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251 Magic Flying Car!


The black motorcycle fell from the sky, and smashed onto the bridge surface.

Instantly, the gunshots were brought to a halt!

\"Is he dead?\"

\"Any of you receive the kill notification?\"


\"I don't have it too.\"

The three players at the bridgehead looked at each other and were equally puzzled.

Right then, an impassioned singing was vaguely heard from the middle of the bridge!

\"Miracles will happen,

\"Like the Sun piercing through the night.\"


Without warning, the dull sound of an AWM shot broke the silence on the bright!


Before the three players on the bridgehead could even react to the situation, the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet worn by the player on the left instantly shattered, and he fell to the ground.

'What the h*ll?'

All three of them were baffled!

\"F*ck! Who the f*ck hit me?\"

\"I didn't manage to hear where it came from! It's an AWM with suppressor!\"

\"Behind, it must be from the hill behind!\"

Right after that, the remaining two players quickly went to hide on the other side of the truck.

Who knew, halfway through, the sound of a bullet swooshing through the air was heard again!

At the next instant, blood burst out from the head of one of the two remaining players!

Before that player could respond, he staggered and fell to the ground too!

\"Motherf*cker! Where exactly is this camper?\"

Upon seeing both his teammates being knocked out, the last player who was still standing was startled.

He quickly realized that it was unsafe for him to hide on the other side the truck, thus he ran back to where he came from.

However, while he was running there, rapid gunshots came into the picture!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

This time, the gunshots were not suppressed, so that person was able to identify where it came front!

'On the bridge!'

Nonetheless, it was already too late.

The bullets pierced through the air and zoomed toward him in the speed of light!

Instantly, that person bled from suffering many hits, and his health declined swiftly.

Just as he was about to finally get cover, blood splattered out from his body again!

In the end, that person managed to get behind the truck, but he threw himself to the ground, and by the time he landed, he turned into a crate.

Of course, his teammates turned into crates one after another, and died together with him...

Right before they died, following the sound of the gunshots, they finally saw the figure on the bridge connector!

With that, from thinking that they could die contentedly, they suddenly widened their eyes!

Evidently, they did not die a peaceful death...

At the same time, kill notifications appeared on the bottom left corner of Liu Zilang's screen.

\"Vic123 killed BridgeheadBully by headshot with M16A4!\"

\"Vic123 killed XXXX by headshot with M16A4!\"

\"Vic123 killed XXXX by headshot with M16A4!\"

Since the three players that died on the bridgehead died with remaining grievances, it was not a surprise that the spectators in his live streaming channel that witnessed the whole process froze!

Earlier on, they clearly saw that when Liu Zilang flew up with the motorcycle, he suddenly jumped off mid-air, and landed firmly on the bridge connector...

Later, as the motorcycle continued shooting up the sky, it exploded into flames!

Liu Zilang miraculously survived!

When it happened, thoughts like \"F*ck!\", \"What the h*ll?\", \"He actually did that?\" filled their heads...

Subsequently, an even more \"mind-f*cking\" scene appeared!

Liu Zilang who was left with less than half of his original health held his AWM on the bridge connector, and blasted two shots!


Another headshot!

Followed by that, he quickly shifted his 8x scope to his M16, and took down the last player by controlling the recoil of his M16 in the most unbelievable way as he fired shots...

\"F*ck me...what else can I say?\"

\"My mum came into my room just now, and she asked why I was kneeling in front of my computer!\"

\"Streamer, I beg you, stop showing off! Your Difaso shampoo is making my scalp numb[1]!\"

\"I'm not satisfied! Everyone pays 98 dollars to buy this game, why is it that his motorcycle comes with a \"dragon flight\", and an \"ejection hatch\"!\"

\"The players from the squad at the bridgehead are so blind, couldn't they just take a good look at the bridge?\"

\"Exactly! My hair is falling because of Vic, if I become bald, I'm going to blame those blind players.\"

In the game, the blue circle was slowly shrinking in.

Liu Zilang healed himself as he crouched on the bridge connector, then jumped down from it, and ran toward the bridgehead.

Once he activated the auto-run function, he shifted his screen to his live streaming channel, then uttered, \"Blind? Do you guys know what a magic flying car is? Tsk, tsk! I really don't want to say this, but some of the followers in my live streaming channel are too young!\"

\"Vic is starting to annoy his fans again! Unfollow, unfollow!\"

\"GG! Magic flying car? You're really something!\"

Liu Zilang curled his lips into a smile, pondered for a while, then added on, \"Some of you are still in disbelief, alright, I'll explain what a 'magic flying car' is. Earlier, I left the motorcycle, but the visual impact of shooting a motorcycle in the air until it explodes is too strong, and it's too shocking. Subconsciously, they thought that I was still on the motorcycle, this is a magic flying car!\"

Subsequently, Liu Zilang continued, \"Actually, this is also a type of visual magic. By distracting their attention, I make them doubt their perception of reality.\"

Due to the fact that Liu Zilang sounded so serious and professional, his spectators were at a faze.

Initially, they were just casually throwing comments in his live streaming channel, but they did not think that he actually thought everything through...

All of a sudden, Liu Zilang giggled, and asked, \"Did you guys really believe that? You didn't, did you? I was just lying, I was so scared that I almost peed in my pants just now!\"

Upon hearing that, the bullet screen of his live streaming channel flooded right away!

\"F*ck...any of you has the streamer's address? I'd like to send him something good!\"

\"Hehe, followers from Jianghai, let's form a group and beat up this despicable streamer who cheats our feelings!\"

\"Whoever's going to Jianghai, count me in! Hehe, I'd like to teach him a lesson!\"

Back in the game, Liu Zilang turned on voice chat, and heard Daimei's cries.

\"Ahhh! I'm going to be killed by the blue circle! Brother Ah Lang, save me!\"

It turned out that Daimei had jumped into the ocean from the bridge, and was only halfway to the shore, but was only left with little health.

Honestly, though the blue circle was not as painful yet, she was on the verge of death because she was unable to heal herself in the water.

Most importantly, there was no way Liu Zilang could save her.

\"The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, it's when I'm on the bridge, and you're in the water.\"

Liu Zilang lamented those words, then said to her, \"Don't worry, I'll certainly stay alive for you. Oh right, do you have any last words?\"

When Daimei heard him, her face turned dark, but she knew that it was pointless for her to struggle in the water anymore.

Therefore, she pondered, and gave her last words...


[1] The original text for 'Difaso' is also a meme created in China that means 'an awesome show', but is translated as such in this sentence to fit the context of making one's scalp numb