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253 The Return Of The Dual-Sniper! Part 1

 'DragonRider has entered the live stream.'

\"Has an emperor entered? Is that DragonRider?\"

\"Holysh*t. Isn't that the DragonEmperor from Daimei's live stream?\"

\"He's most likely here because Vic is playing together with Daimei.\"

\"Can I know more about the DragonEmperor, the super financial manager? The bet has just opened and it's still very hot.\"

Without uttering a single word, DragonRider placed a million fishballs on the option \"No\" in the live stream, filling up the placement in an instant.

\"Holysh*t. Is he here to cause trouble?\"

\"Hahaha. The DragonEmperor is probably here to stop Vic's bullsh*t. If Vic is able to get chicken dinner with two snipers, I believe old ladies will fall by then.\"

\"It looks like the DragonEmperor doesn't know about Vic's nickname in the past. Hehehe. I'm calling it now. This super financial manager is going to lose.\"

\"Vic's past nickname? That sounds very interesting. Can you tell us new members more about it?\"

\"Just backtrack the timeline if you're new. Have you heard of the sniper duo?\"

Inside the game, it was only natural that Liu Zilang had no idea that a brainless emperor had bet negatively.

He was in a ghillie suit with two black-green snipers on his back.

After he had thrown away his *ss-protecting sacred weapon, the Pan that was hanging behind his bottom, he had basically camouflaged himself together with the grassy field he was prone in.

Then, the smoke around the airdrop began dissipating.

It was without a doubt that Liu Zilang would be in great danger when he and the jeep inside the smokescreen were spotted by the two squads ganking him!

\"Why are you here? Aren't you in the housing area?\" OrangeTree's voice came through the voice chat.

He replied depressingly, \"It's over. It looks like we won't be able to get the chicken dinner.\"

Liu Zilang remained silent upon hearing OrangeTree's words.

All he did was enter the jeep and press his feet on the pedal.

OrangeTree was shocked. \"Brother you're crazy! Won't you be hit like a pinata if you head out like that?\"

\"Good luck Ah Lang! I'll always support you!!!\"

Daimei was cheering as loudly as she could at the side.

In a trice, Liu Zilang jumped out of the revving jeep the moment it left the smokescreen as he did a standard military prone on the ground and slowly crawled back into the smokescreen.

'What the h*ll?'

Daimei, OrangeTree and the viewers from the live stream were astonished.

\"This is what you call a cicada casting off its skin.\"

Liu Zilang seemed to have felt the crowd's suspicions.

Hence, he spoke to the people in the live stream, \"Ahem, head's up to those of you who are learning a skill or two from me. It's time for the actual lesson. Anyone of you can message me privately if you wish to become my disciple. It'll be two hundred per pax and you're guaranteed to learn it!\"

\"Huh?! You're finally doing it! eSports Confucius, can you teach me?\"

\"You better f*cking focus on the match! Do you want to know more about leather whips and dripping candles if you fail to get chicken dinner?\"

As the smokescreen dissipated slowly, the two squads from both sides of the hill saw the jeep driving out slowly.

'Trying to escape?'

'Have you requested permission from our weapons yet?'

The two squads raised their weapons as they fired at the jeep without a second thought.

\"Da da da!\"

The gunshots spread across the entire area as it became one with nature.

As the jeep became showered in sparks, it started smoking up in the blink of an eye.

The firepower was simply too intense!

Then, the two squads which had focused their firepower on the jeep realized that something was not right!

That jeep... No one seemed to be driving it!


At that moment, the deep sound of an AWM rang!

The squad ganking Liu Zilang on the left did not understand what had just happened. One of them was in the zone as his muzzle flashed intensely. He continued firing with his SCAR-L which was equipped with a 4x Scope.

The helmet on his head shattered as he fell down to the ground.

\"What the f*ck. Someone ambushed me!\"

\"Where is he! Is it the one who was driving earlier?\"

\"I don't know!\"

The remaining two players in the squad on the left were startled.


\"That snipe was incredibly fast!\"

The viewers from the live stream could vaguely spot Liu Zilang laying prone on the ground as the grass had blocked their vision.

Liu Zilang then crouched up as he faced in a certain direction.

He opened up his scope!

He pulled the trigger!

Everyone's vision was fuzzy as they could not see clearly at all.

A shot was fired!

Liu Zilang laid prone down onto the ground afterward. During the entire process, the only two actions that were obvious were him crouching up and laying down.

As for him aiming and killing his enemy, the viewers from the live stream might have believed that everything was but an illusion if not for the Kill Notifications that appeared on the screen!

What happened next had them believe it was really all an illusion.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang had finished reloading his AWM which was equipped with a suppressor by the time he laid prone on the ground.

This time, he did not get up. All he did was aim through the weeds on the hill and fired the AWM in that direction!

\"Vic123 knocked out OJBK by headshot with AWM!\"

The viewers gasped as they were completely astonished by what they witnessed!

If the first shot made by Liu Zilang could be explained by his extremely quick speed, it would be hard for scientists to explain how he had fired his second shot!

\"Holysh*t! What the f*ck is that?\"

\"Watch closely and learn? For f*ck sake! How am I suppose to learn that? Learn my *ss!\"

\"I can't do that! I want a refund! What the f*ck! I want my f*cking refund now!\"

\"I've reported the streamer for lying to me! Everyone please report him!\"

Inside the game, Daimei and OrangeTree were shocked as they witnessed everything from their 'VIP seats'!

The second shot made by Liu Zilang was much better than the previous one from the smokescreen.

It begged them to question then. If the former shot was by instinct, what was this shot based on?

No one was able to answer that.

Inside the game, the two players were instantly knocked out as Liu Zilang fired twice!

Since the enemy squad was a three-man squad, only an idiot would have continued to reveal himself when two of his teammates had been knocked out.

On the other hand, the squad on the right seemed to have caught on as they kept firing at the jeep that was sliding down the slope!

Soon, a flame ignited on top of the jeep.

It flashed brightly as it exploded!

Since that squad noticed that no one was driving the jeep, they believed that Liu Zilang was hiding at the other end of the jeep as he moved together with it. Hence they decided to fire at the vehicle to force him to make a move.

This had caused them to not pay attention to Liu Zilang who had been lying prone on the grassy field inside the smokescreen.

As the squad on the left had stopped firing, Liu ZIlang turned around, crouched up and aimed toward his right!

He opened his scope and aligned his line of fire!


The sound of the suppressed AWM rang!

The bullet whizzed through the hill like a laser beam as it headed straight toward the squad on the right!

Meanwhile, the squad on the left who had originally planned to pull his teammates up saw the \"sea monster\" that had ambushed them lying prone on the field.

'Who would not hit him at a time like this?'

He stopped saving his friends as he pulled out his assault rifle and aimed at Liu Zilang's back!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

At that instant, a chain of bullets started raining down on Liu ZIlang!