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254 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 2

 The reason why players chose to play as a sniper in FPS games was that it had the capability of killing off an enemy in one shot. They were the ones that were able to consistently reduce the number of enemies as they exchanged fire!

When Liu Zilang decided to carry two AWMs in the match, he had had the confidence that not only would he be able to kill a player in one shot, but he could do it twice as fast as well!

Inside the game, Liu Zilang did not bother looking at the end result the moment he pulled the trigger.

Instead, he turned around after hearing gunshots coming from behind and pulled out the other AWM from his back!

He opened its scope and locked onto his target!


As that AWM was not equipped with a suppressor, a deep and heavy gunshot reverberated the entire hill as a bullet left its muzzle!


The remaining enemy on the left was ecstatic and wanted to move on as he managed to hit Liu Zilang three times!

In the blink of an eye, he was sent flying uncontrollably with his face planted into the ground.

\"Better luck next time!\"

That was the kind of \"moving on\" he was able to achieve.

The man's jaw dropped as he stared at the game's game over screen. He screamed holysh*t moments after!


Meanwhile, as Liu Zilang turned around and ticked off the ambusher behind his back, one of the four enemies on the right became knocked out by a headshot he had landed earlier.

However, Liu Zilang's second AWM had exposed his location to everyone.

\"Holysh*t! That man is at the back! He's in a ghillie suit!\"

\"That guy is insane! He has two AWMs!\"

\"F*ck! I hate this kind of motherf*cker the most! Kill him!\"

The remaining three enemies ignored their ally as they pulled their line of fire that was on the jeep toward Liu Zilang who was at the side!

\"Da da da!\"

Their guns kept rattling as bullets rained from the right!

Liu Zilang was prepared for this as he immediately ran toward the airdrop the moment he had killed the enemy behind him.

As he was about to hide behind the airdrop, blood spilled from the back of his leg and his health plunged down. It was in the red!

However, most of the bullets had landed on the ground just behind him as dirt flew into the air!

\"What the f*ck! He's still alive! Is Vic going to get chicken dinner with two sniper rifles?\"

\"Hey DragonEmperor, are you still here? The wind is howling at the balcony, why don't you just come down!\"

Since the squad on the left had been taken out, the airdrop had become cover for Liu Zilang toward the squad on the right.

He did not conserve his consumables when he hid behind the airdrop as he used the only med kit he had in his backpack to fully restore his health.

Liu Zilang then used the adrenaline syringe that he had picked up earlier without giving a second thought. He jabbed it into his veins and increased his health points further.

The enemies had stopped firing at him by then.

Liu Zilang hid behind the airdrop as he looked at his enemies only to realize that they were not ganking him.

This implied that they were pulling their ally up while the other two were camping behind the trees.

To prove his hypothesis, Liu Zilang revealed his body a little bit from the airdrop before he hid himself behind it again.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Gunshots came from behind the trees on the hilltop as bullets whizzed past the airdrop!

\"Hehe. It's good that you dare to attack me.\" Liu Zilang smiled. \"I was hoping you'd do that.\"

The viewers from the live stream were confused as they heard Liu Zilang's words.

Liu Zilang revealed himself from the airdrop.

He muttered at the same time while doing so, \"Everyone watch closely. We're now going to attempt a fake escape and not face them at all.\"

\"Ayy! Just like this. 3! 2! 1!

\"I choose you! Pikachu!\"

As soon as Liu Zilang finished shouting, the two enemies behind the trees revealed themselves as expected as they raised their weapons and fired at him.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Liu Zilang was prepared for this. He calmly raised his AWM, opened its scope and locked onto one of them as he fired!

He then leaped after running for some time.

While he was in mid-air, the AWM in his hands and the AWM on his back were swapped!

He opened up its scope and aimed!


Another shot was fired!

Two Kill Notifications stating that they were headshots then appeared at the bottom of his screen side by side!

Liu Zilang was babbling endlessly as he performed the extremely fuzzy and mind-blowing stunt. \"Yes! That's it! Fellows from the live stream, have you guys learned it?\"

'Have you guys learned it?'

The viewers from the live stream lost it the moment they heard him!

\"Nooo! I'm sorry! I'm a humiliation toward the players in the live stream! I wasn't able to learn that!'

\"Learn my *ss! I couldn't even see the entire thing clearly! What a f*cking bully!\"

\"I finally understand how those players that are killed by Vic feel. It's f*cking frustrating!\"

\"I want a refund! It's not fair for us to not get a refund! Please let us off the hook!\"

Inside the game, the enemies hiding behind the trees at the hilltop were astonished!

The player that had just pulled up his ally was shocked. \"Holysh*t! What happened? Didn't I tell you to be careful and that he has an AWM. All you have to do is avoid exchanging fire with him?\"

\"We didn't have a shoot out with him!\"

\"He's... He's trying to escape!\"

The two of them were flabbergasted as they were taken out in an instant.

\"Wait... He's escaping? Why are you guys knocked out then?\"

This question was indeed rather frustrating for them!

The two of them lowered their heads in humiliation as they kneeled on the ground.

The player hiding behind the tree shouted in shock, \"F*ck! That idiot is heading toward us!\"

\"Hold up! I'm trying to heal myself!\" The man panicked as he had just been pulled up.

Liu Zilang spoke as he headed toward the enemy, \"In this gank, I'll show you guys a tutorial on how to be a sniper in the front lines. Please remember to send a card to me for those who manage to learn it.\"

Liu Zilang opened up his backpack swiftly as he switched the 8x Scope on his AWM to a Red Dot Sight.

The viewers from the live stream were speechless as they watched on!

He was rushing toward the enemy with two snipers...

It was literally more adventurous than living on the edge!

The enemy hiding behind the tree came out all of a sudden.

\"Bang bang bang!\"


The enemy fired at Liu Zilang with his automatic rifle endlessly the moment he revealed himself.

However, the moment the enemy appeared, Liu Zilang aimed and locked onto his target with his AWM that was equipped with the Red Dot Sight.

The enemy's bullets went into Liu Zilang as the latter's body erupted with blood!

Despite that being the case, the remaining bullets were ineffective except for the first one.

That was because the enemy was kneeling on the ground by then.

That very shot had decided the battle!

The remaining enemy revealed himself to the side of the tree as he raised up his weapon and fired at Liu Zilang the moment he finished healing himself with a first aid kit!

Liu Zilang's health points plunged to the very bottom and he was in critical danger!

Since he was not able to reload his weapon in time, he pulled out his other AWM that was equipped with an 8x Scope.

He did not use the scope at such close proximity!

He held onto the right click as he fired at the enemy!


A bright light flashed as the bullet burst out from the gun's muzzle!

However... It was not a headshot!

The viewers from the live stream were shocked as they watched.

Is this the end?