!

Liu Zilang who was in the driver seat instantaneously switched to the second seat the moment he stopped and peeked out of the window.

He opened up the scope of his AWM and aimed!


Through the 8x Scope, one could see a puddle of blood erupting from the back mirror of C Building Two.

The world became dead silent after two shots!

16 Kills!

It seemed that the enemy was a lone wolf.

\"People these days are too hot-tempered.\"

Liu Zilang shook his head as he said firmly, \"This world needs peace!\"

The viewers from the live stream were speechless upon hearing his words.

'How impudent!\"

Perhaps it was suitable for those passive players who died the moment they landed.

However, was it really relatable for a player who was capable of killing a player per shot with two AWMs?

Liu Zilang ignored his viewers' insults as he quickly climbed up Duga the moment he got down the jeep.

There were around twenty players left inside the small Safe Zone that contained the entire Sosnovka Military Base.

Liu Zilang's field of vision had increased greatly when he reached the top of Duga. With two AWMs in his possession, he would instantly stop others from fighting one another as he instantly located them by listening for gunshots.

He would either do that or \"help\" others kill off the enemies.

He was using the AWM that was equipped with a suppressor at that time.

Since the Safe Zone was small enough and the distance between players were not that far apart, one could vaguely hear the AWM's gunshots even if it was suppressed.

However, it was different when he was high up Duga as it had subtly pulled the distance between the rest of the players and Liu Zilang within the Safe Zone. Hence the sound that came from his sniper rifle was incredibly soft.

17 Kills!

18 Kills!


He was raising his kill count incredibly quickly.

The viewers in the live stream cheered excitedly as they watched!

Afterall, it was rare to experience killing players in one shot at a fixed location in the game.

The Safe Zone kept refreshing one after the other over time.

The circle became smaller and the number of players slowly decreased as well.

What was unbelievable was that Duga, where Liu Zilang was located, was constantly within the Safe Zone over and over again...

The chicken dinner was fated to be his!


The gun rang once more!

Liu Zilang opened his scope and a Kill Notification appeared on his screen whenever he stopped aiming.

27 Kills!

Liu Zilang had unknowingly accumulated 27 kills!

There were only three players left in the battlefield.

It was possible that it was a 1 vs 1 vs 1 but it could be Liu Zilang against two players as well.

However, it was quickly realized that it was the latter situation.

In addition, the remaining duo had reached the bottom of the Duga as they ascended quickly from the right staircase.

Since Liu Zilang was not able to attack the enemies ascending the stairs from the top, all he did was watch them climb up to him.

Then, Liu Zilang took out a grenade and sneered. \"Everyone, I have a very daring idea!\"