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252 The Wind Is Rather Loud Today

 \"Are you willing to die with me?

\"In our next lives, we'll still be together.\"

Faced with Daimei's blushful, affectionate words, Liu Zilang only uttered, \"Sorry for disturbing, farewell.\"

After looting the crates at the bridgehead, he quickly hopped into a car, and drove into the safe zone without turning back.

Upon seeing this, Daimei who was swimming suddenly sank, and she felt that her heart sank together with her to the bottom of the ocean.

Previously, she had a plan that as long as Liu Zilang sounded like he gave in a little, even if he were to act like he was playing up to her, she would use the voice changer right away to transform herself into a middle-aged uncle to \"surprise\" him.

By then, regardless of Liu Zilang's reaction, it would somewhat be a perfect end for her video recording.

She even had a title in mind, which was \"PUBG Fairy Tale\".

However, Daimei never thought that even after expressing herself in such a soft and loving manner, the least he could do was to reply to her half-heartedly, but instead, he uttered those words heartlessly.

Just like that, he drove off without any reluctance.

The instant Daimei's body sank to the bottom of the ocean and she looked at her crate on the water surface, she only had one thought in her mind.

'Is this'

On the other hand, when the spectators from Liu Zilang's live streaming channel heard his response to Daimei's \"deep confession of love\", they burst into waves of laughter.

\"Pfft, haha, Vic is an absolute straight man of iron and steel!\"

\"Vic expresses, 'Chicken dinner is my desire, the chick is my desire, but since I can't have both, I'll give up the chick and get the chicken dinner!\"

\"Biubiubiu is definitely Daimei, I feel sorry for her, she put in the effort to tease him, but was defeated instantly!\"

\"You're all too young, didn't you guys notice that Vic is the only one left now? He'll be able to lead her to a chicken victory with a one-man squad, keeping his promise when he left her! He's picking her up in return!\"

\"Picking up girls in a subtle way is the most deadly trick! GG! Vic's strategy has such a deep meaning! Society, society!\"

In the game, Daimei and OrangeTree \"successfully joined forces\" on the VIP spectator's seat.

Liu Zilang drove a UAZ around in the safe zone for a while before he stopped at a housing area.

\"Slow and steady, slow and steady!\" Upon seeing him, OrangeTree nodded. \"Ah Lang, you must remain passive, let me get this chicken dinner before I sleep.

Hearing that, Liu Zilang glanced at the time and realized that it was only a little past eight at night. He could not help but asked, \"Brother, do you sleep so early?\"

\"Ahem...\" OrangeTree let out a dry cough, and replied, \"My wife is rushing me already.\"


When Daimei heard his reply, she immediately giggled and expressed in an extended tone.

Later, she noticed that both Liu Zilang and OrangeTree continued talking, so she asked pretentiously, \"That...what does that mean?\"

\"Paying tax.\" Liu Zilang gave a concise answer.

\"How annoying!\" Daimei responded playfully.

OrangeTree coughed again, and explained himself, \"'re overthinking. Alright, I'll go add some water to the wolfberries in the thermos flask. Ah Lang, remember, slow and steady, you must win the chicken dinner.\"

\"Brother, don't worry!\" Liu Zilang assured him.

Who knew, just as OrangeTree walked away for a while, a thundering sound was heard from the sky above the housing area.

When Liu Zilang looked up, he saw an airplane approaching from far.

Once the airplane flew past the hill not far away from the housing area, a black spot appeared below it!

\"It's an airdrop!\" Daimei became high-spirited all of a sudden. \"Quick, go, go!\"

\"Brother OrangeTree asked me to go slow and steady, it won't be a good idea to go there, right?\" Liu Zilang was in two minds.

\"Aiya! He's not here anyway!\" Daimei said confidently, \"If you don't loot an airdrop when you see one, how are you different from a salted fish?\"

\"That makes sense.\" Liu Zilang lifted his head up and replied, \"Deal! Let's go take a look.\"

When Daimei heard Liu Zilang's decision, she was secretly happy about it.

'Aiyaya, this young fellow is still very youthful.'

'He's so easily tempted!'

'I'll see what happens to you when you die!'

Naturally, Liu Zilang was unaware of Daimei's thoughts. After getting in his UAZ, without even turning it to the direction, he reversed all the way toward the hill.

By then, it was already the fourth circle, thus the area of the safe zone was not very big.

Therefore, once the airdrop fell, the remaining squads chose to watch from a distance instead of looting it.

Amidst the tense atmosphere, a UAZ suddenly reversed casually into their sight.

Upon seeing that, everyone else was stunned.

'This he in the wrong studio?'

Next, Liu Zilang shifted to seat number two on his UAZ, and threw three smoke grenades at the airdrop.

\"Tss, tss, tss-!\"

The smoke grenades rolled on the hill for a brief moment before they released smoke.

Soon enough, the landing point below the airdrop was covered in white.

Liu Zilang knew very well that other squads were surely watching this area, hence once he threw the smoke grenade, he quickly shifted back to seat number one, and reversed the vehicle into the smoke.

'F*ck, does he think that we're non-existent!'

When the players from those squads saw this, they could not hold it in anymore.

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

In a trice, intense gunshots filled the air, and bullets from all directions were concentrated at the smoke.

That being said, the three smoke grenades thrown by Liu Zilang covered such a big area that the two squads that were eyeing this area were not able to grasp Liu Zilang's specific position. As a result, they missed all of their shots.

In no time, the gunshots were brought to a halt.

This was because both squads realized a flaw to his trick.

'Now, you're able to enter the smoke, but when the smoke disperses later, how are you going to get out?

'Hehe, did you think that you can seal the entire hill?'

Just like that, Liu Zilang appeared to be like a bird in a cage to the squads around him.

'By then, fluttering your wings will just be a temporary move. In the end, even with wings, you won't be able to fly away.'


In the smoke, the airdrop finally landed.

Liu Zilang twitched his mouth when he saw the items in the airdropped crate.


8x scope!

Ghillie suit!

Adrenaline syringe!

It was a ninety percent airdrop, but unfortunately, he already had sixty percent of what was inside.

\"What is it? What is it?\" Daimei who was spectating was eager to find out.

Liu Zilang picked up the Ghillie suit, then replied her casually, \"AWM!\"

\"Wah! That's a big sniper!\" Daimei exclaimed, \"Pick it up, pick it up! Why aren't you picking it up!\"

\"I already have one, why should I take it?\" Liu Zilang asked her in return.

\"If you don't, it'll be such a waste!\" Daimei felt that it was such a waste, then spoke in a coaxing voice, \"How cool is it to have two AWMs! Brother Ah Lang, I want to see you using two of it.\"

\"You really want to watch me play with two snipers?\" Liu Zilang forced a smile.

\"Mmm, mmm!\" Daimei nodded right away.

'I'd like to see you on your road to death!' She thought to herself.

\"Alright...\" Liu Zilang sighed helplessly. \"The wind is rather loud today.\"

\"Huh?\" Daimei was startled.

Liu Zilang remained silent. He shifted his screen to his live streaming channel and set up a vote.

\"Can I win chicken dinner with two snipers in this match?\"